Best Decorative Yard Lights for Fencing

Fencing 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Lights Outdoor Garden Decorative Lighting 6pack

Lights Outdoor Garden Decorative Lighting 6pack

The Ultra-Bright Solar Lights have upgraded solar motion sensor lights that provide a bright for a wide area. It can illuminate longer when it has more sunshine. The light may not light up at night if there is no good sunlight. After 10 hours of charging, please light up. Without payment for electricity, the solar deck lights come on at night and go off at dawn. Two mode lighting: Warm / 7 changing color lighting, solar led lights used to lighting for your garden, deck, yard, backyard, stair, fence post. The material of the product isABS plastic. It can stay in place and handle the weather. There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws. Customer satisfaction includes a 12-month warranty and 60 days money-back. If you are not happy with the product, please contact them and they will fix it within a day. Customer satisfaction includes a 12-month warranty and 60 days money-back. If you are not happy with the product, please contact them and they will fix it within a day.

Brand: Sunface

👤The product is easy to install. Love the look! I needed light for my back porch, which is usually dark. I can enjoy sitting outside more.

👤Absolutely beautiful, and what we wanted them for! It gave a good look to our fence. After less than a year, 5 stopped working. 5 of them have stopped working after a year.

👤We love it on the fence. It brings life to the wall.

👤I ordered two more sets because I liked them so much. I ordered one set for the wall. I ordered two more sets for a retaining wall after I realized they were the right size to attach to the front of 4x4s. The lights are orange and yellow. I prefer the yellow glow over the rest of my lights. The lights can be changed quickly, but they change colors at different times, so they look sporadic, which I don't like. I can see better when I take my dogs out at night because of the glow around the perimeter of the yard.

👤Great item. You need them! I like them! They're perfect for your fence. They will turn off automatically during light hours. They will turn one when the dark comes.

👤These lights are wonderful. They are better than expected. I put them on my pergola and stairs. The light at night is bright enough to light the area, but they don't look cheap. I like the option of random colors. The changing colors are subtle and create a tranquil atmosphere. I want more of these.

👤I mounted these on my fence near my sidewalk and it looks great. They don't give off a lot of light but they help.

👤The lights fit perfectly on the 4 X 4 railing posts, and make a very interesting addition to any deck. Each light does its own rotation of colors and provides an ever changing atmosphere. It is very easy to install on a deck. Storage for winter should involve removing the batteries because there is no on/off switch. The delivery was late but they are worth the wait.

👤They are cute, but don't light up that much, decor purposes, they are full white, the other is color changing if you need to add life to a dull place, this is great, just not that bright.

👤I didn't notice that feature. I have a light that is not working. I like the feeling it provides. I ordered a package for my deck steps. It is easy to install. The sun will charge the dead one. Keep up the good work. There is a L.

👤The sleeves are white, but when they light up at night, they glow a very lovely amber. Highly recommend these.

👤You can change colored lights or solid white lights. They are nicer than I thought.

2. Outdoor Decorative Waterproof Landscape Pathway

Outdoor Decorative Waterproof Landscape Pathway

We are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours. Jack and Rose solar flower lights outdoor come with 20 high-quality beautiful cherry blossom LED lights, with higher brightness and more vivid colors. A built-in battery and wider solar panel make it easier to convert sunlight into power in cloudy weather. The stems are propped up by iron wire and can be bent into a variety of styles and angles, so easy to place within the plants. The fairy landscape tree solar lights are an excellent supplement to the fairy tale garden. You will get a lot of feedback from your neighbors when it is lit at night. When the solar garden lights are fully charged, they will turn on automatically at night for up to 10 hours. It's perfect for garden, both sides of roads, courtyards, trees, flowers, flower beds, fences, lawns, footpaths, campsites, landscape streetlights, etc. Jack and Rose Solar yard lights are easy to use and waterproof. There are no tools required to install the garden stakes. Push the lights into the ground if you want a beautiful illuminated yard ornaments. The outdoor solar lights are waterproof, so no worries about sunny, rainy and small snowy days. There are two lighting modes for the outdoor solar lanterns. It's suitable for decorating the garden, backyard, sidewalk, flower beds, fence, etc. It's also unique for Halloween and Thanks Giving Day. Friendly customer service, 30 days free return and free replacement are provided by them. They provide one-to-one customer service. If you have any questions about solar lights, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement. They provide one-to-one customer service. If you have any questions about solar lights, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement.

Brand: Jack & Rose

👤I like the look of the solar lights, but I have a problem with two of them being on all day long, unless I switch the switch to off, they will never come on. I think they would work at this price. There is an update. The company sent me two new sets of lights to replace a broken one, it was a great deal. Thank you.

👤The solar flowers are bright and beautiful. Make sure the little solar panel is facing the full sun. You can always move them around. The spike of flowers is not a problem if you put it in the dirt. If you want to move them to a better spot, the spike will come off the pole as you pull it out of the ground, and it will be lost forever under ground! You can live without the spike. It is easier to put the spike in the ground. Otherwise, they are fun.

👤The picture shows it to be beautiful. It isn't the same when you see them at night. The picture on my phone looks like the picture in the description. They look like regular Christmas lights when it is dark. I think it's overpriced because of the vision result. The battery doesn't last very long. I live in the area. I put them in my backyard this winter. The panels are facing south. The battery can last up to 4 hours on a sunny day. They can last until 9 PM after the lights are on. The battery can last for 1-2 hours on a cloudy day.

👤I put my lights up to charge after I received them. I noticed that one of the 4 branches was different from the other three. The other 3 were pink. I moved the 1 to a different spot so it wouldn't look weird. One of the plastic flowers is missing from one of the branches. I was expecting to have the 4 along with the 3 along my flowerbed, but I'm a little disappointed that one has red lights.

👤I have a lamp post with a garden in the front yard of my Mexican house. I poked the lights just inside of the wide mouthed jar to see if they were falling out. They are brilliant and colorful. It only took a day of sunshine in Mexico for these lights to come on.

👤The flowers are nice, but the stacks are not. I lost the stakes when I tried to put them in my garden. This shouldn't have happened. I've had solar flowers that were better made and wouldn't buy them again.

👤I just ordered more of these lights and they are adorable. I put them around my garden and grandchild's playhouse. They have fairy gardens at home. I want them to have these cute little lights twinkling when it gets dark. I have them in a shady spot where my fairy garden is. They last for a few hours. I don't like the flashing option, but you don't have to have it on.

3. Siedinlar Outdoor Lighting Waterproof Decoration

Siedinlar Outdoor Lighting Waterproof Decoration

The quality is waterproof. The battery is automotive grade. Premium diecast aluminum metal and glass construction. There are lifelong LEDs. Their customer service is amazing. The Siedinlar solar post light have high transmittance. They have metal lamp shades. The light can be distributed. The 3000K warm white light can make a romantic atmosphere. You can put the top section on the post without using the base. The post cap lights will fit between 3.5 and 5.1 inches. You can put them on wooden piles. You can choose any outdoor location. Make sure to turn on the switch and install them according to the instructions. Fix them with the screws inside. The solar deck post lights are charged in the daytime for 8 hours and then turn on in the night. The solar post cap lights can work for over 30000 hours in bright light. They are made from anti-corrosion metals. They won't be warped. The battery holder is waterproof. You can use INRDeals If there is a problem with the solar post lights, please contact them. If there is a problem with the solar post lights, please contact them.

Brand: Siedinlar

👤I went to Home Depot to get nuts and screws to mount the parts on the posts. It was easy and looks great. They were put on all the posts. I reached out to customer service because I had a problem with one of the lights not staying on. I received a new light kit in the mail in 2 days. Thank you.

👤The plastic is not resistant to UV rays after two months. It will try to turn on automatically in daylight. I don't think the solar cells can charge fully. Looks good. If plastic didn't turn, it would work. Will have to find a new product to replace the post lights. Quite disappointed.

👤Nice post lights, easy to install. The outdoor post lights are great for the price. There is a They fit on our wooden posts. The lighting effect is nice. There is a They are all metal, but the color looks good. Some of my neighbors have stopped to compliment me. Make sure to charge them for a day in the sun prior to turning them on.

👤The base cap is 5.9 inches. Some people can't read a tape measure. They are inside the cap. They will not fit a 6x6 post which is 5 and 1/2 inches. These will be sent back. The seller should have removed the incorrect comments. Only giving three stars for the wrong information on the site. If they only fit, they seem okay. There is a Since I liked the lights, I decided to use a routers and take off by 11/16. They look great after this.

👤The screws that came with these are not outdoor screws and have begun to rust within a couple weeks. The light from these is the perfect accent for our deck and they stay on all night if charged by the sun.

👤I bought six units in May 2020. For several months, it was absolutely beautiful and awesome. Only half of them work a year later. The solar panel becomes brittle and opaque. I'm not sure if that is allowing the batteries to charge or if the batteries just died. I wish I could find a replacement solar puck. It's not worth it if they only last a year.

👤I have a mailbox on a busy road. I like to keep it lit so that it can be seen when there is snow on the ground. I have a lamp on each post. This is the fourth set that I have deployed. The snow thrown by the plows blew off the other sets. The last set was very bright and kept a charge, but they were quickly destroyed. The set was metal rather than plastic. I expect them to survive the elements and abuse. The brightness and battery life are my only fault. The design doesn't do anything to spread the light. I salvaged 4-sided pyramid plastic reflectors from one of my old sets. The batteries are not the same as the story. They only last about 4 hours and during that time they go from bright to dim. I didn't see a battery door during the installation so I don't think these batteries are replaceable. It is close to what I need but not quite.

4. GIGALUMI Waterproof Automatic Decorative Driveway

GIGALUMI Waterproof Automatic Decorative Driveway

Their solar stair lights have 6 leds and are equipped with 600 MAH AA NI-MH battery and 120mA solar panel, which means more lighting for your garden, yard, deck, walkway, steps and stairs. The solar lights on the deck are powered by the sun, which charges in the sun during the day and works at night. In the daytime, you can charge for 8 hours and in the evening, you can charge for 10 hours. The solar wall lamp is bright and suitable for the decoration of gardens, courtyards and walkways. It can provide a good atmosphere for weddings and birthday parties. Use screws and expansion screws to install the solar lamp, or buy double-sided (Not In Culd) glue to stick the product on the sunny surface. It is designed to endure sunny days, rainy nights, and small snowy days. 60 days replacement or risk-free refunds are provided by these outdoor decorative lights. It is designed to endure sunny days, rainy nights, and small snowy days. 60 days replacement or risk-free refunds are provided by these outdoor decorative lights.

Brand: Gigalumi

👤I ordered 3 sets to illuminate my fence line. The quality and amount of light exceeded my expectations. The solar lights keep the power on. The customer service rep was great, I had a small problem with a malfunctioning light. It was very quick to get back to me and even quicker to send me a replacement order. The company understands customer service and stands behind their product. Several of my neighbors have already commented on the new lights. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Narah, keep up the great work!

👤After I wrote my review, they sent 4 replacement lights. Good lighting is provided in the yard by all of them. I have never written a negative review until now, because it's more about poor customer service than the product. One of the sets I bought was missing a set of screws, which was more of a problem than a pain. When I opened the second box, one of the lights had broken, so I contacted the email on the card to ask what they would do to make it right. I immediately sent a picture to the email that asked for it. They offered to reimburse me for one light. I ordered two boxes because I need 16 of them, so I asked if they'd discount another box. I ordered an additional box because one light doesn't work at all, because I already had 15 of them up and didn't hear back right away. I received a message today asking me to buy another box and then they would reimburse me 20%, but I didn't want to. For the price, they should be at least a little better quality and better customer service.

👤They don't stay lit all night but they stay awake. I think they will go out early in the winter. I was skeptical when I got these. The protection film and tab were supposed to be removed to allow the switch to work, but they were not. I was worried someone would come back. It was cloudy when we put them up. I did not expect anything tonight. They came on! They are brighter than I anticipated. They are small but have a bright light. So day 1 exceeded my expectations.

👤These lights are wonderful. They add a lot of light to our patio. They give great lighting to see around when it is dark. They are very lightweight and we used outdoor tape to adhere them to our fencing and they stayed up for a week. There is a The price is too high. The 8 lights add to our patio perfectly and we bought 2 packs of 4. The packaging was good. We were able to enjoy the lights the same day even after only 6 hours of charging because they charged up quickly. We bought 2 sets for our neighbor, who loves them, and would definitely order again.

👤The light fixture would have been perfect for my fenced yard, if the company had done more on the engineering and instruction side. I installed twelve lights and they came on and shut off after two hours. I go to instructions to use the same type battery, make sure the proper disposal of the battery is followed, and so on. There is no instructions on how to change the battery. I contacted the company by e-mail and they responded quickly, but the news was not good. The batteries in this model can't be replaced. I questioned their quality control and systems checks again. They immediately offered a full refund and not to send the product back.

5. Modern Design Solar Powered GreenLighting

Modern Design Solar Powered GreenLighting

Modern outdoor lighting. The bungalow style post cap lights add distinction to gardens, yards, or decks, creating a well-lit path to your outdoor environment. Each light has two bright white LEDs, which provide a better quality of light distribution, last up to six times longer than other type of lights, and is much more efficient than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights. Solar deck lighting provides long- lasting, ambient lighting without the hassle of external wiring. Longer run times will be provided by the solar light at night. The solar post cap light is easy to install and does not require any wiring. Each light is measured in the same way as the interior measurement of 3.6" x 3.6". Post will fit 4 x 4Nominal Wood Post, 4 x 4Vinyl orPVC, 5 x 5Vinyl orPVC with included. Each light is measured in the same way as the interior measurement of 3.6" x 3.6". Post will fit 4 x 4Nominal Wood Post, 4 x 4Vinyl orPVC, 5 x 5Vinyl orPVC with included.

Brand: Greenlighting

👤I bought the lights based on the reviews I read. All the great reviews are from people who just bought them. Two of the 12 didn't work when I first bought them. Replacements were sent by the seller. They did a good job for a while, then their performance started dropping off. They only stay on for an hour or so after sunset after four or five months. In Florida, we still get plenty of sunlight in the winter. The top of the solar panel is hazy. I think only 10% of the sunlight is actually going to the solar panel. There is a I have nothing to lose, so I am going to try a magic eraser and maybe some car wax to see if I can revive them. Three or four of the 12 that I have installed don't come on unless you tap on the top of the light. I took the batteries out and cleaned and reinstalled them, so I know it isn't a battery connection problem. I bought these because they were a great price. I guess you get what you pay for...

👤The light still works, but they have yellowed and are no longer as bright as they were a year ago. The solar panel has hazed over on all of the lights and can't be cleaned, so it's only a matter of time before they stop working. I was happy with the first year, but now it's not so great, I wanted more light and it was not what I wanted.

👤I have a lot of these on my fence posts. They illuminate the fence with a low light. They are still working. The solar panel is cloudy. It doesn't seem to affect light at night. They were easy to pack and install. I would recommend anyone. Deny T.

👤The design of the lights was just right for our new deck and railing. The installation of each light seemed very easy to read. It became obvious when trying one that it wouldn't fit in the railing case. The wood was blocking the seating and my neighbor had a routers to remove it. The screws wouldn't go through the preformed bean in the outer rail case. The screws were silver. I got black ones since I had to buy other screws. It said it would fit all the sizes, but not sure what it was thinking. Liquid nails and new screws were installed. The solar system is working on all of them, and they are turning on in the evening with a cool light. I like how it looks, but this went nowhere like the directions lead me to believe.

👤These are plastic and were advertised as metal. I returned them. In the winter, plastic lights do not hold up.

👤It is a fake blue-white. It is awful! The new white vinyl posts look dirty next to these. The lights were not used due to the strange color of the white. They don't care if the white is matching or not, so I'll use these for the front of my parents house. They do work well, they are easy to install, and serve their purpose, so I give them 3 stars. They are not normal white. There is a For those complaining about the strength of the light beam. Good grief, you bought lights for less than fifteen dollars. What did you think you were getting?

6. Lights Outdoor Lighting Garden Decorative

Lights Outdoor Lighting Garden Decorative

Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide. Crystal clear amber solar lights are very beautiful, like a bright crystal. There are two optional modes. White, 2. The light stays on all night and is changing color. The light works without electricity as the solar panel absorbs the sun rays and creates power for the light. Their solar panel converts up to 19.5% of the sunlight into electricity energy which lasts for a long time. Great outdoor security night light for wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, etc. It's designed for extreme weather conditions. There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws. There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws.

Brand: Sunface

👤I put these along the fence in my backyard to make it look better at night. One light stopped working. They replaced it at no cost. It's nice to know I can change them out to multi-color. The seller was a great one.

👤I got these during the week. I put them on the posts of my fence. All you need is a drill and a screw driver to make it easier. They are very easy. Anyone can mount them. I will see how they work. You can return later with an update. 5 stars for now. There is a #update This is the second night that these lights are on. The first picture. One came on and did a great job. The second picture shows a faded light that does not change colors, and 5 are not working at all. My review was changed to 3 stars. Will be contacting Amazon to see what can be done. Will report again.

👤I was excited to install them on my back porch stairs because I liked the looks of them. The first problem was that the screws are designed to screw into the front of the treads, which doesn't work with curved nose treads. I will attach some outdoor Velcro tape. I installed all the lights. Half of them had failed in less than two weeks, after one had failed. They were useless as night lights for stairs because they only lasted for a couple of hours. Even a small amount of light from a 40- watt bulb was enough to turn off the garage lights. The light shines through the clear plastic and it looks pretty. They don't work very well. It doesn't come out again after you click the clear plastic into the black plastic base. Once you've clicked the plastic lens in place you're done, even though there's a switch for choosing white light or a cycle of LEDs. You can't get to the switch again. Not a good design. They went back to Amazon.

👤I would have given this product a 5 star rating, but I ordered two packs and the color of the light in each of them was different. One pack was a warm soft light and the other pack was a cool harsh blue light. I didn't notice the difference in color until after they were installed, since they only light up at night. There is no option to select a warm or cool white in the product description. I ordered a quantity of two products that were different from each other. Too much effort was put into taking them down and sending them back. My only recourse is to dock points on the review. The lights seem to be working well so far, despite the fact that they look funny side by side. It's really sad.

👤These could be cool. They mounted on top of the pool and led really nicely. I set them to the multi color option and I could have asked for better, but after about 2 weeks they died. It could have been a really good product.

7. UNIFUN Decorative Waterproof Wireless Outdoor

UNIFUN Decorative Waterproof Wireless Outdoor

The polycrystalline Silicon solar panel can provide higher power efficiency and the energy conversion rate can be up to 17%. Warm light can come from the bulbs. When you open the solar pannel with the ON/OFF button, the light will light up when in darkness or bright, but it will not light up when you are not awake. You will never leave your home. It is difficult to get into the inner body of light due to the Splash-resistant design. The lifespan of outdoor solar lights can be expanded by such design. The mini design does not occupy much space. The light effect is like fish scales and can be seen in your garden, patio, fence, yard, pathway, driveway, stairway, etc. Installation is quick and easy. Installation guide and screws are all that's needed for a simple structure. You can finish the installation in a few minutes. It's easy to change and install solar powered lights if you have a good position for sunlight. Installation is quick and easy. Installation guide and screws are all that's needed for a simple structure. You can finish the installation in a few minutes. It's easy to change and install solar powered lights if you have a good position for sunlight.

Brand: Unifun

👤So cute! I wanted something for my side fences while I was re-doing my backyard. I love how these worked. I used double sided gorilla tape instead of the screws and so far they're holding up.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I put up all the lights on the fence. The lighting effects at night are better than I thought. The lights are bright. The shadows of the sunshine that falls from the top of a forest are caused by the patterns from each light. I will buy another set. There is a

👤The lights will not light up. They said they would replace the two that were not good. I haven't received them one month later. I asked if they were sending them and they said they would confirm it with me. Is that really true? There is an update. They won't replace lights after many requests. I bought two sets from them, but half of them do not light up, and they will not correct this problem. Terrible customer service. Don't waste your money.

👤I put these up in 5 minutes with double sided tape.

👤I ordered more because I love them.

👤The lights were not as large as they appeared in the ad. They worked out. They work well.

👤These have been worked on for over 3 years and never taken in.

👤The backyard fence looked better at night.

8. KASUN Walkway Stainless Waterproof Security

KASUN Walkway Stainless Waterproof Security

It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality. They offer a365 days long worry-free guarantee. The solar fence lights are free to replace or return. They will give you a solution if you have any questions. They can't get in touch with you via the product consultation page. Find your order first, then click on "Ask a question" after which you can contact them. The material made for outdoor lights can be waterproof,heat resist,frost resist and anti-rust. Simple appearance, easy installation, but not simple configuration and functions. You just need to use the Double-sided tape, punch two holes, and spend 5 minutes. The solar deck light's panel made of high-quality monocrystalline Silicon,conversion up to 18%,build-in high capacity battery,which can store enough power to light up till dawn, and the beads are not too dark and not too bright. You don't need to turn it on or off everyday, it can be charged at daytime and dusk. Wireless design can reduce security risks. Their solar outdoor lights can be charged by solar powered, and they can save energy and protect the environment. The solar fence lights are Cool White. The size is not too big and not too small, it's great for holiday, party,festival decoration, even for birthday, Christmas, Halloween,Thanksgiving Day and Parent gift.

Brand: Jsot

👤These were supposed to be nice little lights for the steps. They're so bright that they make the steps look like the main attraction and leave the swim spa in the dark. I didn't put them in the steps yet. I will probably use the lights on the fence around the spa to illuminate it. I will buy smaller lights for the steps. They seem to be high quality units. They're going to be difficult to mount, since you have to match the little holes in the back of them to the pegs you drive into the wood. We are very happy with this purchase and would buy them again. If anything changes, I will update this post. There is an update. The lights are still bright and stay on all night. I'm going to buy more and light up the deck.

👤I love these. I used heavy duty double stick tape to put these up. I didn't want to put a nail in the Stone. They work well. They are already lighting up at sunset. They were still lit up at night.

👤On 6/14, 8 lights were purchased and received. Only 4 of the 8 lights stayed on all night as of 6/23. Will post another review before the windows close. This product is disposable and won't be sticking to it. There is a The first picture is when the lights turn on, the next pictures show when the lights stopped working.

👤Two days ago, it was received. Set in the sun for the rest of the day. Even after 3AM, all units still put out more than enough brightness to illuminate an area of about 5 feet. It's possible that he was still going at sunup. I didn't stay up all night. One thing to remember about this item is that you should be as careful with them as you are with a light bulb. The lense will crack if banged around like I did with two, but they are not that fragile. I changed the mounting locations on some of them because of the weakness in the areas where feet could hit them. There is an update. Since my first order two years ago, I have ordered two more sets and all of the outdoor equipment I have purchased, this has to be the best item. I have bought every one of them and they still work well, even with more than one. I have mounted most of my items on two screws that are secure to the post, rail, etc., and can be lifted off and used as a portable light source. They are useful even though they are not as bright as a regular flashlight. There is a The main function of the Solar Lights is that they are a solid light source at night that does work all night long. They will collect water on the inside of the lens in wet conditions, but all work well and eventually dry out. There is a Again 5 stars. Great product!

9. Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Waterproof Decorative

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Waterproof Decorative

GORGEOUS & UNIQUE LANTERN-- The solar lantern is designed to illuminate your patio. If your partner doesn't work or has other issues,PLs tell them. They will send you a new top for free, because it's attractive and makes your patio look romantic. It's a great decoration for your patio, courtyard or garden. The solar lights will turn on automatically at night if the switch is on and the sun is out. DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY. More energy-efficient when powered by solar energy. IPX4 waterproof rating is suitable for outdoor environments. The light pattern can be reflected by hanging it on porches, trees, pergola with the handle, or on the table or ground. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Esgarden

👤I bought this for my mother in-law on her birthday and she hated it. When she opened the box, she looked so disappointed that she didn't have a facial expression. It was still in the box on the floor when I went to her house a week later. I loved it! It is elegant looking and made well, it doesn't look like a cheap dollar store item. I wanted to steal it from her but I had to leave it where it is not wanted. She is most likely going to give it to one of her friends. I think that person will love it as much as I did.

👤Love it. I ordered two more today.

👤These lanterns are for love. They put on a light around my pool. They have on off switches. The lantern has a solar part. Light weight. When we have storms, I turn them off so the solar power can be stored. They have a great charge that lasts for hours. It was a good purchase.

👤The solar light is cool. It works as a nice decoration in the backyard and provides enough light at night. The shadows are beautiful.

👤The light style I ordered was copied from Amazon. There are some spots in my gardens that need decorative lighting at night but no electrical available in those areas. I'm hesitant to purchase solar lights because of the bad experiences I've had with them. I read reviews on Amazon and decided to purchase four of them for my gardens after trying them out. They were delivered on time. The pictures on Amazon are not as good as they could be. I wanted something that would be nice to look at during the day as well as at night, and these did that. The soft warm glow that they give off is what I was looking for. Sometimes solar lights don't hold a charge or they are too dim. I have not had that issue with these. If the amount of sun the day before is less, they stay lit most of the night. The right brightness level is also what they are. They are functional and decorative, but you won't be reading them. They are bright enough to light pathways and table tops, but also work to add decorative lighting to your gardens. I love them so much that I ordered several more of them so that I can put more out when I entertain. I would recommend them.

👤This is a photo of six people. Yes, 6! I bought lanterns, but only one of them was written on. I was happy when I found these online, but they weren't very bright from the beginning, and only two are still working. If it looks like it on here, I would love to get a replacement or a refund, but I haven't heard back from the seller.

👤A little discouraged by the solar light. I allowed it to charge outside. I waited for the light to come on. It wouldn't stop flickering. The one I received is not good.

10. Greluna Waterproof Lighting Landscape Driveway

Greluna Waterproof Lighting Landscape Driveway

There is a new version. You can choose between Warm White and Color Changing. The Warm White is suitable for daily decoration, while the other is suitable for festival d├ęcor. You can change the modes by color. The warm mode has a color temperature of 3000 k. It's easy to install. These solar lights are outdoors. The risk of accidents is minimized as external wires are eliminated. You can avoid installation troubles. The weather is changing. The Wall Solar Light are made of high quality material that is weather resistant and safe in different weathers. The batteries can be fully charged in 6 hours and can keep the lights on for 8 hours. There is a wide application. The Solar Lights will be adding colour to your deck, front door,pathway, porch, front/back yards, gardens, driveway, business, fence, wall, stairs, stairways, landscape, patio or any outdoor places that needs lighting or decoration. Make sure their solar panels get enough sunlight to charge. Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide. Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide.

Brand: Greluna

👤I installed these lights several weeks ago and have been evaluating their effectiveness against the claims of the vendor and I need to tell you that the lights exceed all expectations. They work as advertised. They look great during the day and terrible at night. I charged them about 10 hours of sunlight after installing them. They last through sunrise and sunset. They have been exposed to several rainstorms. I can highly recommend their purchase.

👤They are perfect! I put them on the dock.

👤The pool deck has lights on it. It's easy to install and add light-charming.

👤I ordered more because I love them so much. They are easy to install and can be set on a blanket. My backyard is gorgeous.

👤I wanted the pool area to have more lights on it. I bought these. I was happy that I could switch over to rotating colored lights or go for an all white outfit. I had the pool lights turned on for Christmas and it looked great. I don't know if it uses more power or not because I didn't check in the morning. I found the lights to stay on most of the time. I could see around my pool area with my back porch light on because they light up around the pool. It would be great to swim at night. Waiting for the weather to warm up. They were easy to attach. I stuck them on with the tape and they are holding up. I would definitely recommend them. There is an update. I bought this 11 months ago and am changing the batteries for the first time. I live in Florida. I get a lot of sun and the lights stay bright until morning. I can walk my puppy outside at night. We are having periods of really heavy cloud and rain and storms that the lights don't last the whole night. If there is no send to charge the lights, you can't blame them. I get a lot of praise. They are easy to change out and I would recommend them to everyone.

👤The lights are bright. They aren't too bright because they are warm. They are what we were looking for. Our neighbors have a lot of nice things to say about us.

👤They look great at night. You should add nails instead of screws. I think I had to get nails because it got the job done faster than using a drill or screwdriver.

👤The lights are easy to install and you can change the colors. They were great for a few weeks. I noticed after 4 weeks that some of the lights were no longer working. November 17, 2020 is an update. The lights have stopped working. All 8 stopped working after 6 months. I wouldn't buy these again. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤I wouldn't buy these again. They are only meant for accent lights. After they were charged for a full day in the sun, half of them didn't work out, but they got my money back.

11. Flaow Outdoor Waterproof Decorative Lighting

Flaow Outdoor Waterproof Decorative Lighting

There are two modes and a light sensor. You can switch between warm white (3200K) mode and the other mode by pressing the button on the back of the white solar fence light. The light sensor is powered by sunlight. At dusk and off during the day. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Flaow solar lights have a 30-day money-back and 12-month replacement warranty. If the lights are malfunctioning or damaged in transit, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. Safety and energy saving are topics. Ip65 is waterproof. The material for the led solar lights housing is high strength and durable. The waterproof glue on the back cover can keep working after rain or snow. It will light up at night when it is charged directly by sunlight. The solar fence lights convert up to 20% of the sun's light to electric power. Installation and outdoor solar decoration are easy. No power supply or wiring is required to install this outdoor deck light. The solar lights illuminate your home and make it feel more welcoming. These are great for patio, deck, yard, and garden. Nice Design and Decorative Light. The honeycomb type cut in the plastic cover gives it a great design. It is possible to make a pattern on the fence or wall that will compliment the different styles of decoration. There are 2 installation methods. If you put solar lights with stickers. The method is only suitable for short-term use because it can't change the color of the lights after being pasted. If you install with screws, you need to drill two small holes to put the expansion column into the wall. The lamp should be fixed with metal screws. The small lights can change the color at any time. There are 2 installation methods. If you put solar lights with stickers. The method is only suitable for short-term use because it can't change the color of the lights after being pasted. If you install with screws, you need to drill two small holes to put the expansion column into the wall. The lamp should be fixed with metal screws. The small lights can change the color at any time.

Brand: Flaow

👤I bought more sets after liking them so much. My backyard has been transformed into a beautiful place to hang out. I mounted some of them on the outside edge of my pool ledge and they look gorgeous. I can't imagine how you could spend $150 in any other way to get this level of beauty in your yard. They shine on the pool ladder, which makes it look inviting to go in. The light reflected from the honeycomb feature of the lens is very bright. I could not be happier.

👤We don't have any wiring to install actual motion detection lights/floodlights so I like the way it looks on the front of my house. The quality comes on consistently. The product description didn't say it was motion detection. I didn't think it would happen. If you order them for floodlights, they will not be bright enough. I want the three areas next to the garage doors to be bright enough for the purpose I want them for. The product was good. Highly recommended.

👤I got these over a month ago and first installed over my deck steps. They were moved to the rails because they weren't good enough lighting. The stairs looked so fancy after the lights were on. I ordered one more pack since it was on sale. The price is very affordable.

👤The lights were easy to install. I taped them to my fence and they have lasted through a Nor'Easter. If you want to change from white light to colored, the tape sticks to the back and it's hard to reapply if you don't remove all the tape. Great buy for the price.

👤The lights are pretty. They stay on all night and you can either use the color or regular light. The regular light is soft. I would have given them five stars, but I don't think they are very bright. I thought they would give off more light. They are pretty if you are looking for a decoration.

👤A nice set of lights. The bad part is that you have to take the light off of the holder to change the colors. It does not come with a remote. Don't buy this if you want different colors to stay lit. The color switch is a random display. There were red, green, and blue lights. I wanted to change the lighting to one color for the contestant.

👤These lights are amazing. If you are looking for something bright but not bright enough to make a difference, these are cute and will add some light to your backyard. The option to change colors goes through the colors. The stickers they came with didn't work for us since we have brick, but overall love these lights!

👤It's easy to install with stickers. I like the changing colors which make me feel better when I sit outside.

👤Very happy. It's easy to use the box. Very bright. At dusk and at dawn you can go on. The solar charge lasted 8 hours. Even on overcast days, they charged up. They seem well made. Hopefully they will be able to deal with the weather.


What is the best product for decorative yard lights for fencing?

Decorative yard lights for fencing products from Sunface. In this article about decorative yard lights for fencing you can see why people choose the product. Jack & Rose and Siedinlar are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative yard lights for fencing.

What are the best brands for decorative yard lights for fencing?

Sunface, Jack & Rose and Siedinlar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative yard lights for fencing. Find the detail in this article. Gigalumi, Greenlighting and Sunface are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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