Best Decorative Wood Appliques Corner

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1. Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 3 94x3 94inch

Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 3 94x3 94inch

There is a package that includes wood carved with 4 PCS. 10 cm x 10 cm x 3.94 inch The patterns of sculpture are beautiful. A beautiful and elegant European style can be created by carving clear. The wood decorative flower board can be used to decorate the walls,doors, cabinets, etc. It could be painted with favorite color of paint.

Brand: Enerhu

👤I wanted to add more focal point to my farmhouse style wooden chandelier by using these for a wall design scheme idea. I left the wooden unfinished form of the appliqués in hopes that they would fit in with the rustic look of the chandelier. The wooden design appliqués coordinate well with the Spanish floral tile stickers. I don't like the fact that some areas are darker than others. It looks a little tacky.

👤I'm impressed that these are very thin and rough. My husband sanded and painted the two corners of the mantel I purchased to go on the fireplace mantel. It looks like we paid a small fortune. I recommend them. The reason for the 4 stars is that they are rough-cut, but worth it.

👤Not as advertised. I had to order things from other places to get the look I was trying to achieve. I would like a full refund.

👤These were the perfect addition to our mantel.

👤I thought they would be a great value.

👤I liked the quality and the wood stain.

👤My internal window boxes have a new addition.

2. Tulead Appliques Furniture Unpainted Decorative

Tulead Appliques Furniture Unpainted Decorative

It can be attached to cabinets, windows, mirrors, also can be used as decorative doors, and it can create a beautiful and elegant European style for your home. The package contains 4 x wood decals. It's suitable for cabinet,window,mirrow,door,wall. You can make your own coloring and painting for your furniture. The carving patterns are beautiful, thick classic taste and great decorations for vintage furniture. It's ideal for creating a beautiful and elegant european style for your home or office.

Brand: T Tulead

👤I thought the pieces were not very good and I have to carve them to get him to look at them. I would never buy from this company again, it looks like they give you one good one and then unload broken ones in a package of four. I have one good one and three broken pedals.

👤Light weight real wood is good quality. You won't be disappointed if you know the size specifications. They were perfect for what I needed. The price is great.

👤These were as expected. Good quality. Would buy again.

👤The top half of the flower is missing.

3. Richelieu Hardware BP9544125900 Traditional Decorative

Richelieu Hardware BP9544125900 Traditional Decorative

There is a size of 1510.5 cm and a package of 1 The piece is a wood carving accessory. This false hinge is simple and traditional, and will complement your home décor beautifully. The length is 4 29/32 in and the width is 1 1/2 in. The thickness is 3/16 in. The finish is made of forged iron. Also included: The hardware is easy to install. Also included: The hardware is easy to install.

Brand: Richelieu Hardware

👤I bought these to dress up the frame for my bathroom mirror. They are great! These are heavy duty and the price is great. Exactly what I was looking for to complete the look.

👤These were bought to give my floating frame the right look. It worked out great. The screws are black, which is nice. I bought 12 sets and did all 3 of them.

👤The mirror has a 24W x 30L capacity. There is a Solid, Sturdy--effective Support Hardware and a high quality coating are positives. The costs are reasonably priced. Some may like it. We used shorter screws because they were impractical for many applications.

👤I was looking for a rustic frame for our chalkboard.

👤The brackets were used to dress up the mirror. The brackets are very good quality. The black is high quality. The screws were rusty. The screws were very soft so it was important to install them. After cleaning the rust, we went back over them with a black marker to make them look better.

👤The work is done default. I'm glad I bought them. They are very sturdy and easy to install.

👤The quality of this bracket is very good. Excellent! It was well made. It is not bendable. This is very decorative and it is sturdy. Highly recommended!

👤I imagined these were rustic but they look very nice. The seem was squared with good screws. It was shipped out very quickly.

👤Not much choice to get others. The design and quality are great but expensive.

👤I love these! There is a They look great on the chalkboard. The arrived quickly.

👤It looks better in person. It was very well made. Heavy. It is stylish. The angle is perfect. Durability and quality.

👤It worked well for my door. Fast delivery as well.

4. Tulead Protector Decorative Protectors Hardware

Tulead Protector Decorative Protectors Hardware

There is a package that includes wood carved with 4 PCS. 30 x Corner protectors with mounting screws. The total size is 39x39x9mm/ 1.5"x 1.5"x0.4" It's perfect for protecting your gift box. The protectors can make your furniture more durable. Installation is easy to protect your furnitures. Installation is easy to protect your furnitures.

Brand: T Tulead

👤The product is great, the nails that are sent with them are a little small but that is not an issue compared to the look that it brings a table or other things that you want to make look more expensive. This product is worth the money.

👤The protectors are made to last. Works as intended. They provide protection for a corner. They are not designed for commercial or industrial use.

👤It was as advertised. It adds elegance to your project. The desk shelf was rebuilt. Very thin. There are holes to put in finishing nails. This product doesn't come with finishing nails. The nails I used were a perfect match.

👤The metal corners are used to fancy up picture frames. Shipping was very fast and the price was great. They add a nice look to a dull picture frame. Will buy again.

👤They don't know the difference between screws and nails, and it came with a bunch of little nails. I will need to find and buy screws.

👤Quality and looks great for your hobby.

👤All good, just something for the looks.

5. Enerhu Applique Furniture Unpainted Diameter

Enerhu Applique Furniture Unpainted Diameter

150 metal corner protectors in three colors--antique bronze, golden, and silver--each with 50 protectors. There is a package that includes a Wood Carved Applique. Please see the picture for the size. The wood is made of premium wood material, exquisite single-sided carving patterns, beautiful and elegant, classic but stylish, durable wood carved. It's called applique. Flexibility: The wooden decor is easy to use and dyes easily, so you can paint it with your favorite color of pain. Modern: The Chinese and Western cultures are reflected in the wooden applique. OCCASIONS: Their wood carved applique can be used for home decor, it can be glue on the wall, doors, furniture, cabinets, cupboards, windows and other areas. OCCASIONS: Their wood carved applique can be used for home decor, it can be glue on the wall, doors, furniture, cabinets, cupboards, windows and other areas.

Brand: Enerhu

👤These worked out well. They are easy to paint and detail for any project you might need them for. I refurbished furniture as a hobby and they were what I wanted.

👤Look at the mirror. I clued the small mirror circles on to the larger mirror by purchasing the mirror and bringing them with me. I needed an accent piece so I chose this wood carving. I painted it gold. My hall mirror is very nice.

👤I painted it all white after adding it to a medicine cabinet. It was perfect!

👤The envelope was broken in several pieces, but it was beautiful and just as described. I had to wait another two weeks to finish the project because I glue them back together.

👤I put this on my bed and it looks very pretty.

👤They are very ornate and exquisite. They will be the finishing touches on my woodwork. Thank you so much!

👤The carvings are detailed. I think I should have used a lighter stain. I used the same material as the door but it was stained brown.

6. Ekena Millwork COR05X03X08ED 4 Inch Edinburgh

Ekena Millwork COR05X03X08ED 4 Inch Edinburgh

Also included: The hardware is easy to install. Up to 20 lbs can be supported with proper installation. Can be cut, drilled, or screwed. Ready for paint or faux finish. Can be used on the outside. The high density of urethane gives it maximum durability. Modeled after historical patterns. Modeled after historical patterns.

Brand: Ekena Millwork

👤These are beautiful and appear to be very affordable. People compliment them and ask where we got them. I hung them in our entryway. I accidentally dropped them a few times on our dining room table, but they didn't chip or anything. Very grateful. Excellent quality and stunning. Would buy again.

👤I painted this corbel to match my walls and I love it. I put this up so that I can put my scent device on top of it, I made a base and screwed it on the corbel.

👤This product looks like a photo. It is beautiful. I ordered a used one that had a few paint chips missing but it would look fine under my kitchen island. The lightest thing is what it is. It's light as a feather. It can't support anything. It's just for looks. I will put it under the counter.

👤I decided that I would have to make my own plaques after trying to find them for a long time. I ordered a pair of these, painted them with liquid gold leaf, and attached a small shelf to them, and now they hold antique tea caddies in the dining room. If you get a few more, you can use them in white for a guest bathroom shelf. They are well made, and you can use your imagination to make some very decorative stuff with them, and no one would ever know they are not wood or plaster.

👤The carving is very nice and the edges are smooth. There is a I wanted to post something that might be useful. These are hollow on the back and have a lip around them. The other brands of corbels seem to be flat on the back according to photos. I bought these to cover up the ugly architectural flaw where the shower curtain rod was attached. I'm not the only one with flaws in an old house or apartment who wants to hide them. The hollow back makes these corbels perfect for that.

👤These shelves are perfect for votive candles. They will be hanging above my sofa next to my church window and I'm adding a little color to them. I will put something small on each shelf. I couldn't find them anywhere else, so I thank Amazon for having them.

👤It is very difficult to paint to match my decor theme. It's very light to hang a nail on a wall. I'm definitely looking into more styles now.

👤I didn't know they didn't come with anything to attach to the wall. I have to figure out how to hang it. It is a solid construction with a flat backing. Do I work with tools? Glue? How do I hang them?

👤These are very light. Nice looking but hard to paint due to all the detail. Five and two were damaged. We came back and replacements came quickly.

👤estoy encantada, el tamao es tal. quera adornar con algo, yo las usé. excelente producto

👤I was hoping for heavier items, but the delivery was pretty but light.

7. Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

It could be painted with favorite color of paint. The wood isdurable. It's made of high quality solid wood, so easy to paint, perfect onlays and trims, and it's also easy to make your own furniture. Well-Detailed Onlays. Every piece of the wood carving onlays is carefully crafted inch by inch for exquisite details, and you can feel its fineness when you touch it slowly. The wooden appliques are easy to add to any furniture and bring the furniture to the higher level. The application is wide. The onlays and appliques are suitable for any furniture like mirror, bed, cabinets and windows. Large Wood Onlays. It's larger than the normal ones sold in the market now, and the depth of color may be different due to the characteristics of wood.

Brand: Smolder

👤I used this for my fireplace. I used the water-based paint from Behr to paint the applique white. I used wood glue and tape to hold it together. I applied caulk in the gaps after adhering for 30 minutes because the applique did not sit flush. The first time I taped it, it fell, but it didn't break, so I think it's sturdy.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the wood. The grains of wood were very nice. It worked well for my daughter's toy box.

👤Excellent product. There is a It was worth it. The design is beautiful. Thanks.

👤I have used this type of wood for a long time. These are beautifully crafted, lay perfectly flat for easy gluing, take stain perfectly, and you can't beat the great price and options!

👤The wooden item is nice. The pictures are exactly the same. The package arrived quickly and was well packed. I can order mor products from this seller.

👤The craftsmanship is a little bit smaller than I expected.

👤We painted my piano white and added this to it. Looks gorgeous!

👤I was happy with the designs. I will purchase from this company again.

8. PHAETON Protectors Furniture Decorative Scrapbooking

PHAETON Protectors Furniture Decorative Scrapbooking

It's perfect for cigar box guitars, gift box, jewelry box, wood box, table, desk, cabinet, drawer, wardrobe. It's about 40mmx 40mm and 1.57inchx1.57inch. The triangle corner protectors are easy to install. It is solemn, valuable and royal to decorate your belongings with your idea. 150 metal corner protectors in three colors--antique bronze, golden, and silver--each with 50 protectors.

Brand: Phaeton

👤I am very happy with the metal adornments I have found for my projects. The corner decor can be used on craft projects or in scrapbooks. The gold is nice, but I wish it was more yellow. Some of them may be bent out of shape when you take them out of the bag, but they can easily be reassembled. The corner pieces are pretty and can be used many different ways. It works great for these corner pieces, and I like to use Aleene's jewelry and metal glue.

👤The metal pieces are the same as expected. Will work for what I need. The packaging was terrible. There is a The picture only shows a few of the mangled pieces. I'll have to flatten most of them out because they were packaged so badly that I won't be able to use them. There is a If you want all that you paid for, I would recommend buying from a different supplier.

👤The design corner tips are very thin and not what I expected. They are not a solid metal. I think it's definitely for scrapbooking use. I'm sure I can help them.

👤These aren't actually corner protectors as they don't go over the corner. They are not connected to each other. They are very nice. I was looking for those that go over the corners.

👤The look of the antique bronze is very attractive. It was a great value and arrived quickly. I sent for others at the same time.

👤I was surprised that so many corner pieces are affordable.

👤I have four feet on a decorated box because I let four hang off the edge of the bottom.

👤They were very cheap and I returned them.

9. BESPORTBLE Unpainted Decorative Cupboards Furniture

BESPORTBLE Unpainted Decorative Cupboards Furniture

There is a concierge service. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they are glad to offer you satisfactory solutions. Looking forward to your feedback! You could paint it with your favorite color of paint because it is light in color. Can be attached to wall, doors, furniture, cabinets, cupboards, windows or mirrors as a decoration. The carved flower board is beautiful and thick. Smooth without burrs, using solid wood and nice carving and polishing technology.

Brand: Besportble

👤It was used to make the Anthro mirror. A lot smaller than expected, but still fight and look beautiful.

10. Tulead Appliques Furniture Decorative Unpainted

Tulead Appliques Furniture Decorative Unpainted

The package contains wood onlay. You can make painting and coloring to fit your furniture colors with the unfinished wooden applique. The side length is 3.15" It's suitable for cabinet,window,mirrow,door,wall. It's perfect for making a beautiful and elegant european style for your home or office.

Brand: T Tulead

👤These are attractive. I wanted something to make the mirror stand out. It was hard to decide on something to do because of the arch. I decided to cut three of them down and reassemble them to make a larger arrangement on the top and use the last single for the bottom. I am happy with how it went. If you aren't familiar with wood and it's grain, I wouldn't recommend it because you may break the pieces and make them no longer fit to use. Some of the pieces were rough and needed a lot of sanding, but still they are gorgeous!

👤Excellent quality. It was perfect for my project. Prompt shipping and careful packing.

11. Garneck Applique Unpainted Furniture Decorations

Garneck Applique Unpainted Furniture Decorations

It can be attached to furniture, doors, cabinets, windows or mirrors. The wood carved onlay corner frame is 4x4 inch. Natural, environmental-friendly, safe and durable to use are some of the qualities of the rubber wood. The design is carved clear. The carving patterns are amazing. Give you a better life. It is easy to make a wooden decals with a light color and you can paint it with your favorite color. The wood flower board can be used to decorate the walls, doors, cabinets, windows,mirrors, etc.

Brand: Garneck

👤I don't think I've ever bothered to write a review for a $10 item, but when I received it, all four pieces were broken and one had a big chunk missing. The pieces, which are thin and delicate, were sent in a soft bag without any backing to protect them. They would have had a chance of surviving if they had a box. The blurry photo was due to a fight I had with my wife and she hid my phone. The one on the left is missing a leg.

👤I like the look of the product. The packaging was flimsy. It should have been put in a box. I bought 2 sets of 4. The first set was okay. 3 of the 4 were broken in the second set. We were trying to complete the job so I didn't have time to order another set. I had to glue the pieces together. I would have bought more. I didn't want to waste time. It was inconvenient. I like the product. I might purchase again. If they are broken, I will return them.

👤It was used to add applause to the front of the room. It worked well but was a little delicate when glueing.

👤These are beautiful, but two of the four came apart. This product could be improved by improved packaging. There were some rough places that could have been sanded better. I am not upset with my purchase.

👤Not worth the money. The photo shows that they arrived broken. Only one piece survived the mailing. The pieces need to be protected during transit.

👤I was working on doors and these worked perfectly.

👤Son hermosos, lindos, trabajo.


What is the best product for decorative wood appliques corner?

Decorative wood appliques corner products from Enerhu. In this article about decorative wood appliques corner you can see why people choose the product. T Tulead and Richelieu Hardware are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wood appliques corner.

What are the best brands for decorative wood appliques corner?

Enerhu, T Tulead and Richelieu Hardware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wood appliques corner. Find the detail in this article. Ekena Millwork, Smolder and Phaeton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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