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1. VORCOOL Decorative Applique Furniture Corners

VORCOOL Decorative Applique Furniture Corners

Large Wood Onlays. It's larger than the normal ones sold in the market now, and the depth of color may be different due to the characteristics of wood. Smooth without burrs, using solid wood, nice carving and polishing technology. The carved flower board is beautiful and thick. You could paint it with your favorite color of paint because it is light in color. It can be attached to furniture, doors, cabinets, windows or mirrors.

Brand: Vorcool

👤I used it for my anthro inspired mirror.

👤This design was great! It looks great! It is a little rough since it is machine carved, but it is not noticeable.

👤You can see the lines of the cutting. It's not nice to add this to furniture. I ordered a higher quality item from a woodworking store after returning this.

👤It worked out perfectly for my mirror. I love it!

👤Our fireplace mantel has a perfect addition.

👤I didn't want to mess with sending it back because it was broken. It looked fine after I glue it back together.

2. BQLZR Furniture Decorative Vintage Protector

BQLZR Furniture Decorative Vintage Protector

The desk corner is a must have in the home. The shape and style are elegant. Approx. 46x46x65mm/1.8x1.8x 2.6inch The desk cover is vintage. The desk cover is a nice choice. The desk cover is a nice choice.

Brand: Bqlzr

👤The product was good for the price. It worked well for accent on custom stands. A few were bowed but were able to bend straight. There is a Good attention to detail, no burs or rough edges, are the Pros. The hand full was a lot lighter in color than the average. Will buy again.

👤These will work well on any piece of furniture.

👤The picture and description were accurate. I recommend them for the price.

👤I already use the ones that they are nice and a good addition to.

👤I am very happy with these protectors. They are what I was looking for to add a little style to my fish tank stand. They are easy to install with the matching nails. These little pieces can transform boring items. I want to get the smaller sizes for other projects.

👤I am happy with the quality of the metal corner adornments. Well made with a lot of detail. I made a box for my daughter and bought them to decorate it.

👤I love the tiny nails they come with.

👤These are clean cut metal. Nice weight. I can't wait to use it on my project.

👤The colour was better than the old ones and the fit was exactly what I wanted, my stepmom was very happy that it was a perfect match to her piece. You don't want to put heavy objects on pieces like this, so it seems pretty sturdy. My rating is 5 out of 5 and I will purchase from the seller again. Yes.

👤It makes the corners look pretty. It is the perfect size for my album. My smaller album is too big to be nice. Make sure to check the size. 5 cm x 5 cm.

👤It is very beautiful. You need a tool to hold the nails. The pins are small, so they don't show. I am happy.

👤Excellent price for the quantity. They look great for corners. They have plenty of spare nails. Some of the pieces were broken and some of the holes weren't drilled. Still love them!

👤Very attractive and sexy. It is reasonable pricing.

3. Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

Appliques Furniture Smolder Unpainted Decorative

It could be painted with favorite color of paint. The wood isdurable. It's made of high quality solid wood, so easy to paint, perfect onlays and trims, and it's also easy to make your own furniture. Well-Detailed Onlays. Every piece of the wood carving onlays is carefully crafted inch by inch for exquisite details, and you can feel its fineness when you touch it slowly. The wooden appliques are easy to add to any furniture and bring the furniture to the higher level. The application is wide. The onlays and appliques are suitable for any furniture like mirror, bed, cabinets and windows. Large Wood Onlays. It's larger than the normal ones sold in the market now, and the depth of color may be different due to the characteristics of wood.

Brand: Smolder

👤I used this for my fireplace. I used the water-based paint from Behr to paint the applique white. I used wood glue and tape to hold it together. I applied caulk in the gaps after adhering for 30 minutes because the applique did not sit flush. The first time I taped it, it fell, but it didn't break, so I think it's sturdy.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the wood. The grains of wood were very nice. It worked well for my daughter's toy box.

👤Excellent product. There is a It was worth it. The design is beautiful. Thanks.

👤I have used this type of wood for a long time. These are beautifully crafted, lay perfectly flat for easy gluing, take stain perfectly, and you can't beat the great price and options!

👤The wooden item is nice. The pictures are exactly the same. The package arrived quickly and was well packed. I can order mor products from this seller.

👤The craftsmanship is a little bit smaller than I expected.

👤We painted my piano white and added this to it. Looks gorgeous!

👤I was happy with the designs. I will purchase from this company again.

4. Crown Leaves Birch Wood Applique

Crown Leaves Birch Wood Applique

There is a package that includes wooden Appliques. The overall size is 9 15/16" x 1 5/8". The package has a wood carving. The wood onlay can be stained or painted. Furniture restoration or building new projects can be done with their appliques. You can use onlay appliques to decorate the walls.

Brand: Uniqantiq Hardware Supply

👤It is a different type of wood than the 3 other ones I bought. The other ones had no problem with the stain. I stained them all first, and this one was the longest, so it ended up being the lightest. The picture below is after 3 coats, and all the other ones only needed 2.

👤The vanitorium was sprayed in a gold tone and added a look to it.

👤It arrived intact. It was perfect for our project.

👤The product is okay. I can't use it because it's small. I wanted a bigger design. It's not worth it to return this through Amazon and pay for shipping.

5. Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 3 94x3 94inch

Enerhu Unpainted Furniture Decoration 3 94x3 94inch

There is a package that includes wood carved with 4 PCS. 10 cm x 10 cm x 3.94 inch The patterns of sculpture are beautiful. A beautiful and elegant European style can be created by carving clear. The wood decorative flower board can be used to decorate the walls,doors, cabinets, etc. It could be painted with favorite color of paint.

Brand: Enerhu

👤I wanted to add more focal point to my farmhouse style wooden chandelier by using these for a wall design scheme idea. I left the wooden unfinished form of the appliqués in hopes that they would fit in with the rustic look of the chandelier. The wooden design appliqués coordinate well with the Spanish floral tile stickers. I don't like the fact that some areas are darker than others. It looks a little tacky.

👤I'm impressed that these are very thin and rough. My husband sanded and painted the two corners of the mantel I purchased to go on the fireplace mantel. It looks like we paid a small fortune. I recommend them. The reason for the 4 stars is that they are rough-cut, but worth it.

👤Not as advertised. I had to order things from other places to get the look I was trying to achieve. I would like a full refund.

👤These were the perfect addition to our mantel.

👤I thought they would be a great value.

👤I liked the quality and the wood stain.

👤My internal window boxes have a new addition.

6. AmerTac 43RVB Rocker GFCI English Garden

AmerTac 43RVB Rocker GFCI English Garden

It's important to caution. The edges of the wall plate may be sharp. Handle with care. Any space can be complemented by the aged bronze cast metal finish. Matching design elements such as cabinet hardware, plumbing & lighting fixture, flooring, wallpaper, and more can be used to add a decorative accent to a room. The English garden design hides light rocker switches while adding simple elegance to your decor. A rocker wallplate is used to cover standard rocker light switches. Matching screws are included. The product is made from cast metal. The height is 4.500" and the width is 3.125" The product is made from cast metal. The height is 4.500" and the width is 3.125"

Brand: Amerelle

👤I was really looking forward to getting this and ended up being disappointed. The screw they give is too short because the plate is thicker. I tried it on multiple outlets and it wouldn't work. Not happy. I hope the light switch that's coming tomorrow doesn't have the same issue. I will return both if it does.

👤The cover is beautiful. I wish they created a screw that doesn't mar the finish. They need to make a sturdy rubber screwdriver. It's bad to see a scratched-up screw. I have to buy touch-up paint to add to the cost.

👤I read reviews before buying. The screws that come with this product are terrible. They scratch very easily. They are just low quality screws. I just used the product I was replacing that had a bronze color. If you want to avoid being unhappy with the look of the plate, you should get your own screws.

👤When all is said and done, be prepared to have some scratched up screws. The cheap coating is very easy to remove, with barely any pressure or slip. I wouldn't recommend going to Home Depot or even Walmart, it would be better to invest a bit more to get better. You get what you pay for and from...

👤Good product. The screws used to secure the plate are of poor quality. The screw looks bad and requires touch up after a small scratch. I have bought almost 20 sets of different sizes and all the mounting screws scratch even though I have taken all possible precautions.

👤I have ordered several different vendors for the entire home and I love this switch plate. I've reviewed oil bronzed curtain rods and they look great in the home. The switch plates are a bit heavier than the old switch plates. The order of switch plates is gorgeous. The product is designed well and the filigree detailing is perfect. There is a The only concern I have is the screw heads. As I turned the screwdriver to install the screws, I painted my face off. Every screw had this happen to it. I tried to prevent paint chipping on the screw head, but it still wore off. Unless you're close to it, it isn't noticeable. I was disappointed in the paint chipping. There is a I'm satisfied with the switch plates. The decorative design has a high quality touch. This one is a winner because of the small details.

👤The English Garden wall plates are aged bronze. The wall plates are very well made. The screws are silver and have a painted head, which is noted by many other reviews. It is a perfect match, but many of the screws I received came with chips, and the rest of the wall plates did not. I knew it was an issue from reading the reviews. I was very careful when securing the screws. The paint job is very bad. The face plates were taken away from by the chipping screws. The plates should have come with a bronze screw. I am very disappointed in the manufacturer. I found some antique brass electrical plate screws on Amazon. The screws are a little lighter than the ones included with the plate, but they look better than the ones I started with. The Antique Brass electrical switch plate screws from the Hillman Group come in a pack of 20. I hope Amerelle makes a change to the product.

7. Tulead Appliques Furniture Decoration Cabinet

Tulead Appliques Furniture Decoration Cabinet

Can be used on range hoods. The package content is 6 x. There are woodcarvings. It is made of high quality rubber wood. The onlay applique is used for decorating your home. The carving flower pattern is a classic taste. The decals can be painted or faux finished.

Brand: T Tulead

👤Pintar o decorar, se desee.

👤I am painting a piece of furniture. This was the perfect piece of furniture.

👤The quality of the rosettes is nice. They took the stain and sealed it. Look nice on the stairs.

👤It's easy to install. I let mine dry overnight before painting it. I used simple wood glue and they stick like white on rice, which makes my trailer park drawer look like it came straight out of Beverly Hills.

8. Ekena Millwork PB05X05X01OD 4 Inch Odessa

Ekena Millwork PB05X05X01OD 4 Inch Odessa

Spot clean only do not use bleach or harsh chemical solutions to maintain original color quality. Will not break, warp, or split. Holds up against nature. Outlasts are plastic, steel, rubber and aluminum. It is as strong as wood. It is easy to install.

Brand: Ekena Millwork

👤I was a handyman and I was able to use my skills to build a custom fireplace mantel for a customer. The hole unit was given a good pop of beauty because it was turned a flat surface into something decorative. This product is foam. It is not recommended to use nails on this item.

👤I had a change of plans once I tried to put them up to my window because I loved the light weight material and was very easy to work with. I had imagined it differently in my mind. I will use them for another project.

👤The smooth finish only requires one coat of brad nails. I used 3 to get it to match the old trim work.

👤They are nice looking, but many of them were broken during shipping or installed on the stairs.

👤This is a beautiful piece of art. It arrived quickly and without damage. I think I'm going to like my fireplace project even more because of the beautiful accents.

👤It was perfect for my fireplace.

👤These are light and easy to glue. We put them up with a piece of window in the living room that adds a nice touch.

9. Wooden Designer Hanging Plaques 4 16x16

Wooden Designer Hanging Plaques 4 16x16

The size of the panel. The package contains 4 panels. The artist. The intricately carved wood features a finish that perfectly blends with all decor styles. The place is located This wall art can be rearranged. The panels are great to hang together to tell a more complete story. They look great to accent and decorate any space. Life style. The set of four can be easily accommodated on any wall, be it living room, bedroom, hallway. Spot clean only do not use bleach or harsh chemical solutions to maintain original color quality.

Brand: The Wooden Town

👤The pieces do not hang straight against the wall. Getting them lined up is very difficult.

👤The panels are the same size as I wanted. They were carved in India. Many missed spots and color is inconsistently applied, because whoever manufactured/carved them did not adequately stain them. I need to purchase stain and complete the job myself. Consumers don't want to have to fix things. This seems to be the trend these days. I don't want to return them unless I can find another vendor who does a better job with quality assurance and quality control.

👤Would purchase this again for another client.

👤Very sturdy and pretty. I am very happy that I bought these. One fell off the wall and did not get damaged.

👤This is the same as pictured and it is beautiful. The mounting mechanism is my only complaint. It's nearly impossible to get the mounts on the wall straight and uniform because they aren't spacing perfectly. They remind me of the crooked teeth on the wall. One simple error could be fixed to make these perfect.

👤I had a bare spot on my wall for a couple of years, but couldn't decide what I wanted. These worked well. They are very strong. It was packaged well.

👤The carved wooden plaques are pretty and warm. They are easy to hang and light.

👤The panels were made in India and well packaged, the carvings are intricate and feel sturdy, and I bought 2 sets so I could match them. There were holes for nails in the strips I used to hang them. It's easy to install. Thank you for selling them, I love them!

10. NACH Js 90 062AW Victorian Bracket Medium

NACH Js 90 062AW Victorian Bracket Medium

It is made of high quality rubber wood. Pre drilled holes make installation easy. The rustic Victorian shelf brackets are made with heavy duty, weighted cast iron and are guaranteed to last. Classical shelf mounting brackets are tough and durable, and can be used indoors and outdoors without fear of damage. An antique floating shelf is great for showcasing books, candles, clocks, and other home furnishings. At North American Country Home, they are proud of their authentic American products and they want you to love them as much as they do. Please let their team know how your experience was or if you have any questions about your order. At North American Country Home, they are proud of their authentic American products and they want you to love them as much as they do. Please let their team know how your experience was or if you have any questions about your order.

Brand: Nach

👤They worked well for the purpose of installing shelving around a room near the ceiling. They have a couple of issues, which is why I lowered the rating, and probably would get a 3.5 stars if I could. They are not really white, they are more of an off-white, almost gray-colored look. I had to spray paint them. The screws they came with were not long enough to hold the wall up. They were not long enough to go through the wall and into the studs to support a shelf. They were used to attach the brackets to the shelving. I had to buy longer screws to fit the holes. I had to paint the screw tops after the manufacturer tried to paint the screws white. The best brackets I found were not a deal-breaker. They provide a lot of support for a 7.5 inch deep shelf. The casting was very good. I had one of the 28 brackets that I used that had some material in a couple of the spaces where I had to remove it.

👤The birdhouse was mounted to a wooden pole with the help of brackets. Nice casting.

👤These are for kitchen shelves. I love how they look.

👤I bought the small, antique gold brackets and one of the four came with a paint defect that didn't bother me enough to exchange them. The defect is visible in my main product photo. The brackets look like they are made of cast iron. An anchor is needed to hold the weight of your shelf, decor and the wall together. One of the anchors broke upon inspection. I attached a picture with a better anchor. The screws don't seem strong, so I might use the ones from the pop bag to paint them. The brackets are good for money. The flimsy plastic anchors are not compatible with the application. I need to buy spearate anchors and screws, so I would have preferred to spend fifteen dollars for four brackets. There is a The shelves were sent to me by the postal service. The color is similar to the product listing image.

👤The brackets are pretty. It was nice, heavy duty. Solid-feeling support. I bought 20 of them and they are all good. Some were straight, some twisted to the side, and some were slightly slanted. If you only have a few, it may not be noticeable, but if you use them with glass shelves or somewhere that you need them perfectly aligned, these may not be the best choice.

👤The brackets are a bit shabby. The screws broke when the carpenter tried to put them into the oak shelves. If you want these brackets, you should get screws made in the USA. I have never seen such poor quality screws. I hope products made in India improve as we don't want to buy products made from their neighbor to the north.

👤These are gorgeous! I like the way they look with the shelf.

👤Great, cute. It was annoying that it didn't come with screws, because having 8 screw holes is a little too much for something this small. I painted the piece of pine, cut it down to size, attached it to the wood shelf with long screws, and used a plastic anchor on the plaster walls.

11. Appliques Carving Unpainted Furniture Cabinet

Appliques Carving Unpainted Furniture Cabinet

The carved wooden flower patterns look elegant. You can create a beautiful and elegant European style for your home. Give you a better life. Made of high-quality rubber wood, natural, environmental-friendly, safe and durable to use. The wooden carving shows the beauty of the Chinese and Western cultures. Can be used to decorate the walls and roof of the first door furniture by attaching to cabinets, windows, mirrors and other items. They can be used to make a handmade gift. It is easy to paint this wooden object with your favorite color. It's easy to install. Natural wood products may have wood grain, wood knot, burr, rough surface, and color depth may differ. There is a package of 4 PCS x Wood Carved Applique. There is a package of 4 PCS x Wood Carved Applique.

Brand: Lxyuum

👤It's perfect for my antique furniture.

👤These are very small. I had to sand them down. Was disappointed.

👤I can't wait to use them.


What is the best product for decorative wood appliques square?

Decorative wood appliques square products from Vorcool. In this article about decorative wood appliques square you can see why people choose the product. Bqlzr and Smolder are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wood appliques square.

What are the best brands for decorative wood appliques square?

Vorcool, Bqlzr and Smolder are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wood appliques square. Find the detail in this article. Uniqantiq Hardware Supply, Enerhu and Amerelle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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