Best Decorative Wood Appliques Shell

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1. Crescent Moon Tray Decorative Centerpiece

Crescent Moon Tray Decorative Centerpiece

It was easy to spray paint them. The moon and crystals have a unique relationship. The moon's energy can be harnessed to display your beautiful crystals in the curve of the moon phase. This tray is a must have for crystal lovers, whether you are an avid collector, or a hobby crystal lover. Stay organized. All of your items should be kept nicely. This dish is ready to help you keep track of your jewelry in any room of your home. You can style and use the beautiful decor that suddenly becomes organization. The decorative moon phase tray was designed to be as functional as possible. It is a good place to display stones, jewelry, crystals, essential oils, and trinkets. It's stylish, but also acts as a lovely centerpiece or bowl for Appetizers, making it just as versatile as it is. In this crescent moon, keep your favorite essential oils at your fingertips and display them proudly. The gentle curve of the moon was created to replicate the moon phase, and to be able to store all of your favorite essential oils in the same place, keeping them safe and readily available. It is a perfect holder for all your favorite items, made from wood that is shaped into a crescent. No matter what style the room is decorated in, your decor will compliment it. The moon phase tray is ready to be styled and compliment your home.

Brand: Brite Labs

👤It was small and fit in my hand. You charged me $30 for this.

👤This product is very cute. The tray is the same size as the average hand. It feels like it was made out of cheap wood, I could have made something better in woodshop class. It's not worth $30. Only giving it a second star because it's still cute.

👤I thought it was going to be bigger than it is, but I like it.

👤It is small and not worth the money, but it is cute.

👤I was expecting a lot more but it was just as cute. It won't hold the crystals I bought, but it will hold some. Maybe I should have read the dimensions better. Love it anyways.

👤I thought it would be a little larger, but it fit my daughter perfectly and I bought it as a Christmas gift.

👤I bought the crescent moon for my son. He can use the crescent moon when he places the stones outside in the sun to clean them. His face lit up when he opened the gift. We love the moon. It is our favorite body.

👤I thought it was going to be bigger than 5x7, but it was not. It is well made and pretty. I thought the description was better.

👤So small! When I unboxed it, my partner thought it was an ashtray. It was too small for the price. You should go to a home goods store to find a nice tray.

👤Great for small items. Nice wood.

2. Ekena Millwork COR05X03X08ED 4 Inch Edinburgh

Ekena Millwork COR05X03X08ED 4 Inch Edinburgh

Also included: The hardware is easy to install. Up to 20 lbs can be supported with proper installation. Can be cut, drilled, or screwed. Ready for paint or faux finish. Can be used on the outside. The high density of urethane gives it maximum durability. Modeled after historical patterns. Modeled after historical patterns.

Brand: Ekena Millwork

👤These are beautiful and appear to be very affordable. People compliment them and ask where we got them. I hung them in our entryway. I accidentally dropped them a few times on our dining room table, but they didn't chip or anything. Very grateful. Excellent quality and stunning. Would buy again.

👤I painted this corbel to match my walls and I love it. I put this up so that I can put my scent device on top of it, I made a base and screwed it on the corbel.

👤This product looks like a photo. It is beautiful. I ordered a used one that had a few paint chips missing but it would look fine under my kitchen island. The lightest thing is what it is. It's light as a feather. It can't support anything. It's just for looks. I will put it under the counter.

👤I decided that I would have to make my own plaques after trying to find them for a long time. I ordered a pair of these, painted them with liquid gold leaf, and attached a small shelf to them, and now they hold antique tea caddies in the dining room. If you get a few more, you can use them in white for a guest bathroom shelf. They are well made, and you can use your imagination to make some very decorative stuff with them, and no one would ever know they are not wood or plaster.

👤The carving is very nice and the edges are smooth. There is a I wanted to post something that might be useful. These are hollow on the back and have a lip around them. The other brands of corbels seem to be flat on the back according to photos. I bought these to cover up the ugly architectural flaw where the shower curtain rod was attached. I'm not the only one with flaws in an old house or apartment who wants to hide them. The hollow back makes these corbels perfect for that.

👤These shelves are perfect for votive candles. They will be hanging above my sofa next to my church window and I'm adding a little color to them. I will put something small on each shelf. I couldn't find them anywhere else, so I thank Amazon for having them.

👤It is very difficult to paint to match my decor theme. It's very light to hang a nail on a wall. I'm definitely looking into more styles now.

👤I didn't know they didn't come with anything to attach to the wall. I have to figure out how to hang it. It is a solid construction with a flat backing. Do I work with tools? Glue? How do I hang them?

👤These are very light. Nice looking but hard to paint due to all the detail. Five and two were damaged. We came back and replacements came quickly.

👤estoy encantada, el tamao es tal. quera adornar con algo, yo las usé. excelente producto

👤I was hoping for heavier items, but the delivery was pretty but light.

3. Assorted Decorative Spherical Natural Spheres

Assorted Decorative Spherical Natural Spheres

The item and weight are dimensions. The size is approximately 12.6" long x 7.5" wide and 6" tall. The weight is around 260/ 205g. There are 20 spherical rattan balls in this set, each with a different pattern and texture. There is only one indoor decor. These twig balls are great for filling empty bowls, vases or baskets indoors. The decorative spherical bowl and vase filler bring a sense of beauty to the living room, kitchen, fireplace, and mantel. There are about 20 balls in a transparent plastic bag. The black bowl is not included.

Brand: Wmaot

👤These orbs were purchased to fill vases for my summer table. Thank you for delivering a product that matches your description, they are just as I expected. They are great quality, however, they are a bit pricey. I'm not disappointed!

👤They were used in a cake stand under a cloche in front of my kitchen window. The rustic touch is neutral.

👤I almost didn't order them because they were pricey. I am so happy I did.

👤These are very nice. I have not made a complete basket yet. I used a few for my tray. They are pretty.

👤Not a fan of this purchase. It says 20 pieces, but 12 of them are the size of a peach pit. There are only about 8 larger balls and they don't look as good in person as they do in the pictures. There is a These are cheap. I would not have paid more than $3 for this bag. That's what it's worth. $20 is ridiculous.

👤I was looking forward to the decorative balls for the coffee table, however many of the larger balls are poorly made and you can see the styrofoam. The outside covering is spread out and unable to be used. I ordered a replacement bag because I thought I had received a bad one. The quality was the same. I wouldn't order these for a coffee table display because you won't be able to use all of them.

👤I wanted a lot of country style decorations in my living room. I thought the price was high. I was willing to pay more because I wanted the cotton stems. I was not disappointed. The quality of the items was good. I like the look of them in my entry way display.

👤The price for what I got was very high. Most of the big balls in the picture were not in there. There were cheap rattan balls in it that you can buy at every dollar store. Either someone took all the special balls out and replaced them with cheap stuff or it was false advertising. Not worth the money.

4. Jiyaru Applique Unpainted Furniture Decoration

Jiyaru Applique Unpainted Furniture Decoration

The wood is hand-carved, polished and has a vivid pattern. The lines and edges are smooth. The look is artistic. The wood roses onlay can be attached to the surface of various household furniture, easily transforming from modern decoration style to traditional style. You can use it on your furniture. A change in the home will make you feel different. You can make a second creation on this wood onlay, paint it with your favorite color, or create it with your family, which can add an artistic atmosphere to your home, but also enhance your feelings in the creation. The decrative wooden appliques are easy to install, just apply mountain glue on the back and paste it on the furniture you need to decorate. The package has wood appliques that are 15.75"x3.94"/ 40x10 cm. You can choose the size of the furniture. You can check it out or buy it in a combo.

Brand: Jiyaru

👤I got the largest size for a furniture make over. These were not bad at all and needed a clean up. I was able to remove most of the rough edges with fine sanding. The dimensions are large, so they appear a little flatter. They look great once painted. I think a real artist could make them look realistic. There is a One of my first orders was broken in the package. When it arrived, it was fine after I ordered a new one. I only intended to use them on one piece of furniture. I will add smaller ones to other pieces as well. I am very happy with the wood.

👤The product did what I wanted on my custom quilt rack project. She liked it. I recommend this product to a friend, but they should know that it does not take wood- stain well, is not from one piece of wood, and is finger jointed. This item is for painting. The stain turned too dark and did not soak in as expected. I removed it from the wood using a chemical. I am an experienced multi material finisher and was able to get it to work for me. Photos show that it finished out well. You can see the stain and finger joints in the plywood that it was pressed from, in real life.

👤It was exactly what I needed to make it sparkle. The home is 40 years old and I had to add a little more to it. The mirror has carved roses and different wood pieces. Simply knew this was it. It was stained and added with thick glue. It was great to get it so quickly. I'm looking for other places to use your products.

👤The Jiyaru 1PC Wood Carved Onlay Applique is very attractive and can be easily applied to projects. I used it to accent the top of a cabinet. It looks like the cabinet was supposed to have something on it. I stained the entire piece after stripping the paint off the edging of the cabinet, then I glue the applique to the wood. I like the look. It's not like lower quality appliques are warped. It was straight. This item is very good. I was very pleased with the purchase. There is a photo of the finished product below.

👤For a living, I redo furniture. A customer had a cedar chest. Something cool was needed for the front. This was perfect. She liked it. Will definitely buy more.

👤I was waiting for this to arrive. When it arrived, I took out the packaging and found it to be poor quality or one that missed a quality control check. The top was cut off. If half of it is missing, it's not a good piece to use for accents. Returning for a refund.

👤I built a surround for my fireplace, but I wasn't sure what was missing until I saw this. I was skeptical but happy that it looks great. I paint the same color and get feedback on how it looks.

5. Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 1 97x1 97inch

Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 1 97x1 97inch

You can choose between S, M, and L sizes. 8 cm, 3 cm, and 3 inch. The patterns of sculpture are beautiful. A beautiful and elegant European style can be created by carving clear. Beautiful wood decorative flower board can be used to decorate the walls,doors, cabinets, etc. It could be painted with favorite color of paint.

Brand: Enerhu

👤Overall, they are quite decent. The wood on some was rough with obvious pitted grain, but they paint well. The rough bits are meant to look like wood, so if you want to mimic plaster, you'll need to order something that is smooth. I smoothed out some of it after spraying several coats. These are supposed to be stained and put on a cabinet or door.

👤These were cut poorly. It was very rough all around. It's impossible to sand down without changing the shape. The person who made this woodcutting shouldn't have cared. Junky.

👤I decided to redo my portable island, and these worked well. It was a nice finishing touch. Glued on with good old glue.

👤I ordered the small 2x2”. Will fit my area perfectly. I'm looking forward to painting my cabinet. No damage was received within a day. Thanks so much, I was very pleased.

👤They turned our great after sanding, painting, and clear coating. They arrived quickly as well. If you want to make your cabinets or wood pieces look better, I recommend that you do it.

👤These were the perfect accessory to give the cabinets a little flair.

👤The wood was clean and shiny. It's perfect for my current project.

👤The mirror frame is in the bathroom. They will look great.

👤I needed to add some decor to the table I was refinishing. They look great and made the table very unique.

👤They were perfect for what we need. Thanks.

6. Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

It could be painted with favorite color of paint. The wood isdurable. It's made of high quality solid wood, so easy to paint, perfect onlays and trims, and it's also easy to make your own furniture. Well-Detailed Onlays. Every piece of the wood carving onlays is carefully crafted inch by inch for exquisite details, and you can feel its fineness when you touch it slowly. The wooden appliques are easy to add to any furniture and bring the furniture to the higher level. The application is wide. The onlays and appliques are suitable for any furniture like mirror, bed, cabinets and windows. Large Wood Onlays. It's larger than the normal ones sold in the market now, and the depth of color may be different due to the characteristics of wood.

Brand: Smolder

👤I used this for my fireplace. I used the water-based paint from Behr to paint the applique white. I used wood glue and tape to hold it together. I applied caulk in the gaps after adhering for 30 minutes because the applique did not sit flush. The first time I taped it, it fell, but it didn't break, so I think it's sturdy.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the wood. The grains of wood were very nice. It worked well for my daughter's toy box.

👤Excellent product. There is a It was worth it. The design is beautiful. Thanks.

👤I have used this type of wood for a long time. These are beautifully crafted, lay perfectly flat for easy gluing, take stain perfectly, and you can't beat the great price and options!

👤The wooden item is nice. The pictures are exactly the same. The package arrived quickly and was well packed. I can order mor products from this seller.

👤The craftsmanship is a little bit smaller than I expected.

👤We painted my piano white and added this to it. Looks gorgeous!

👤I was happy with the designs. I will purchase from this company again.

7. Haiabei Scrapbooking Handmade Children Graffiti

Haiabei Scrapbooking Handmade Children Graffiti

The material is wood. The size is. 20mm in diameter The application is for something. It's applicable to wedding, party, home decoration, photo props, gift decoration or other crafts making projects. There are OCCASIONS. These wood slices are great for making crafts for weddings, engagements, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or other parties. GRAFFITI TOY: you can use these crafts for graffiti with your children, it can improve the interaction between parents and children. There is a package that includes 300 wooden crafts. The shape of the crafts is random.

Brand: Haiabei

👤These little wood pieces are adorable. I'm using them for some homemade ornamants, but I hope to use them on many more projects in the future. I love them!

👤I'm going to be making a scrapbook out of these, but I haven't used them yet. The items look pretty. I can't wait to use them. I used a permanent marker to color it. The marker bled at the spot where the tip met the wood. It makes it look better. I wanted to give a high rating. I will update the status of my review when I use them while I'm doing the scrapbook.

👤Very nice. It was well made. Markers are painted by the grands. There are a lot of little things. The light fixture I bought didn't work out.

👤I love using these in mixed media pieces. I can hide the broken or splintered pieces or use the imperfect pieces for interest. Good value.

👤These little flowers are adorable. My granddaughter is seven years old. She likes to make crafts. You can glue these on to any project with colored pencils. A lot of fun for a little artist.

👤It was perfect. I used paint markers to color them.

8. Garneck Applique Unpainted Furniture Decorations

Garneck Applique Unpainted Furniture Decorations

It can be attached to furniture, doors, cabinets, windows or mirrors. The wood carved onlay corner frame is 4x4 inch. Natural, environmental-friendly, safe and durable to use are some of the qualities of the rubber wood. The design is carved clear. The carving patterns are amazing. Give you a better life. It is easy to make a wooden decals with a light color and you can paint it with your favorite color. The wood flower board can be used to decorate the walls, doors, cabinets, windows,mirrors, etc.

Brand: Garneck

👤I don't think I've ever bothered to write a review for a $10 item, but when I received it, all four pieces were broken and one had a big chunk missing. The pieces, which are thin and delicate, were sent in a soft bag without any backing to protect them. They would have had a chance of surviving if they had a box. The blurry photo was due to a fight I had with my wife and she hid my phone. The one on the left is missing a leg.

👤I like the look of the product. The packaging was flimsy. It should have been put in a box. I bought 2 sets of 4. The first set was okay. 3 of the 4 were broken in the second set. We were trying to complete the job so I didn't have time to order another set. I had to glue the pieces together. I would have bought more. I didn't want to waste time. It was inconvenient. I like the product. I might purchase again. If they are broken, I will return them.

👤It was used to add applause to the front of the room. It worked well but was a little delicate when glueing.

👤These are beautiful, but two of the four came apart. This product could be improved by improved packaging. There were some rough places that could have been sanded better. I am not upset with my purchase.

👤Not worth the money. The photo shows that they arrived broken. Only one piece survived the mailing. The pieces need to be protected during transit.

👤I was working on doors and these worked perfectly.

👤Son hermosos, lindos, trabajo.

9. VORCOOL Decorative Applique Furniture Corners

VORCOOL Decorative Applique Furniture Corners

Large Wood Onlays. It's larger than the normal ones sold in the market now, and the depth of color may be different due to the characteristics of wood. Smooth without burrs, using solid wood, nice carving and polishing technology. The carved flower board is beautiful and thick. You could paint it with your favorite color of paint because it is light in color. It can be attached to furniture, doors, cabinets, windows or mirrors.

Brand: Vorcool

👤I used it for my anthro inspired mirror.

👤This design was great! It looks great! It is a little rough since it is machine carved, but it is not noticeable.

👤You can see the lines of the cutting. It's not nice to add this to furniture. I ordered a higher quality item from a woodworking store after returning this.

👤It worked out perfectly for my mirror. I love it!

👤Our fireplace mantel has a perfect addition.

👤I didn't want to mess with sending it back because it was broken. It looked fine after I glue it back together.

10. TENDYCOCO Unfinished Unpainted Applique Furniture

TENDYCOCO Unfinished Unpainted Applique Furniture

You can use onlay appliques to decorate the walls. The flower board can be used to decorate the walls, doors, cabinets, etc. Can be attached to cabinets, windows, mirrors, and decorative doors. Carved clear, strong European style. The carving patterns are beautiful. You can create a beautiful and elegant European style for your home. Give you a better life.

Brand: Tendycoco

👤I expected it to be larger. I didn't pay attention to the size when ordering. They work for my projects as well.

👤I didn't want to return the broken items in my bag.

11. Ekena Millwork ROS06X06CH Chesterfield Rosette

Ekena Millwork ROS06X06CH Chesterfield Rosette

Can be used on the outside. They are perfect for furniture pieces. It is lightweight for quick and easy installation. Modeled after historical patterns. It is solid for maximum durability and detail. Ready for paint or faux finish. Ready for paint or faux finish.

Brand: Ekena Millwork

👤The front surface is very smooth and the material is very lightweight. A good layer of paint and plaster will make a more durable surface, even though plaster is easy to scratch with. I've gotten a lot from Ekena, they make a huge number of decorative framing accents, most of which are foam-like, and there may be a few scratches, but nothing a little spackle and paint won't fix. I've always been happy with their quality. The only problems I've had ordering Ekena Millwork has been Amazon's fault, not Ekena, but they are more expensive ordering through their own website.

👤We replaced the ceiling mounted light fixture in the bathroom with a wall mounted one. We had to figure out how to patch the hole. Trying to patch and match the ceiling was not something we wanted to do. My husband suggested something. I was a little skeptical that it would stick out. I gave it a try because it was so cheap. I'm glad I did. It was easy to attach to the ceiling. We didn't have to paint it because it is white. Saved a lot of time and effort. Problem solved!

👤I wanted to use those to cover up Command hooks I used to hang off the ceiling, and they worked out beautifully. They're small but strong. It was a challenge to drill a hole through the middle and shape it with a craft knife, as the material it's made out of is very hard, but it's structure is that of non-flexible foam, so it never splintered. I was able to cut out the central bud with no damage to the outside. I was able to attach it to the ceiling with Command picture strips because it's light.

👤I moved a ceiling fan. I don't want to get rid of the junction box. I bought this to cover the hole in the ceiling.

👤Beautifully carved. Light weight. I will know how sturdy it is after I finish my project.

👤Very small. It feels cheap. They should never have been bought. Not what I was expecting.

👤Solid quality seems like it will hold up in time, I use these to decorate my fireplace mantle, easy to paint and adhere, solid quality seems like it will hold up in time.

👤I purchased it for a different location. I found another one that worked well.


What is the best product for decorative wood appliques shell?

Decorative wood appliques shell products from Brite Labs. In this article about decorative wood appliques shell you can see why people choose the product. Ekena Millwork and Wmaot are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wood appliques shell.

What are the best brands for decorative wood appliques shell?

Brite Labs, Ekena Millwork and Wmaot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wood appliques shell. Find the detail in this article. Jiyaru, Enerhu and Smolder are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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