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1. TomCare Upgraded Decorative Waterproof Landscape

TomCare Upgraded Decorative Waterproof Landscape

The structure has been upgraded so that the solar lights are bigger and brighter, so that they can illuminate the lawn better. The hollow design of the lamp creates a welcoming atmosphere. This glow is perfect for your garden, pathway, lawn, yard, patio, path, driveway, walkway, landscape lighting decor. Their solar pathway lights are equipped with bigger polycrystalline solar panel, which has a conversion rate of 20.5%. That means it will be more efficient and store more solar energy in the same time than others. The solar garden lights are made of high quality plastic and have a long life. No worries about the weather. The solar path lights will charge after you turn on the switch. It is convenient to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. The hollow-carved design provides a beautiful pattern. It will provide bright and beautiful glow at night. An ideal decoration for a patio. No tools are required to install the landscape lights in the soil. Before installation, turn the switch on. They have a professional team that can solve your problem. No tools are required to install the landscape lights in the soil. Before installation, turn the switch on. They have a professional team that can solve your problem.

Brand: Tomcare

👤I was hospitalized when the product arrived. When my wife opened the two boxes, there were no parts in one of them. The items we bought were very flimsy. Light broadcasts from each unit vary in intensity. I was unable to return the purchase because I was not able to do it in 30 days. I contacted the manufacturer through Amazon but have not heard from them. What a joke.

👤I saw a similar product at the store. I ordered them because they looked great. They were delivered quickly, that was huge. plus I was quickly disappointed when I unboxed them. The plastic that they are made of is very cheap and not the metal that the other product was made of. They are not as bright as the pictures show. The first one I tried to stake was very flimsy and I nearly broke it. The product is much better than the prices suggest. You get what you pay for.

👤These reviews will help you understand the outlook on this product. The lights are bright. The overall look is nice. They are not well constructed and should be handled with care. Is it a British bird? If you want to purchase these, be careful because they can be cracked very easily while trying to stab them into the ground.

👤The lights look nice. If you want to adjust stake with light cover attached, do not. The stake extension is a bit thin. I would give a 5 for this product.

👤The lights are bright and sturdy. The inside is bright cream and reminds me of a pumpkin. I have other lights that are flat black inside and shine, but don't take your eye away from the pattern they reflect on the sidewalk. I will have to paint the inside black to take the impact away. You will like pumpkins if you like them. If you want a light that doesn't grab your attention, you may want to look for ones that are black inside.

👤I like how the lights look at night. There is a If you push the stack in the ground and attached the light, then you should move the light and stake together. The extension that joined the light and the stake broke when I pushed the light into the ground. One of my lights is no longer on.

👤It was easy to assemble, it was nice curb appeal. I got them more for their looks than for their bright light. Very good purchase and very pleased.

👤I was looking for a nice atmosphere. If you are looking for a bright light, these are not for you. They look great day or night.

2. Hykolity Landscape Die Cast Construction Equivalent

Hykolity Landscape Die Cast Construction Equivalent

3W Integrated Led Path Light 3000K 150-lumen (30W incandescent equivalent) output to illuminate paths, walkways, stairs, patio, gardens, shrubs. The wide beam angle has a bright light. It is easy and quick to install. The landscape lighting with cleated heavy-duty stake design and quick- install wire connector is easy to install in the ground. Integrated LEDs can run up to 23 years and can be used for up to 6 hours/day. Even in wet locations, the light works well because of the durable cast-aluminum construction. Most damage and shipping costs are covered by the 5 year warranty. Contact them if you have any quality issues. Most damage and shipping costs are covered by the 5 year warranty. Contact them if you have any quality issues.

Brand: Hykolity

👤I wanted to like these lights as they are very well built, have decent clips on them for attaching to the wire, and seem solid. Our goal was to have them next to the pathway, with the hope that they would light up the pathway. The light in the bottom of the base reflects the light up through a reflected top. This doesn't create a lot of light on the ground itself, but it does create light in your eyes as you approach. You get hit by light at one angle from the bulb shining up at you, and another from the reflective part at the top. It's more of a design feature, and I would call it a flaw if you intended to illuminate the pathway. They call them a "Bollard" instead of a pathway light, so think of it as a beacon around what you are lighting. I like the construction quality so much that I'm sticking with the same company for their real "pathway" lights and see if they are any better.

👤I have tried different types of lights for my lawn in the last 20 years. The lower spike would always snap off if the solar one was not bright enough. A set used 4 watt bulbs and a low voltage power supply. The lower stems broke and the bulbs were plain looking. The results were the same when I tried solar again. I was about to give up when I saw these lights. Bright lights, beautiful style, well made from top to bottom. The best thing about them is that they won't rust over time. They are easy to install and stylish. They are definitely worth it, even though it is a little pricey. I ordered a second set for myself. I look at them at night. They calm you down. I ordered a set for my nephew and his wife. They loved them. Get these lights! You will not be disappointed.

👤Big! BOLD! Beautiful! STURDY! Let there be light. I'm usually not a fan of stuff made in the US, but I have to say, they got it right! The units are heavy, with a nice tall stem, and they have cracked glass. They should get a major award. For the STURDY ALUMINUM STAKES. Finally! Someone who gets it. No more snapping off at the top of the stake. A foot pad is needed to sink them into the earth. There is a song called "kudos!!" And yes! They are bright. You can space these guys every 10 - 12'. The only negative comment I have is what happened to "all inclusive kit"? Why don't you supply the underground line-wire and transformer with them? I think the only good thing is that you can buy the appropriate amt of wire for your run, and space them as close to or far apart as you like, but it's a pain having to search around for the correct stuff. Just a thought! You got the light fixture part right. I'll be happy with that. It's a good thing. We decided to buy another kit for a second sidewalk because we were so happy. Longevity is the final test. So far, so good, they've only been installed for 3wks. We'll see. Cheers! There is an update! Happy news! There is a Since I wrote this review, it has been 22 months. I'm happy to say that I'm not jynxing myself. These units are still going strong almost 2 years later. I have not had to touch anything in this system since I installed it. Not true... I had to adjust to the fact that we had visitors sleeping in a front room who were bothered by how bright they are. I had them turn off before they arrived. They've been great.

3. Classic Waterproof Brightly Working Pathway

Classic Waterproof Brightly Working Pathway

Solar rose lights are solar powered and don't need external electricity. A wider solar panel converts sunlight into power more efficiently in cloudy weather. The solar rose flower lights made from new material are exquisitely designed to imitate real flower. The flower lights look real and vivid, can light up your garden, backyard, pathway, and make your home beautiful and unique. Hold up in bad weather. The solar lights have good waterproof and temperature resistance. It's the first choice for solar-powered decorative lights because of the never-fading flowers and charming lights. It's easy to install, just insert the solar pathway lights in the ground, they can charge during the day, and illuminate at dawn. The flower lights can be moved easily. A nice gift is the outdoor solar flower lights. They glow in the dark. You will be impressed by the flowers and lights show. Lussgucc solar yard lights are a good gift. Their rose lights make your yard look like a rose garden, the vivid flowers with charming lights show will impress everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Their rose lights make your yard look like a rose garden, the vivid flowers with charming lights show will impress everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Lussgucc

👤The instructions were not great. The plastic is very flimsy and trying to stake in the ground. One stake was missing.

4. Linkind Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Daylight

Linkind Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Daylight

Linkind solar spotlights with 16 high-brightness LED lamp beads and 90 degree beam angle produce up to 650 lumen of 6500K light output, 50% brighter than other ordinary ones. The solar panel and lights have an angle of 180 degrees. The solar panel photoelectric conversion rate is 20%, which is very fast. You can install it on the wall as a wall light or on the ground as a landscape light. It's perfect for patio, porch, deck, pool, yard, garden, garage, driveway, pathway, etc. Linkind dusk-to-dawn solar landscape spotlights can automatically detect changes in brightness of the external environment. It is on at night and off at sunrise. Supreme Quality & IP67 waterproof, free from unpleasant smell, will protect the spotlights from fading. The lights are waterproof and can endure all kinds of weather. Workable under temperatures of -2050C. The solar landscape light has a longer working time of 30000 hours, which is energy saving and eco-friendly. The FCC is certified. The solar landscape light has a longer working time of 30000 hours, which is energy saving and eco-friendly. The FCC is certified.

Brand: Linkind

👤Update! I originally gave this a 5 star review. They stopped working after two months. I live in California and it's always sunny. I think they no longer hold a charge. It was disappointing.

👤These things are amazing. Old Glory needed a light to uplight it. The picture was taken at 630am. The lights were fully charged for two days. I've never found a better solar light. I would give them 6 stars.

👤Work well. Even in low setting, the brightness is excellent. The pictures are low setting. I will probably order more soon because this is a buy. Don't waste your money on the little solar lights, just buy more of them.

👤These are great. I used them in my back and front yard. I like white light to warm light and these fit that bill. It's easy to maintain their brightness through the night and into the morning. We've had a few rainy days, but so far it's been good. Will keep you updated if something changes.

👤I put these up in my front yard yesterday and was very pleased with the light put off. It rained last night and many of the light are non functional. These were stated to be waterproof. They are not! The product was very bad and will be returning. They were too expensive to break easily from a light rain. I can't imagine what sprinklers would do.

👤The lights were on all day and kept under direct sunlight. One of the lights is working. I strongly advise against purchasing these lights as you are taking a gamble and will never purchase from this seller again. Pitiful!

👤These are bright. I have 2 on my walkway. It is a bit brighter in my photo. It is still bright on its own. It charges fast and lasts a long time. It was easy. I have other ones that face after 2 hours to wear it and they are almost not lit up anymore. Reviews say from dusk to dawn. I am not up late. To check them. I want to buy them. They completely transform your yard. Will definitely be buying more around my pool palms.

👤It was easy to set up, but not very bright. You just pull out the box, pull the strip of plastic out, and plug the batteries into the ground, or connect the brackets to the wall. The lowest and highest brightness settings are extremely dim, and the highest setting is only documented to last about 4 hours. I chose the middle setting, hoping that they would last all night, but one of them only lasts a few hours, the other a bit longer. It's likely due to the lack of sun that they get every day. They never lasted through the night, even on dimmest setting, in the middle of summer.

👤Necesitan donde las ilumine mucho el sol. 3 metros con una separacin. El sol no ilumine igual a las 2, por lo tanto 1 de ellas tiene menor duracin.

5. Solpex Pathway Waterproof Landscape Walkway

Solpex Pathway Waterproof Landscape Walkway

These outdoor solar landscape lights are perfect for meeting your expectations. They will take care of whatever you need if you contact them. Solar outdoor garden lights can be used to illuminate your driveway, pathway, garden, patio, or flower beds. The solar pathway lights do not need electricity to charge. 6 to 8 hours of illumination can be provided by the solar landscape lights. It's easy to install, just turn on the switch and push the stake into the soil. The solar path lights turn on at night and off at dawn. Their solar-powered outdoor lights are weather resistant, so they can be used outdoors. They will help you solve the problem if you are dissatisfied with the Solar Lights.

Brand: Solpex

👤Amazon needs to check the reviews that they post with their items to make sure the product being reviewed is the item featured. I read all the reviews carefully, and they said that the light globes were of glass, and that they really liked them. The black housing and stake were found to be plastic in the specifications of the product, so my husband and I assumed it was plastic. Wrong! The plastic globes of the lights are nice. I decided to try them out to see if I like them, as they have a 60 day return for a full refund. The reviews were not talking about the product they were supposed to be. Be careful!

👤I've read many reviews about the outdoor solar charged lights. There are some positives and some negatives. I decided to buy the lights based on the positive comments. I put them on my walkway because I am in Florida and the sun shines most of the day, except on overcast rainy days which are few and far in between. I was surprised when I went outside to walk my dog that all six of the lights were on. The light was glowing and only an afternoon of solar sun charging made it so. The light is beautiful. They lit up my walkway but also looked nice. I think they were worth the purchase price. They add class to my walkway. I decided to write a comment as a thank you to all those who have taken the time to write a positive or negative comment. I read the comments before I make my purchase, and then I make my decision to purchase, or else I'll check the comments. I don't purchase until I read enough positives to make a decision. These lights are solar charged. Some people would like the lights to be brighter. These aren't house lights. They don't have bulbs that run on electricity. They will never be as bright as a lamp. There is a Some people have stated that their lights don't light at night or are very low, so maybe those lights aren't receiving enough solar sun light to charge them properly. The lights may need to be moved to an area that gets more sunlight to charge them. There is a The lights are beautiful. I'm very pleased with mine.

👤These are pretty. It was very easy to put together. When you put it in the ground, don't push it into far until you know you want it there. The bottom stake stays in the ground if you remove it. Not a big deal. You have to dig it out. Add a drop of crazy glue to the pole stake. I love them more than that. The cap twists on and off so it doesn't blow off like my old lights.

👤The newest set of solar lights on our property is the best. We were looking for a classic style. The light is cast sideways and downward. The set of 6 is very good. It looks more expensive than the cost. I would definitely recommend these lights.

6. Balhvit Waterproof Stainless Landscape Lighting

Balhvit Waterproof Stainless Landscape Lighting

The solar panel has a wattage of 8W, a Lumen of 550lm, and a color temperature of 6500K. Their goal is to embrace the Crystal Brightness. The glass garden lights are worth more than the plastic lamp. Crystal is clear and brilliant because it is good at sending light to the maximum. Solar lights outside create a beautiful pattern, adding a finishing touch to your yard patio lawn. Never take a night off! The shade is prone to cracking due to extreme weather. Invest more, lights are longer, and the yard is more inviting. The light brightness is ten times brighter than the general solar lights outdoors. After fully charging, their path lights can lighten your garden up to 12 hours. Bigger solar panels and higher conversion rates make sure battery fast charging. A long period of light is ensured by the high-capacity 600mAh rechargeable battery. The intelligent control system protects the battery from overcharging and over-discharge. Thanks to the use of glass and steel, driving lights outdoors can be used in all weather conditions. No worries about the weather. The anti-rust coating is effective in preventing erosion. Their ground spikes made of plastic are equipped with a new design shape that provides better stability and strength. There is a wire issue when installing path lights outdoors. This walkway light is solar powered. Place the stakes into the ground and you can place them where you please. They turn on at night and off at dawn. Make sure your solar ground lights are exposed to full sun for 14 hours before you start installing them. Never use expired batteries. If you are going through a period of dark days and gloomy weather, you may not be able to use your solar landscape lights because they take an average of 8 hours to fully charge. They treat their customers like friends and offer quality products that are backed by their full satisfaction promise. Never use expired batteries. If you are going through a period of dark days and gloomy weather, you may not be able to use your solar landscape lights because they take an average of 8 hours to fully charge. They treat their customers like friends and offer quality products that are backed by their full satisfaction promise.

Brand: Balhvit

👤The lights are a solid 5 stars if the batteries are decent. I put a couple out to see if they were worth keeping. They were done by midnight. I decided to take a test the next day. I swapped their battery for a larger battery. You don't need to be an engineer to understand the difference. Even though the day was not full sunshine, the light with the battery lasted all the way to sunrise. I have replaced the crummy batteries that they supply with newer models and the lights are bright even on cloudy days. I will say that given enough power these are the best lights in our neighborhood.

👤This product deserves a 5 star review. I spent a week looking at everything on Amazon, even non-Prime, to find solar GLASS lights for my backyard wall project. These lights should cost twice as much, and I would still recommend them. There is a If you look at the dollar store lights in the wrong way, they are glass. These are very high quality. There is a I've always wanted a plant shelf with lights on the back wall of my fence. The route I went was 48' across and was held by the galvanized pipe. A person asked the ID of the light posts, the answer was a male 1/2 inch NPT. I mounted the lights that way. Stop looking and buy these now.

👤My front yard has many solar lights. A lot of money was wasted. I admit I was not that hopeful when I stumbled upon these. I need another set of lights. I ordered the 8 pack in November. The lights arrived on time. It was well packaged. I waited to be disappointed after setting them all out. Some days they worked and some they did not. I thought that more money was wasted. They worked after a few days of sunny weather. They were all beautiful lights. I ordered 4 more because I loved them so much. My daughter set them up. None of them worked. The lights need to be switched on. They lit up as I switched them on. I am very happy with them. They are blue, purple and sometimes red. Finally the lights work as they should. If they don't work right away, give them a try. The lights have worked every night since the sun came up.

👤I bought these to help people find our house in the dark, and I am so happy I did! The bright colors make it easy to find our house and driveway, but they add charm and beauty to our home. We were hit with a huge snowstorm, but these guys still worked. These lights are very good.

👤I bought these solar lights from Amazon as a replacement for another brand. The old lights were very dim. I was not happy with the old set. The new lights I received were a quality product. The glass on these lights is pretty. The light created by the bulbs is very bright and creates a beautiful effect when it shines through the glass. You can see the pretty pattern in the picture I took at sundown. The front of my home has been beautified by the glass solar powered lights. Quality outdoor lights are what you have found.

7. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

The garden light is dusk till dawn. You don't have to run your lights. The LEREKAM spot light was used to uplight your palm trees. Solar spotlights are great for lighting up trees. You can use the landscape lights no matter what the weather is like. You charged spotlights for two days in the sun. Go ahead and add these to your cart. When motion is detected in a range of 125 to 16 feet, the PIR motion sensor will light up, and last for 30s. No dim mode. The solar light for outdoor is bright and sensitive enough to meet both your security and lighting requirements. Exposure to sunlight and charged at daytime for 8 to 12 hours can be enough for the sensor light to work. The solar light can be mounted with screws or 3M tape. The BAXIA solar light is waterproof, dustproof, heatproof and frostproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor wall, front door, backyard, garden fence, stairs, pathway, etc. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor.

Brand: Baxia Technology

👤I did not install these until August 10th. One quit working last week. The company told me it was past 90 days after I called them. I explained that I didn't put them up right away because I was waiting for my new garage to be finished. They did not care. I have two more that have quit working. I'll be spending my money with another company because they don't seem to care that they don't last. It was a waste of time and money and now I have to do it all over again. Thanks for wasting my time and money. If it would let me, I would give them a zero star rating.

👤I had solar lights around my house, but this ones are amazing. Really bright. I have a normal light bulb, but it is brighter than this one. Every time a car goes by the lights, they are good in sensor motion. I bought what I expected and it is good. This light is highly recommended. There is a They will turn on and off automatically, but only turn on by a motion sensor, and keep on for 30 seconds. They won't go on until night time. There is an update. February 2020 was when it was purchased. There is a Now is the time. The lights seem to not get enough charge. They are getting 100% direct sunlight but not charging enough and the lights are not as bright. The lights are out of charge. Only 9 months... All of them.

👤There was an update on 12/26/2018. One went bad completely and the other started flickering within a month. Don't buy this garbage. There is a This one only lights up when it senses motion, which is very rare in my case. I expected it to light up in dim mode throughout the night, just like my other Solar Light purchases from other sellers. There is a It will sit up above my garage all night without producing any light. If you ask me, it's pretty useless.

👤These are great! The brightness is amazing and I wish they stayed on a little longer. It looked like the sun was setting. I don't have to worry about the dark corners anymore.

👤I like the fact that the lights are solar and no wires to run around the house, and the motion sensor seems to have a decent range, and I think I will be getting more of the lights in the near future.

👤They were installed for less than two weeks. During this video, there was nothing in its path. I would like to see them offered in different levels as these are very bright white, would prefer a warm white, and mounted around the yard with tiny little screws. I've tried to use the pins to turn on/off, but these have never worked. It's really sad by this.

👤These are easy to install. I bought the 28LED version first. I bought the 100LED version because they worked well. I bought a brand that had a switch in the back that could change its intensity from full to just bright when motion is detected. The switch is on the back so you can't change it once it's up. There is a I saw these for half the price and bought them. They are great. It took about an hour to install all four lights at my girl friend's house after I bought another set. She loves them. My brother will be getting a set too, he saw mine and said he was going to order a set. I told him to wait a couple weeks. They come on as soon as anyone walks near them, because I have installed them up to 10 feet high. There is no issue of sensitivity. I've lived in my house for 20 years. It's in a good neighborhood and I've never had any problems, but the extra security can't hurt. There is a They have a white covering that diffuses the light. I put up a 90LED that is too bright. If I had to say negative things about them, it would be because they are anchors. They work, but you may want to look at other anchors. I spray painted my walls white because they aren't very noticeable, but they are easy to disassemble, so that's a negative thing. They blend in better.

8. Landscape Landscape Spotlights Lighting Waterproof

Landscape Landscape Spotlights Lighting Waterproof

We will help you solve the problem if you are dissatisfied with the Solar Lights. The 4 pack of 12W COB led light is 800 Lumens per one and is the best for illuminating patio lawn garden pathway back yard fence and sidewalk driveway. 10 ft/3m long between lights, 46.5 ft/14.2m length of whole light set, ideal lighting products for a range of outdoor applications. Four-in-1 landscape lighting. There is a NO.2 picture on the left. Please keep the plug from water. You can get a beautiful outdoor view without hiring an electrician to install the outdoor lights. Solar lights can't get enough power in rainy days or cloudy days, which will lead to dim light and few working hours, and in areas without enough sunshine, which will lead to few working hours. A stable outdoor landscape lighting system requires cord-electric powered outdoor spotlights. The shell and glass lens cover structure is waterproof, perfect for outdoor landscape lighting in different weather conditions. It improves the stability of outdoor use. The shell and glass lens cover structure is waterproof, perfect for outdoor landscape lighting in different weather conditions. It improves the stability of outdoor use.

Brand: Covoart

👤The product description states that the lights are 800 Lumens per light. That isn't true. The product listing states that the lights are 12 Watts but stops short of saying if that is 12 Watts per light or 12 Watts total for the entire string. The answer is that it is 12 watt for the entire string. The quick math is here. This is confirmed by the fact that the transformer is included. A 1amp 12v transformer can only support 12 watt in total. The lights are 3Watts each. The most efficient COB Led chips are no more than 100 Lumens per watt, which would mean the lights are closer to 300 lumens than the 800 listed in the product description. I don't have access to a light meter. I had an 800 flood light to compare it against. These lights were not close to the flood light. There is a The lights seem to be working. They are plastic but seem to be made with good quality and could hold up for a while. The reason for awarding only one star was because the 800 Lumens per light description is not the case. I might hold on to the lights since it's a hassle to come back. My hope is that the product supplier will change the description.

👤I was looking for lights like these and I found them and am ordering more. I will put some of them in the backyard as projection lights. It looks very well made and expensive. Check it out! There is a Thanks to Dan.

👤Plug and play is all you need to leave the box. The lights are bright. I don't know if it can have more than one color at a time. All I have been able to get is red, blue, green, and purple- they will change colors at varying speeds and for a multiple variations in time- I could not get more than one color at a time. I am very happy with the lights and the price.

👤There is an update. They don't last more than 3 months. The transformers are on fire. These lights are not to be avoided. I immediately ordered another set because they were so good. It was a piece of cake. The transformer power wire should be a few feet longer. I made it work. I made my own enclosure for the transformer. We are happy with the installation.

👤I thought I had reviewed them before I installed them because we had a lot of rain and they are still on. There is a huge menu of settings for how you want to present these lights.

👤I took a chance and decided to buy these spotlights for our house after much consideration and searching. We have used solar lights before and were not happy with how they worked, they stopped working all together. I used the same outdoor timer that we use for our Christmas lights and they look great. There is plenty of line in between to make it across the entire front perimeter of our house without any issues. I put the wire under the pine needles so you can't see it. We've been using it for about a month and it's been great.

9. AlJoLife Decorative Waterproof Anti Deform Stainless

AlJoLife Decorative Waterproof Anti Deform Stainless

Glamour Never Take a Night Off has solar path lights that illuminate for up to 10 hours, longer than other lights on the market. There is always a warm hug on your way home. Their unique design of the lamp shade makes your home stand out in the community and casts the most beautiful pattern on the lawn. Your neighbor and guest compliment the yard lights. They have improved the quality of the pole and spike. Their light is longer, thicker and wider, which makes it harder to break and damage. They invest more to fix water leaks. You don't have to worry about the battery and short circuit on rainy days. Anti-rust coating is also effective in preventing erosion. Say goodbye to the energy bills with auto ON/OFF. The AlJoLife solar patio lights are powered by a solar panel which absorbs sunlight during the day and brings illumination as darkness falls without consuming any electricity. The solar light can be turned on at dusk and off in the morning. That makes illumination hassle-free and energy-saving. An easy way to reduce carbon footprint. It is a great upgrade to your home. Installation is easy, just assemble them together and place them. The sidewalk lights can be moved easily. Remove the plastic cover, turn on the ON/OFF button on the base, and assemble the pipe and spike. The solar light needs to be put into the ground. Spring is on the way. Landscape lights can help you rediscover your garden. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. These lights add a finishing touch to your garden. Any question about solar driveway lights is waterproof. If you want to contact them, please use the Amazon order detail page "order"- "sold by"- "contact seller" 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. These lights add a finishing touch to your garden. Any question about solar driveway lights is waterproof. If you want to contact them, please use the Amazon order detail page "order"- "sold by"- "contact seller"

Brand: Aljolife

👤I was looking for something that would light up my yard and make my walkway safe at night, but these were what I was looking for. The box has enough lights in it to illuminate my walkway at night and from all appearances on a partly cloudy day they stay on all night or close to it. This is an easy 5 Star rating for value and performance.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these when I took them out of the box. They are very heavy plastic and look great. It was a good idea to keep them in the box because it was easy to take top off and turn them on. It was difficult to open each and every one and turn it on. It was worth it. The light turned on when I turned it on because my hand was over the sensor. It came pre- charged. I want to point out that in order to put the stakes in the tube, you need to hear the plastic of the stakes a little. It is a bit disconcerting to know I am breaking a brand new product, but hopefully this means they will stay wedged in there and not come out by accident. I was able to place them along my front door path and have a few left over. Which was great. They look great in the garden. There is a They are not all that bright. I was expecting more of an illumination for my pathway, but instead these just make a soft glow that would indicate the boundary for the pathway. This was my mistake. I would need a completely different product if I wanted something to light the path. There is a I wish I could take a picture of the glow these give off at night because it is beautiful, but my camera can't take that picture. I can't give you their aesthetic when they are in use.

👤The lights look great! I ordered in white. I like that they're not bulky. They have a dim light with a pretty design. I love sitting on my front porch at night and in the morning, and these Solar lights make it even nicer. They look great in the day. It's very easy to install and it's attractive.

👤I like the lights a lot. They do a good job, but they could be a bit more artistic, but I wasn't looking for something too flashy. The light is not bright, but I wanted it that way. They are not so bright that they hurt my eyes. It is more of a garden or side walk light feel. I have had them since May and they still work. * The lights in the video that I am reviewing are not the ones that flicker, but the ones that have a pattern on the ground. I feel like they are much brighter than the video shows. I can't load my pictures without them being small for this review. The video is all I have.

10. TWINSLUXES Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Decoration

TWINSLUXES Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Decoration

It is easy to install and use this solar powered landscape light. It's environmental protection and saving to just assemble them and put them in the ground. This solar pathway lights is different from other styles on the market because it has a brand new dual light source. The light coming from the top of the lamp will bring you a different experience. The weather-resistant is weather. The solar outdoor pathway light is waterproof and durable. No worries about weather. The solar path light is 2.6 2.613.07 inches and has a high EFFICIENCY. The solar light can last up to 12 hours. Customer service is provided. If you have a question about their solar gaeden lights, please contact them. Customer service is provided. If you have a question about their solar gaeden lights, please contact them.

Brand: Twinsluxes

👤I thought I would give them a try. They are easy to assemble. You just need to move the switches to the "on" position, add a metal thingy, and turn around the stakes. I took off two stars because there are about two or three that just kind of "strobe" all night long. There are at least one or two that never come on. The rest need a lot of sunlight to last for a long time.

👤The first night I put them in my yard, they were all good. The second night was not on. I opened up the 4 and checked the batteries, all of them had very low batteries. The solar cell was being looked at by my DC volt meter. The batteries were not being charged. The wire was not successfully soldered to the solar cell after I removed the sealant around it. There are 12 that seem ok and 4 that are trash. Purchase at your own risk. I have had the lights for 3 weeks and 4 have failed. I will be returning them. Junk.

👤Good product. It arrived quickly. Good price. The garden in the barnyard area has these. Not expecting much. I was surprised at how well made they are. They were bought because they were the cheapest. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is mostly made of metal. The light shines bright even on a snowy day. Will purchase again.

👤These lights look great. They were easy to assemble and came with a charge. I was able to enjoy them immediately. The only problem I found was that one of the globes was already cracked when I removed it from the bubble wrap. The light stayed on the globe. I didn't want to un do all my work to return all of them for one small issue.

👤They put out a good amt of light and are priced well.

👤I don't know how they're still standing, they are extremely flimsy, two of the broke, and the plastic is so thin.

👤I only set up 8 and already had one break, so I thought I'd give them a try. Just after sunset, they barely show light. I was replacing my 2yr old ones and they were dead 30 minutes later. Don't buy them. They had a lot of good days off, but still nothing. I'm thinking about pulling the dirt out.

👤I have had 2 weeks. They aren't the best. It was easy to install. There were two lights that weren't working. I'm waiting for a full 2 days of sun to see if the 2 lights can be charged, because we are in a rain pattern now. There is a They are not the same as the others. I'm okay with different. I'm not interested in looking at them in the day time, I'm just waiting for the sun to show what they can do.

👤It's fine. They are not bright but easy to install.

👤The ones that do work are barely visible and the bases snap.

11. Otdair Outdoor Powered Waterproof Landscape

Otdair Outdoor Powered Waterproof Landscape

The ball is made of plastic and has a skewer in silver. The pathway lights are solar powered and have light sensors. Place it in the sun by clicking the button next to it. The sun will charge it on a sunny day. After 8 hours in the sun, the lamp glows in the atmosphere. When the battery is fully charged, the lamp shines for up to 8 hours. The light is gentle and makes your home warm. Add a decorative glow to your pathways, decorate your garden, porch or yard, or both. The sphere is protected from wind and weather thanks to the protection class. The sphere is protected from wind and weather thanks to the protection class.

Brand: Otdair

👤We like the lights. You have to buy some. If. You're going to buy another set like me. I go outside to look at the magnificent spheres. I think that's correct. In the photo, the lights are lit in the background, but they are not bluish. The spheres are moving. For about 5 bucks a piece. . You can't beat it. My wife told me to order more packs. Some please. I need to buy all of them. It's fun to give directions to my house. The second house is on the right with the big white balls. Enjoy.

👤I ordered eight. Guess how many jobs are done? There is zero. There is no light up. One crunched when I pressed it into the soil of my garden. I would give my order a negative rating. A bust. Terrible. There is a scam. If I agreed to remove the review, I was offered compensation. I will not. Here's the email that was sent to Margaret Gheen. Thank you for taking the time to write a review of our purchase. We are very sorry that the product had a problem. There is a I want you to help us remove your review and accept our compensation. We will change and improve its performance. We always think the item is good, and so many people like it. Accidents can cause happyness to reduce. It's not reasonable to ask you to remove it. We are just a small business and negative review hurts. It has a big impact on us. We all have a family.

👤They are pretty because they are so simple. We mounted ours on tall stakes to make it easier to see. They aren't bright enough to light anything. The other solars we have out there are only lit for a short time. I think you could have fun by putting cut paper inside the globe and making designs on it. It's a cool white with a blueish color. It's been a year and only 4 of them are still working. Unlike with many solar lights, you can't replace the batteries. I wanted to let people know that they don't last very long. The plastic is warmer after a year.

👤These look like snowballs on our patio walkway. The spikes are very sharp and are easy to put together. On a warm winter day, I put them in the ground. When it got dark, there was a switch inside that needed to be turned on to turn on the solar lights. Cute for the holidays. It's not too much, but it's enough to make our front porch look nicer. I'm keeping the store booked so that they can reuse the decor during the winter.

👤We live in an area that doesn't have many street lights and a lot of large trees, so light on our street is not plentiful. I wanted to add light to the outside of the house but not make it look like I was lighting up the entire block. There are bright lights along our walkway and hanging light in some of the trees. These lights are around my bush rose. They are bright enough to accent the flower bed, but not so bright that you can't see the bush.


What is the best product for decorative yard lights outdoor electric?

Decorative yard lights outdoor electric products from Tomcare. In this article about decorative yard lights outdoor electric you can see why people choose the product. Hykolity and Lussgucc are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative yard lights outdoor electric.

What are the best brands for decorative yard lights outdoor electric?

Tomcare, Hykolity and Lussgucc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative yard lights outdoor electric. Find the detail in this article. Linkind, Solpex and Balhvit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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