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1. FENELY Decorations Butterflies Decorative Accessories

FENELY Decorations Butterflies Decorative Accessories

The cracked multi color solar lights outdoor are already installed and it is very easy to simply attach the shaft, centre and tailpiece together. It's difficult to avoid damage during shipping. If you receive a damaged product, please contact them immediately. They hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. Reliable quality - Large butterfly width: 9.5in, Stake length:15.75in,Pack of 4, assorted color They sway in the breeze like a real butterfly, because they are waterproof with tall stakes. Simply insert metal stake into the butterfly d├ęcor installation hole. Garden ornaments are very convenient for you. It's suitable for many occasions, making more beauty for yard, gardens, flower beds, lawn, party, shopping mall layout etc. 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the plastic stakes.

Brand: Fenely

👤It looks cute, but it's very cheap. 2 of them don't thread into the pole to hold together, so they are useless. The junk is very flimsy.

👤The quality is not worth what I paid.

👤The butterflies are so large that you have to put them deeper in the grass or dirt for it to not fall over, I love butterflies and these make my yard look very nice. It attracts real ones.

👤I love butterflies. They are pretty and colorful.

👤I placed these butterflies in my front yard garden and it made it pop with more color as the flowers bloomed.

👤The springs that hold the wings to the butterfly's body broke off within 3 weeks of being in our garden. They need to be resistant to corrosive elements.

👤They light up in the night.

👤The butterflies were small when I got the product. The parts didn't fit. Disappointed that it was for my garden.

2. Aodue Outdoor Decorative Crackle Waterproof

Aodue Outdoor Decorative Crackle Waterproof

The garden solar moon lights turn on/off automatically. The garden solar lights can be charged from the sun during the day, but can't be turned on at night. Ni MH 1.2V/ is an energy and money saver. The solar panel has a AA 600mAh battery built in it. When the switch is in the ON position, the solar panel will charge. Save money if you don't need external electricity. Premium steel and brass make the moonlight more durable. Long- lasting working time is ensured by waterproof paint coat and waterproof design. The sun moon garden stakes are designed with warm white LEDs. After lighting up the pattern, the reflection is beautiful. Landscape lighting can be added to your front door, deck lawn, patio, garden, back yard, or flower beds. The Solar garden light, user manual, packing box, and worry-free 18-month warranty are what you get. When you receive the sun moon solar lights, you should press the button on the panel to make sure it will light up. The Solar garden light, user manual, packing box, and worry-free 18-month warranty are what you get. When you receive the sun moon solar lights, you should press the button on the panel to make sure it will light up.

Brand: Aodue

👤I bought one for my co-worker. It's great at night when it lights up. It was pretty at night after I bought it for myself, but I had it in the garden for 3 weeks. It stopped lighting at night after 3 weeks. I moved it around to different places in the yard to get more sunlight, but it wouldn't charge. I noticed that the solar panel looked cloudy, so it must have gotten wet when it rained. I contacted the manufacturer through their "contact us" email because they have a one year warranty on it and I wanted to know if I could get a replacement, but I have not received a response. I paid over $30 for this. The manufacturer is not standing by the warranty. The one I bought for my co-worker is still working.

👤It's a bit odd. It isn't as nice as the ad says. It looks like a toy. It is an accent piece. I didn't expect much. I wouldn't have bought it if I had seen it in person.

👤It should be zero stars. The item doesn't work. The switch is on. It didn't work after spending a full day in the sun.

👤The on/off switch is made of rubber. The switch on the stake light was hard plastic that dried out and became brittle, so it broke. Well thought out, and thank you. This was a house warming gift. To make sure it would work, I tried it out at home. It looks like it's magical at night. The sun and moon are mystical. It would be too gaudy if it was any larger. I want to buy one for myself.

👤I thought it would be larger. It worked for a few days and then stopped.

👤Gave this as a gift. It stopped working after 2 months. I bought it in November. I missed the 90 day return window and there is no way I can contact the seller. It looked nice, but was dim when it was working. Pick a different product.

👤There is a star on my lawn. The holes in the design are pretty. The bright can be seen from the road. I bought this item with the blue moon accent. A great pair. The price was cheap for such a lovely accent.

👤The look was pretty but small. There was a pick that was missing.

👤When the box arrived, it was torn and crushed. I can't get it to work. I will not buy from this company again.

👤The product is very nice. Sturdy and colorful. Looks good at night.

👤Transfering from one garden to another is portable. It's big enough to make a beautiful addition to my garden, but it takes away from my flowers. Stays lit all night.

👤It is a little pricey but after charging in the day time it lasts all night. It is very beautiful.

👤I like the whole thing, but thought the price was too high.

3. SteadyDoggie Multi Color Seasonal Lighting Direction

SteadyDoggie Multi Color Seasonal Lighting Direction

They can be used to add a lovely look to potted plants, gardens, Mother's Day Basket, party favors, gift for kids, flower pot, home decorations, and more. Light up the evenings with their yard art wind spinner and add a touch of ambience to your patio, lawn or garden. At night, watch as the light softly glows in changing jewel tone colors, easily seen and admired by passers-by, but not intrusive to neighbors. Spending time on the sun porch or yard is relaxing to watch. It's an ideal gift for garden lovers, as it would look amazing in any flower garden or backyard. Stable, tidy with modern functions and elegance. Many wind outdoor spinners have a single blade that spins in one direction. The solar wind spinner has a metallic construction. The two tiers blades are rotating in opposite directions. The yard wind spinners have a stability stake at the base to make sure they are firmly planted for windy days. Easy to understand instructions. The package is 8x14x75 inches and it has a wind spinner and solar panel. At night, the spinner's light provides an ambient light display. It is easy to assemble and follow instructions. You can position your garden ornament outdoors in a sunny location using a metal stake. The ground stake and wind blades of their wind spinners come with a bronze brushed coat finish. The crackle glass ball is 3.5 inches in diameter and can be seen between two tiers of wind blades. A wonderful addition to any garden, it would stand out against a snowy landscape. Your solar wind power is back by their lifetime guarantee. Their garden wind spinners are designed to help save the environment. SteadyDoggie products are built to last. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they have a no questions asked policy. Your friends and family can try the solar windmill spinner if you keep it. Their Customer Lifetime Guarantee is what they call it.

Brand: Steadydoggie

👤I give my wife one gift per day for five days leading up to her birthday. I bought the wind spinner for her because she likes wind chimes. I bought a wind spinner because I didn't have to purchase one without seeing it in action. There is a The box is small. The spinner and light are assembled after the pole is unassembled. There are four sealed ball-bearing units on the spinner. The light has on/off switches. The light provided by the light is large enough to make the spinner seem intrusive. We put the spinner in the yard after assembling the pole and mounting it. Despite the harsh outdoor environment of Florida, it remains as good as it was when we put it outside. The lightest breezes will make it spin.

👤The solar light at night looks pretty cool with the decor we wanted to add to our front yard. Pay attention to the way the poles are tightened, it will be pretty sturdy.

👤I can't attach the vertical pole because the top end of the pole is not threaded. My wife sent an email. We haven't heard back. The Spinner is beautiful. After many emails, an update from SteadtDoggie is still not available. On 4/8/18.

👤The supplier shipped the nuts after the spinner came with no securing nuts. The light globe has a small crack at the base, but no rain has caused any damage to it. We really like this spinner and we apologize to Steady Doggie for the initial rating I gave it. It is very cost effective and attractive. It lights up at night and stays lit for at least 10 hours as long as it gets enough sun light. You can't go wrong buying this spinner, it gets moving on windy days. It looks good in our backyard. The bearings are as good as they can get.

👤The follow up of the seller means they are backing up their product, and an email on how this item will work better following the instructions. Installation done by my husband without reading anything had no issues. I followed the instructions and it shines bright each night, it deserves the 5 stars. The spin is not as fast as we expected. I saw a video that looked like it stood the test and I bought it. We don't have that here, so I'm okay without testing it. There is a Thank you for that on July 9th. It was tested for 3 months. The glass ball has bright twinkling lights as it changes in different colors. He buried it 6 in. It is deeper on the ground. It won't topple even with 35m/hr wind.

👤I only needed the stake part and one attachment and the display piece for my purpose, and it turned out to be a 2 and a half foot tall garden display. If you need all pieces stacked together to give full height, you may have a problem. If you have the tools, I would recommend using a piece of rebar staked, or using ty wraps to attach the display to the rebar. The main display is nice and the light is nice with the color changing, but it is not very bright. It is doable if you use it under 3 feet tall.

4. GIFTME Decorative Ladybugs Outdoor Sculptures

GIFTME Decorative Ladybugs Outdoor Sculptures

The rattan balls can be used for a wide range of things, such as garden decoration, aromatherapy accessories,wall or table decoration, and so on. There is a set of 4 metal outdoor yard art. Under the sunshine, high quality hand painting coat for the ultimateDurability and Rust protection. The metal garden art bugs can be placed on trees, the porch, the fence, or the side of the flower. The cute ladybug wall art is a great addition to the patio,backyard, gardens, walkways, or entrances. Each piece is under inspection before shipment, perfect gift just right for almost any occasion.

Brand: Giftme 5

👤These are well made, no rough spots. Bright colors.

👤These little sweeties were well packed and arrived in a box. They are light and well made, with a glossy finish. A hook on the base is easy to hang. I traced one and came up with a little over 3 inches for the head and body and about 3 inches for the legs. I'm happy I bought them.

👤It was very well made. I'm going to buy another set and hang it on my patio in Ohio. There is a Excellent price, a giftable, well made gift.

👤I bought them for myself. I was impressed by how nice these little buggers were. The colors are bright and shiny. I have purchased metal outdoor decor that is sturdy and not flimsy. Nothing is flimsy. I bought my daughter a set as a Mother's Day gift and she was thrilled. You can see in the picture that these are not huge. It's perfect to put on my lattice outside.

👤The four ladybugs are cute. It arrived as expected. Well packaged. If you wanted to gift together or separately, all inside a box and individually packaged. They are made well. Excellent quality and very affordable. A summer sweet decoration was added to our outdoor space. It was very easy to hang. Each has a hook.

👤I was expecting 4 different colored lady bugs, but I got 4 red lady bugs. One was large, one medium and two small. I'm not sure what happened with the details. I had different surfaces to spread them around and still make my yard look cute with all the red lady bugs. They are very sturdy and can be attached with a large nail. I would recommend, but be warned, you may get an odd box like mine.

👤These are not well made. One of the four came with a broken mount. I tried to get a replacement from the seller and they offered me $5, which I didn't want. I wanted a full set. They told me that I would have to send the entire set back and that three of them would be wired to my fence. I had spent a lot of time installing them. I tried to solder the brackets back together. It didn't work. Don't sell to this seller at all costs.

👤The four cute ladybugs are brilliantly painted and wire works are done very well. There is a I bought two boxes for myself and one for a gift.

👤The ladybirds are well made and exactly what they are described. Prompt delivery. I would love to have room to buy more.

👤These little guys are adorable. I gave her a gift from my 4 year period. We might order a set now.

👤I have already rated this item. I got my neighbour a set of lady bugs for her birthday because she loved them so much.

👤It's love. They are pretty. They arrived today. I put 2 up. I have to drill two more holes to put up the other two. The colors are pretty and the size is perfect. Highly recommended.

5. Chisheen Butterfly Garden Decorative Outdoor

Chisheen Butterfly Garden Decorative Outdoor

The best gift for bird lovers is the vintage intricate and delicate outdoor bird houses. The metal and hand-painted colors of the butterfly garden stakes are beautiful. The butterfly garden decor has springs that flutter in the breeze. Adding metal yard art butterflies to your yard is a great way to add a cute touch. Garden art butterfly stakes are large, detailed and attractive in your yard or among the plants in your garden. No tools are required to assemble the package. Push the stakes into the ground.

Brand: Chisheen

👤I thought these were real butterflies. Maybe it was careless or naive of me. They are outsized and cartoonish. If you want that, they are good.

👤The butterflies were easy to assemble. I am very happy with this product.

👤I put them at my husband's grave site as I raised monarch butterflies.

👤The front of my yard has been updated with these stakes.

👤The paint was only on one side. They looked unfinished.

👤These butterflies are disappointing. They come with their wings folded up. I tried to fold them down a bit, but I heard a cracking noise, which I think was the paint. They are not meant to be unfolded. The pretty design is only on the underside of the wings. There is no detailing on the insides of the wings. The wings are bent down in the picture, but I broke the paint and probably stressed them. Do this at your own risk. The butterflies are okay. The legs and antennae were a little out of position, but they were able to move more easily. It's really expensive for what it is. I wouldn't get them again.

👤The chisheen Butterfly Garden Stakes are a set of metal garden art butterflies. There is a The butterflies are made from high quality metal and painted in bright colors. I'm happy with the size and color of the butterflies. There is no solar light element. The body is loaded with spring. There is a These are a great addition to my gardenscape.

👤They are taller than most garden stakes. There is a The garden butterfly decorations are outdoor sizes of 6.3 X 3.3 X 40 inch and 5.9 X 2.9 X 40 inch. There is a There is a butterfly attached to a spring. When the wind blows, it will move. It was very well made. It was realistic painted. There is a The stakes need to be screwed into the butterfly, very easy. There is a A nice addition to your garden. There is a A great gift is a gardner. Highly recommended.

6. Ospetty Decorative Decoration Light Lifetime Replacement

Ospetty Decorative Decoration Light Lifetime Replacement

When you receive the solar lights, please press the button and keep the solar panel in the dark to make sure the lights light up. If you have a problem with the product, contact them. Starry Night There is a solar watering can. Bring the stars to your side. You can decorate your garden. You can imagine a night of stars in your house with this string lights. A wonderful night. The solar panel has no need for extra batteries. The best waterfall lights. Light up your garden. You should be happy during your holiday and everyday. Bring a fairy tale to your kids. The solar pad can absorb the energy from the sun, so put this art light decoration lights to any place in the garden. The light button can light up at night. It is easy to work and will give you a romantic evening. The pattern was upgraded to an upgraded quality. More stable and more qualified. Have a certificate. You can use it safely. Two different models, two different styles, choose anyone you want. The Life Time Guarantee only applies to FBA orders. If you face any problems with their products, please contact them at any time, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Ospetty

👤The little watering can with lights gave the flowing effect of water, and I really liked it. It stopped working after just two days. I intended to order two more but decided to send it back.

👤The product seems to be of good quality. Maybe I didn't read it right. I don't like the fact that it blinks. Can't find a way to change settings. Water doesn't stop. There are 6 strands of line with small led bulbs. They are grouped together for a continuous stream of light. 1 1/2 inch of dead space... lights... It looks like a line is moving. It should have been checked out better.

👤The Shepard's crook was easy to assemble. It's pretty even in daylight, but really nice at night. The string lights have a twinkly waterfall effect. I would really like to have more of these for a walkway. I work at night despite being mostly in shade. I watched it turn on at night and it was still running when I woke up. I'd recommend them based on what I've experienced so far.

👤I have to go out in the yard and turn it back on after a week because it doesn't work when the sun isn't shining.

👤It is easy to install and looks great. The yard has character. The night time scene with the led shower is great during the warm nights.

👤I like the way it looks and from a distance, you would think that the Sprinkling Can is pouring water. It's nice to see.

👤There are two stars. My expectation was the picture. Our fish looks like a fish. You have to be 2 inches away from the battery pack in order to turn off/on and change sequence. I wanted to hang them in my tress outside. It's funny. I put them in a box in my house to make another angel happy.

👤The lights are bright for 2 hours. It died by the end of the 3rd hour. This happens after a long day under the sun. The strings are not the same as the picture.

7. Juegoal Butterfly Colorful Butterflies Ornaments

Juegoal Butterfly Colorful Butterflies Ornaments

It will bring a lot of fun and color to your garden, lawn, yard, planters. It's a perfect gift for people who love gardening and decorating on holidays like Mother's day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthday, and so on. The butterfly garden stakes are made from high grade rust-proof metal and thick colorful glass. They will bring a more refreshing feel to nature if you place them in your garden, yard or anywhere you want. When the breeze blows, the wings of the butterfly look real. Adding color and nature to your interior will make you feel happy. Simply put the stake into the ground or soil. If you receive the product, please adjust it by hand to the best condition. The outdoor yard decors are made of high quality glass, hand-painted bright color and finished with a UV proof coating, which makes them weather proof. Plants with plant stakes are a great gift for friends and family. It is widely used at indoor and outdoor, such as living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio, planter pot and so on.

Brand: Juegoal

👤I bought these to put in some planters. I put all 3 together in a minute. While planting the first one in a planter, the butterfly fell off the stem as the other two did the same. It took about 90 seconds from assembly to trash. The company was included in the email. The product says they will replace for any defect, but I haven't heard anything. Save your money and look elsewhere.

👤Birthday gift. I agree that these are cute and easy to assemble but I didn't put one in the ground and the wings fell off in my hand. It was handled in a way that was more gentle than the wind would have blown it. This isn't something that will be fixed with glue. The seller included a guarantee inside the box for 180 days that would cover any damage. I included pictures and the gift receipt in my email. I sent them another email after they didn't hear anything. I have never heard a single thing. Very disappointed. You don't make promises you can't keep.

👤One butterfly broke and another wouldn't accept the stake to be screwed in after opening package. Only one of 3 worked. I would have liked a better experience but I will never buy again from the seller. The product was poor for the price.

👤I received this as a gift and it arrived in good condition. I like the colors and the spring wings are easy to mount on the pole. I bought this for my grandma and she loved it. There is a It looks like they could have been better. That's not the maker, it's on Amazon. I am happy with my purchase.

👤They were wrapped individually and are pretty. My grandsons take them out and touch them. Have had two weeks of rain and storms.

👤I received this with one butterfly wing already broken and I wish I had looked at the reviews more. Quality is something I would be afraid to give a gift.

👤Nice item. It is weatherable and sturdy.

8. BRIGHT Color Changing Lights Outdoor

BRIGHT Color Changing Lights Outdoor

The eye-catching solar color-CHANGING GARDEN STAKE LIGHTS are held on the 2nd and 4th of July. A delicate garden decor keeps the yard fresh in the day and at night, bright LED bulbs of multiple alternating colors automatically illuminate with a full charge in the sun. SOLAR POWERED & LIGHT SENSORED is a renewable and clean energy that is stored in a rechargeable 1. 2V AA 200mAH. The Ni-MH battery can run for up to 8 hours with a full charge of the sun light. The bright long lifespan is achieved by resilience and economy. The light bulb produces no heat after a long time of use, it's lightweight, stain and water resistant, and it's made from PS. It is easy to install and provide a calming color light show anywhere throughout the night. The gift box is ready for gift giving if power-charged the light via the sun. The customer service was really good. The product has been in business since 1997 and comes with a 1-month trial period and life-time customer service. The customer service was really good. The product has been in business since 1997 and comes with a 1-month trial period and life-time customer service.

Brand: Bright Zeal

👤I absolutely adore these! They are bright and transition well. A great addition to our outside decor! They are perfect!

👤After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to spend a lot more on these. The price is definitely worth it. The poles are sturdy and the plastic is thick. I bought the cheaper ones a few years back and they are excellent. The design of the flowers is beautiful and the dandelion is my favorite. These will stand up to all kinds of weather and should last for a long time. If you want to make them taller, you can use the optional extenders, but I prefer to use the shorter poles because they look like flowers in the garden area under my window.

👤This was my second time ordering and I bought 2 packages of 3 each. Everything was perfect. It's a nice addition to my garden. I received the warmest thank you. I could have imagined it. After years of ordering so much on Amazon, this was the first vendor that ever took the time to write a note and say thank you. No pressure to buy something else, just a note that showed they care. Can't wait to buy something from them again.

👤The lights are beautiful. They stay light until the sun comes up. I was pleasantly surprised. The backyard is beautiful. The customer service is amazing and not at all what we have come to expect from vendors. The lights were packaged very securely, but part of the flower was missing. I contacted Bright Zeal just to make them aware, they sent me a new flower and a lighting kit as a gift. This is the best customer service. I am very happy with my solar light and they have a great customer service. I think they're a good choice.

👤I've been looking for solar powered garden stakes for a long time. I didn't like the design of most of them. These are perfect! I bought 4 because of the cute design and inexpensive price. They were easy to put together and install in the garden. They look great in the garden.

👤I bought the flowers for myself, but it's winter here. My mother lives in Florida. She has a small yard with plants and a dog. I bought her a bouquet of flowers. She loves them. They were told to bring them in during bad weather. My mother brought hers because it rained. I believe the concern is hail and hurricanes, since I had solar lights similar to these. They should be fine outside. I have to wait for spring.

👤Exactly as pictured. They are bright and vibrant. These are larger and cheaper than the sets you buy in store. I found these instead of buying the same cheap sets every summer. Customer service is always top notch.

👤One of them stopped working in 3 days after I put it in my garden. The light is bright and changes color. I am disappointed that it failed so quickly. I covered the solar panel quickly to see if it was the weather. It wasn't bright but it lit up slightly. I waited a few more days to see if the weather contributed to the failure. Two others are lighting up at the same time as the one that has a problem. I may get the replacement if I return them. I tried to return them but they are not available on Amazon. I can't get a replacement. The seller got back to me immediately after I contacted her. She offered a set of flower ones that were different from the one she had. I just got the flower set and my yard is nice again. Thanks!

9. BOAER Flamingo Decorative Waterproof Pathway 8

BOAER Flamingo Decorative Waterproof Pathway 8

The solar lantern is made of plastic and steel. 8 minutes. Turn on/off. Solar panels harness the sun's energy for hours of gentle light, which is energy-saving and eco-friendly. It can work up to 7 hours when charged for a few hours. It is delightful at night and elegant by day. It adds a festive and mysterious atmosphere to the party. It's a perfect decoration for garden, yard, patio, landscape. It is easy to install and waterproof. It's simple to use and no wire is required. It is easy to install and waterproof. It's simple to use and no wire is required.

Brand: Ruilaiya

👤I suppose this solar light is gaudy, but it's a flamingo, so that's to be expected. The solar light works well, it is made of colorful tin, and it is well-constructed. The solar panel is easy to see, and the bird looks nice. The Cuban Flamingos will be happy to see their friend in your yard. Whatever the sound of the flamingos makes...

👤It lit up for about 3 weeks. Then it stopped. I charged it for over eight hours after changing it. Still wouldn't light up. Not sure what happened. The issue was pinpointed by me. The metal plate that the battery bumps against was loose. The seller contacted me again. That one is perfect. I am very satisfied with their customer service. I would buy again from them because of their customer service. The solar light is beautiful. The quality was very good, but there was a glitch in the first one.

👤They don't tell you that the head is a piece of metal with no lights, but that it lights up. There is no way on God's Green Earth that anyone would know that a Flamingo is a bird, because it is just a blob of lights with no definition. I'm not happy. It looks nice in the daytime. The injection molded Flamingo is more common. The light-up-at-night feature is not worth the money. I would return it, but it's not worth the effort.

👤This was bought for our daughter. It has been in our yard for a couple of weeks and seems to be holding up well. After being charged during the day, the lights go up at dusk.

👤I ordered one first. I ordered two more from the same people and they are very pleasant to deal with and send Them too. I will always order more items from them. Thank you so much for sending them quickly and safely, without any problems at all. Please read the paperwork inside of the box and give them time to build up power before using them in the position and they are working great. I got the fourth one today and I really like it. I want it to enjoy being with its friends in the front yard when it gets charged up. There is a Thank you so much for the great service and quality items. I will take a picture of them after I put the fourth one in place.

👤I don't like giving bad reviews, but I am very disappointed by these lights. They appear to give off a nice glow in the photos. The head and neck of the Christmas tree are not lit up, and the individual Christmas tree light inside the Flamingo body looks tacky. They look like a circle with Christmas tree lights inside. Only one side of the Flamingo is painted, so you can't place them where you don't see the backside. The paint colors and price are the worst part. I was torn between these and the glass ones at the store. The bright colors turned out to be very gaudy. The softer colored ones should have been half the price.

10. Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

If you want to serve fruits SAFELY, you need to replace Varnish with Food Safe Grade Wood Wax Oil. The bowl's size should be known before purchasing. There is no electricity required and free solar energy. The solar panel is used for long-term operations. They will turn off at dawn. Make sure you turn the switch to ON before charging because there is a switch on the light cover. The solar lights are made of high quality plastic and don't need to worry about rust. The light can work under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP 44 and it's not a problem if there's rain, snow, frost, or sleet. It is easy to install, no wires. It takes a few seconds to push the stake into the soil. You can use one normal and one elevated stakes. The light is warm and gentle, but not bright enough for decoration. You can add a decorative glow to your pathways. The measures are 2.32 x 2.32 x 14.5 inch. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up. If the lights don't work, you can order Solar Lights Replacement Top in their store.

Brand: Maggift

👤Very cheap. The stakes are cheap and break if you look at them. You can't put the cheap plastic reflectors back in place because the stakes that rattle around make them hard to put back in place. Don't waste your money. There is an update. After seeing the review, the company contacted me and offered to replace or refunds my order. Customer service is great and they respond quickly. I will be interested in buying more of their products in the future because of how well they take care of their customers.

👤I was looking for a change of pace from traditional solar lights. Most walkway solar lights are ugly and I don't like them. I wanted to buy some lantern style lights that were made from shepherd hooks. My wife changed my mind a few times. I think the reviews for this product were probably more light than they should have been, because they didn't have reasonable expectations. If you're looking for something that's safe to light up a walk way, these aren't the lights for you. These look like more upscale lighting options. The price point on these is insane, it's like 2$ per light. They put off a really cool looking pattern and are very stable in the ground. We have 2 walk ways and I'm thinking of buying abother to finish them. The front was nice and my wife loved it. It was nice to be able to test and make sure you don't install a bad light. If I were driving past a house that had these, I would think they were made from metel and not plastic, and they cost 3 times what they do from a distance. They are a different type of light. The design and pattern is very affordable and sturdy. If you know me, you'll know that I've tried every type of solar light on the market. If you keep some batteries on hand, you can solve the problem.

👤Since I bought a second box of solar lights, only one has stopped working, and it has been close to a year since I bought the first set. I get a lot of praise for my unique lights and I am very pleased with them. I'll be buying a third set without hesitation because we are working in a path to our backyard. There is a I hope my opinion helps you make a decision. They are great! The solar lights are beautiful. I didn't check the measurements before buying but they are smaller than I expected. I received them at 5pm. They only had a few hours to charge. They are doing a great job in my driveway. The screen creates a beautiful pattern. They are different from the other options in big box stores. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying a second set for other areas of my front yard.

👤Simple and pretty. The shadows cast on the ground mark the path to my door nicely. They are made of plastic and don't look old. These are charged with the Sun. You're not going to get much light out of a dark day. Even with very little Sun, they still charge up nicely. There is a We had two feet of snow in February, but the lights were still perfect after the snow melted.

11. Butterfly Waterproof Butterflies Dragonflies Changing

Butterfly Waterproof Butterflies Dragonflies Changing

These garden lights are great for different occasions and can be used for a variety of things. Solar flowers lights outdoor garden waterproof is a good gift for your family and friends. The solar powered garden lights have built-in batteries that can be charged under the sun. After a full charge, a fully charged battery will provide sustainable lighting for up to 8 hours. There are two flower stakes with butterflies and dragonflies in different colors. This design has 2 packs of 30 LEDs which show 7 colors and will create a wild romantic atmosphere. The Dandelion iron ball is compression-resistant and no deformation, and the beautiful butterflies are made of polyester febric material, which is not easy to fade. The 2.5mm thick ground insert is made with antirust metal material and anti-oxidation paint. It needs to be placed under direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to charge the battery. The solar garden lights are waterproof. It's perfect for garden, walkway, graveyard. The solar butterfly lamp can be illuminating for more than six hours. After turning the button to ON, the solar lights will work. It can be used for christmas gifts, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and so on. If you buy the solar butterfly lights for your family and friends, you will not let them down. It can be used for christmas gifts, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and so on. If you buy the solar butterfly lights for your family and friends, you will not let them down.

Brand: Aiscool

👤A pretty butterfly! The day looks great as a decoration. It's amazing to sit on the deck at night and watch the colors. Very relaxing! My kids love it.

👤If you are a butterfly lover and you need this in your yard, this is the perfect solar outdoor butterfly lights, they are beautiful and you can put them out in your garden.

👤This was definitely worth the money. I put it on my sister's grave site. It is bright and beautiful.

👤I bought these for my mother, who passed away from cancer. The grave site has these placed at it.

👤The item received works well for a long time. I have had them for a couple of months.

👤I bought them to place around the grave of my dog and it makes it look beautiful during the day and night.

👤One solar panel operates both spheres. They have to be within 2 feet of each other. The connected one doesn't light up after 2mo. One night I was able to shake wire and it worked, but that no longer works, so only one light at night. I don't think you should.

👤When I got them, they didn't work. They were not what I was expecting, they were adjourned because they shared one solar supply, which does not allow you any options on placement. There is a The company paid for postage to return my money. I give them credit for honoring their part. I don't want the consumer to buy a faulty product if they can trust them to stand behind their products.

👤It's pretty, but I wish the butterflies weren't bent. I hope it will still look nice in the yard.

👤It adds a nice feature to the garden. There is a It glows well.

👤It was cheap and not worth the money.


What is the best product for decorative yard art 59.99?

Decorative yard art 59.99 products from Fenely. In this article about decorative yard art 59.99 you can see why people choose the product. Aodue and Steadydoggie are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative yard art 59.99.

What are the best brands for decorative yard art 59.99?

Fenely, Aodue and Steadydoggie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative yard art 59.99. Find the detail in this article. Giftme 5, Chisheen and Ospetty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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