Best Decorative Yard Lights Outdoor

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1. GIGALUMI Pathway Waterproof Landscape Driveway

GIGALUMI Pathway Waterproof Landscape Driveway

The solar garden lights are powered by the sun. They charge during the day over a period of 8 hours. They turn on at night, giving you up to 10 hours of lighting. The house design here has a great amount of style for your landscape. They are great for your garden, yard, flower bed, terrace, walkway, driveway, or anywhere else. You need outdoor solar lights that are high quality and built to last and that is exactly what these are. They are made with high-resistance plastic and are weather and impact resistant. They have an waterproof rating of 44 that makes sure they are safe to use even in the snow. You don't have to install wiring to get these lights installed. The solar garden lights can be installed in a few steps and will light up the night in no time. These outdoor solar landscape lights are perfect for meeting your expectations. They will take care of whatever you need if you contact them. These outdoor solar landscape lights are perfect for meeting your expectations. They will take care of whatever you need if you contact them.

Brand: Gigalumi

👤I've been using these in my yard for a month. They've seen sun, snow, and rain. Despite all, they are working well. They run out of battery around 4 AM in New England, which is good, but they light up around 6 PM. They are plastic and don't provide any lighting beyond a foot. They are decorative. They are not "pathway lights", they are "pathway markers". Is it possible that I would buy them again? If they won't be my main light source in my yard. All lights are still working. A squirrel is moving. The corners of one were eaten. It is still working. There is a The lights are still working. One had to clean to be able to charge up.

👤These are small so if you're wanting lighting along a path they might not provide satisfactory light for safety reasons, but they are perfect for accent lighting in gardens and potted plants. We have these in various plants and pots on our patio. We don't use spikes. The plants have lanterns in them. They charge even in overcast weather. At twilight, they pop on. There are fairy houses on the patio. The light is on all night long, even though the lights were still on the previous day. There are little lanterns in the garden. Absolutely recommend.

👤There is an update. The company contacted me after I posted the review. I'm updating the review to give them a nod for their customer service. I still don't like that 8 of the 12 stopped working. Don't buy from this company. The lights no longer work after the return eligibility. I wiped the solar panel, cleaned the inside, and even rearranged it. I tried to contact the company through their website but the submission form doesn't take me anywhere. I sent them a letter and the mailman said there was no street in San Francisco. I found the company's trademarks out of China. Stick to the American way of life. You can hold people accountable.

👤These little lantern lights are so cute! I think they look like little old-style Japanese bamboo houses. Some people have called them fairy houses. I imagine my little villagers living in these cute little homes. I bought another package of 8 and my solar village has doubled since. There is a The soft white panes give these a nice lived in appearance at night. I was worried that the feature was a photo-op to show that the light was on. The Walmart brand only had a squared framework and no white panels. I was a little bit worried that they were the same. Until they arrived! White panelling! The extra money to buy these from Gigalumi is definitely worth it. There is a These are small and not very bright. They aren't bright enough to light your pathways or yard. They are a great decorative feature. They look great at night or day. They light up all night with a good charge and I don't have to worry about them. They are going strong after a cloudy, rainy day. I would suggest that you dig a hole and plant the solar lights there. The plastic on these isn't strong enough to break if you try to shove them into the ground. The lantern sits level on the ground because I dug a deep hole. They sit out there in my garden surrounded by flowers and plants and other solar decoration lighting that look like trees. There is a The rest is up to you. I like to sit on the porch in the evening and watch the light show. Sayonara, best wishes for you all!

2. Otdair Waterproof Decorative Stainless Landscape

Otdair Waterproof Decorative Stainless Landscape

The light design is unique. The light from the solar garden light is reflected off the ground. It is possible to illuminate the dark night, but also decorate gardens, passages, courtyards, patios, porches, walkways and family gatherings, camping, barbecues, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, creating a unique and vivid landscape atmosphere. The quality of the pole and nails has been upgraded. Don't worry, they use advanced seal technology, you don't have to worry about battery and short circuit damage on rainy days. The anti-rust coating prevents erosion. Solar garden lights are powered by solar panels that absorb sunlight during the day and bring magical illumination in the dark without consuming any electricity. The solar light can turn on at dusk and off in the morning. This provides hassle-free lighting. It is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a great upgrade for your home. It's easy to install. The landscape lights don't require any other tools or wiring, just assemble and insert the outdoor decorative solar light into the ground, which is very suitable for gardens, lawns and pathways. Before installation, turn on the switch. They provide 1 to 1 customer service for any questions about solar driveway lights. They will be more than happy to contact you anytime. If there is a period of dark days and gloomy weather, the light will dim for a few days because most solar lights take an average of 8 hours to fully charge. They provide 1 to 1 customer service for any questions about solar driveway lights. They will be more than happy to contact you anytime. If there is a period of dark days and gloomy weather, the light will dim for a few days because most solar lights take an average of 8 hours to fully charge.

Brand: Otdair

👤What's going on with Lumens? It's hard to know how much light you're going to get. Choosing lights should be easy. I spent a lot of time researching and decided to take a chance with these lamps. If I had seen a picture like the one I posted, my search would have been much quicker. We built a raised garden bed into our patio and love to cook, which leads us to cut vegetables and herbs from the garden after the sun goes down. I ordered two of the shepherd's hook version of the solar lantern, each item is a two-pack. This is the perfect amount of light, without disrupting the seating area. The design is stylish and generic, which makes it easy to blend with any decor. They were packaged well and undamaged after being quickly delivered. The lantern was arrived with a charge, so the lid was removed and the switch was flipped to the on position. The hooks are sturdy and easy to screw together. The materials feel more expensive than the item. The product is great value for money.

👤The lights in my yard don't get very bright and the solar bulb doesn't stay on for very long. There is a Most of the time, guests are helped to follow the path safely because the path stays illuminated. There is a The lights are easy to operate. They were used in a line to illuminate our property line so that they were not very bright. The lights are easy to install.

👤I ordered a second set of lights for a friend. She loved her flower beds because I used my set to line them. These aren't bright enough to be read by. They are the perfect ambient brightness. I have a few of the lights that are in all day shade and they shine just as bright as the others. Great price on these as well.

👤The 12 works well and are easy to assemble. They were ready to go after a few hours in the sun. These lights turn on when there is no other ambient light to save batteries, don't think they're bad if they don't turn on when you turn the switch under the cap So far, so good!

👤I have hooks on my walkway that I hang lanterns on. I was looking for well-made lanters that looked nice. I would reccommend them.

👤It's perfect for my pond. Great value too.

👤I expected it to be bigger. I don't like that the window is foggy. It is not a clear sheet of plastic. They were bought in the spring. One was invaded by ants. It was crazy. The other one doesn't work anymore. I would pick out a different pair of lights. I will be buying new ones in the spring.

👤These lights are wonderful. It was well packaged and delivered on time. They are smaller than others I have seen, and this suits me as I only want them as accents. This was a great value for the 12 lights. I have enough in the back of my house. Theresa is from Philadelphia.

3. Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

If you want to serve fruits SAFELY, you need to replace Varnish with Food Safe Grade Wood Wax Oil. The bowl's size should be known before purchasing. There is no electricity required and free solar energy. The solar panel is used for long-term operations. They will turn off at dawn. Make sure you turn the switch to ON before charging because there is a switch on the light cover. The solar lights are made of high quality plastic and don't need to worry about rust. The light can work under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP 44 and it's not a problem if there's rain, snow, frost, or sleet. It is easy to install, no wires. It takes a few seconds to push the stake into the soil. You can use one normal and one elevated stakes. The light is warm and gentle, but not bright enough for decoration. You can add a decorative glow to your pathways. The measures are 2.32 x 2.32 x 14.5 inch. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up. If the lights don't work, you can order Solar Lights Replacement Top in their store.

Brand: Maggift

👤Very cheap. The stakes are cheap and break if you look at them. You can't put the cheap plastic reflectors back in place because the stakes that rattle around make them hard to put back in place. Don't waste your money. There is an update. After seeing the review, the company contacted me and offered to replace or refunds my order. Customer service is great and they respond quickly. I will be interested in buying more of their products in the future because of how well they take care of their customers.

👤I was looking for a change of pace from traditional solar lights. Most walkway solar lights are ugly and I don't like them. I wanted to buy some lantern style lights that were made from shepherd hooks. My wife changed my mind a few times. I think the reviews for this product were probably more light than they should have been, because they didn't have reasonable expectations. If you're looking for something that's safe to light up a walk way, these aren't the lights for you. These look like more upscale lighting options. The price point on these is insane, it's like 2$ per light. They put off a really cool looking pattern and are very stable in the ground. We have 2 walk ways and I'm thinking of buying abother to finish them. The front was nice and my wife loved it. It was nice to be able to test and make sure you don't install a bad light. If I were driving past a house that had these, I would think they were made from metel and not plastic, and they cost 3 times what they do from a distance. They are a different type of light. The design and pattern is very affordable and sturdy. If you know me, you'll know that I've tried every type of solar light on the market. If you keep some batteries on hand, you can solve the problem.

👤Since I bought a second box of solar lights, only one has stopped working, and it has been close to a year since I bought the first set. I get a lot of praise for my unique lights and I am very pleased with them. I'll be buying a third set without hesitation because we are working in a path to our backyard. There is a I hope my opinion helps you make a decision. They are great! The solar lights are beautiful. I didn't check the measurements before buying but they are smaller than I expected. I received them at 5pm. They only had a few hours to charge. They are doing a great job in my driveway. The screen creates a beautiful pattern. They are different from the other options in big box stores. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying a second set for other areas of my front yard.

👤Simple and pretty. The shadows cast on the ground mark the path to my door nicely. They are made of plastic and don't look old. These are charged with the Sun. You're not going to get much light out of a dark day. Even with very little Sun, they still charge up nicely. There is a We had two feet of snow in February, but the lights were still perfect after the snow melted.

4. Outdoor Decorative Lighting Pathway Ornament

Outdoor Decorative Lighting Pathway Ornament

Intellectual property protection is a part of the new design. The outdoor garden lights charge during the day and turn on automatically at night for up to 8 hours when full charged. The lights add a nice touch to the place and make it feel peaceful in the evening. Quality plastic makes the solar garden stakes weather resistant. No worries about the weather. Keep snow and debris off the solar panel during the winter. The diameter is 8.5 cm and the height is 32 cm. The solar pathway lights add warmth to your yard. It is easy to assemble and install into the ground, no wiring need, and the battery is included to save energy. The solar landscape lights are a nice gift. It is easy to assemble and install into the ground, no wiring need, and the battery is included to save energy. The solar landscape lights are a nice gift.

Brand: Go2garden

👤I am so frustrated. I ordered 6. I received 3. They didn't want to send me 3 more. I had to return. 1 quit working after 2 days. I love the ones that work, but am being refused a replacement. I was offered a $5 discount. I need 6 for my walkway. $5 won't light up my walkway.

👤I bought a solar light because I like decorating my house and yard. I just love it. It's pretty in my backyard. The shadow is on the ground. I can use them in my front yard because there are 6 in the package.

👤I love them. All were in perfect working order. It is easy to push into the ground. They are plastic, so you can't squeeze them too hard, but they went into the ground just fine. The price is a great value. They look great. I'm going to make sure they are straight, but I just threw them in for the pictures. I will be getting more.

👤These smokes are gorgeous! I don't want anyone I know to buy them because I don't want to see them in their yards, but I have shared pictures with everyone. It's funny. I need to decide where to put a few more without going crazy. It's much better than the standard solar lighting. I put the solar panels inside the cones after leaving them in the sun for a day or two. Just turn the solar switch to the "on" position and place it in the yard.

👤I love these lights! I put them up around a seating area in the yard and it seems like they are calling us in. The shadows are similar to the pictures and cover a lot of ground. The delivery was very fast and the assembly is not an assembly at all. The solar panels will be perfect by the time it gets dark if you turn on "on". I'm going to put them in a different area of the yard.

👤It's pretty but not bright. It's definitely decorative if you're looking for it. If you want it to be bright light, you won't get it. I thought I'd give it a couple of days to charge it up and the lights wouldn't be bright.

👤They are pretty. The seller replaced the broken light quickly after I ordered 3 sets. They look great! It's easy to assemble. Customer service and product were very good.

👤It was pleasantly surprised. The lights are easy to assemble and look great. I thought a solar light would be very dim, but it is much brighter than I thought. I would like to order a second set for my front yard. Thank you!

👤I didn't think these lights would be very good but I'm happy I was wrong and they look great on my garden.

👤The garden looks lovely. A happy customer.

5. Otdair Outdoor Powered Waterproof Landscape

Otdair Outdoor Powered Waterproof Landscape

The ball is made of plastic and has a skewer in silver. The pathway lights are solar powered and have light sensors. Place it in the sun by clicking the button next to it. The sun will charge it on a sunny day. After 8 hours in the sun, the lamp glows in the atmosphere. When the battery is fully charged, the lamp shines for up to 8 hours. The light is gentle and makes your home warm. Add a decorative glow to your pathways, decorate your garden, porch or yard, or both. The sphere is protected from wind and weather thanks to the protection class. The sphere is protected from wind and weather thanks to the protection class.

Brand: Otdair

👤We like the lights. You have to buy some. If. You're going to buy another set like me. I go outside to look at the magnificent spheres. I think that's correct. In the photo, the lights are lit in the background, but they are not bluish. The spheres are moving. For about 5 bucks a piece. . You can't beat it. My wife told me to order more packs. Some please. I need to buy all of them. It's fun to give directions to my house. The second house is on the right with the big white balls. Enjoy.

👤I ordered eight. Guess how many jobs are done? There is zero. There is no light up. One crunched when I pressed it into the soil of my garden. I would give my order a negative rating. A bust. Terrible. There is a scam. If I agreed to remove the review, I was offered compensation. I will not. Here's the email that was sent to Margaret Gheen. Thank you for taking the time to write a review of our purchase. We are very sorry that the product had a problem. There is a I want you to help us remove your review and accept our compensation. We will change and improve its performance. We always think the item is good, and so many people like it. Accidents can cause happyness to reduce. It's not reasonable to ask you to remove it. We are just a small business and negative review hurts. It has a big impact on us. We all have a family.

👤They are pretty because they are so simple. We mounted ours on tall stakes to make it easier to see. They aren't bright enough to light anything. The other solars we have out there are only lit for a short time. I think you could have fun by putting cut paper inside the globe and making designs on it. It's a cool white with a blueish color. It's been a year and only 4 of them are still working. Unlike with many solar lights, you can't replace the batteries. I wanted to let people know that they don't last very long. The plastic is warmer after a year.

👤These look like snowballs on our patio walkway. The spikes are very sharp and are easy to put together. On a warm winter day, I put them in the ground. When it got dark, there was a switch inside that needed to be turned on to turn on the solar lights. Cute for the holidays. It's not too much, but it's enough to make our front porch look nicer. I'm keeping the store booked so that they can reuse the decor during the winter.

👤We live in an area that doesn't have many street lights and a lot of large trees, so light on our street is not plentiful. I wanted to add light to the outside of the house but not make it look like I was lighting up the entire block. There are bright lights along our walkway and hanging light in some of the trees. These lights are around my bush rose. They are bright enough to accent the flower bed, but not so bright that you can't see the bush.

6. Decorative KOOPER Changing Waterproof Decoration

Decorative KOOPER Changing Waterproof Decoration

The newest version is 7 color. Changing Solar Lights: Solar garden lights imitating the real calla flowers, 7 color-changing promote the desire of any occasion, garden lights creates a romantic and beautiful changing mood while decorating with other flowers or trees at dark night, solar lights outdoor is the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece, Premium iron wires give both stem and leaves an ultra flexibility and durability. You can bend solar outdoor lights as you please. If you use solar flower lights, make sure to turn the switch on before you use them, otherwise they won't charge. The solar lights outdoor decorative could work for up to 12 hours after fully charged, because they are built in a 600mAh AA NI-MH battery, which gives a larger capacity for storing more sunlight. Solar decorative garden lights are waterproof and can be used in a bad weather condition, perfect for walkway, yard, garden and patio. It is easy to install the landscape solar yard lights, you just need to put them in the soil. Solar powered outdoor lights are eco-friendly and money saving. These garden lights are great for different occasions and can be used for a variety of things. Solar flowers lights outdoor garden waterproof is a good gift for your family and friends. These garden lights are great for different occasions and can be used for a variety of things. Solar flowers lights outdoor garden waterproof is a good gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Kooper

👤I ordered these for my husband. They are beautiful, and holding up to the heavy Ohio rains, but each stake has 4 callas. One of the pictures shows a person petering out. It could be as simple as a need for a battery. We decided to replace the battery, but found there were 2 issues. Water must have entered. There is Rust inside. The wires are not connected to each other. The wires are too small and the box is too small to fix. I think we live with the 3 stakes that are left. It's likely that you won't be able to return the whole set. Here's hoping the rest are better assembled.

👤I was expecting the flowers to be made out of plastic that looks like glass, like the other solar lights are made of now. Nope. These look like fake flowers. They are pretty at night, but I'm a little embarrassed to put them in a place that you can see in the day. I wouldn't get them again if I knew, but I am keeping them because they will suffice for my driveway entrance.

👤The AA has a low capacity of 600 mah. They were going to upgrade them anyways. One did not get out the gate. A new battery is good to go. The cheap batteries stay on all night.

👤I had to wait a few weeks before I submitted a review to make sure they work. Very bright and colorful. They are bright and pretty and my wife has them over our porch.

👤These are the prettiest flowers.

👤The day and night are beautiful. I will buy more of these as gifts.

👤The flower part is cheap and the solar pack is huge. All you see. I would be alright at night but they are so ugly I will probably send them back.

👤The design is great and the colors are changing. They are pretty but also flimsy. The winds blew through my yard, and one of them was lost.

7. EPROSMIN Stars Solar Lights Outdoor

EPROSMIN Stars Solar Lights Outdoor

The solar lights outdoor decorative set has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question about the product you received, or about the lights, you can contact them. The star moon. The light from the sun is reflected. The stars and moon solar lights create a unique landscape. In the dark, it emits charming outdoor solar lights to create a romantic and warm atmosphere for your houses, gardens, lawns, sidewalks, terraces and other places. It is an ideal solar pathway lights decoration. There is resilience and symmetry. The solar garden lights made of high-quality metal are not afraid of wind, rain, or snow, and are resistant to cold and rust. The broken glass ball on the solar outdoor lights is very resistant. Anti-exposure function when wind and rain are present. There is a solar panel on the garden lights, which absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electricity. On/off switch and mode switch are on it. You don't need to set the mode when you first use it, the solar light will light up automatically in the dark, and go out during the day. You just need to put the pathway lights in the soil and expose the solar panel to the sun. It will absorb solar energy in the sun and light up automatically at night, without the need to install other tools for this solar powered outdoor lights. It is powered by the sun. QUALITY SERVICE If you have encountered any problems in the process of purchasing their solar led outdoor lights, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you as soon as possible and provide one-to-one customer service, Quality assurance, and rest assured to order.

Brand: Eprosmin

👤This is very pretty. Looks good at night. My niece wanted to take it.

👤The other yard stake I purchased had the same type of moon but with a more 3D look by having filigree cutouts throughout the moon and a metal "sun" surrounding the actual solar bulb. This is one that needs some tweaking. I was hoping that the white light would illuminate the blue moon more efficiently, but I am going to have to doctor it by bending the moon more inward, and I am thinking about drilling holes in it to make it more dynamic. I wouldn't buy another like I did when I bought a 3D moon with the sun in the center. That one is definitely better.

👤The paint job on this thing is not very good. I could get there. It doesn't even work a month later. I thought it was the battery, but they still don't work. The light doesn't work. I have purchased many solar yard lights that are different shapes and sizes and I am very disappointed. They all work well. This one isn't much. The return date is one day away. The luck was really bad.

👤I gave this to my husband for Father's Day. The globe is very attractive in the day and bright at night. I would like it to be a bit brighter. You could see the shape of the moon and stars in the dark. We're happy with it. It looks great in our flower bed.

👤Cute but not bright. You need a spot light to see the Moon figure at night. It looks like a little round bulb that doesn't light up. I was disappointed. I would rather have a light that is bright and lasts three hours than a light that lasts all night. I don't care how nice my backyard is at 3 am.

👤The ball is the only thing that lights up. The stars don't light up. The star does not twinkle at night or during the day, but from the pictures it looks as if it does.

👤I love the solar light in my garden. I ordered the best one.

👤It is easy to assemble, less than 4 minutes. Love the colors.

8. Minetom Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Minetom Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

The solar garden lights are built in a photosensitive component of the solar lights for pathway lawn, which makes the garden lights auto on at dusk for decoration or lighting your way, and off at dawn and charging for energy. The solar landscape lights have a total height of 16.7 inches and have a high definition glamorous sunflowers shadow casting out through a transparent lamp shade, enough lighting brightness and creating a decorative view for your pathway in garden, lawn or yard. The big solar panels have wide areas to absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy. Fast charging for 8 hours. It is waterproof and suit for all seasons. It is waterproof and works perfect outside. It's great for the pathway, walkway, villa, garden, lawn, porch, park, driveway, nice decoration lights for bistro, pub, cafe, hotel, mall, outdoor party, and it's also great for all seasons, even firmly standing in poor weather. It is easy to connect the stake, pole and lamp holder. After connecting the parts of the ground stake, use a tool to dig a hole and then insert the pathway lights into the hole. The bright solar lawn lights will make your outdoor area look better. The tips are used. Remove the dust protective film from the top roof before using, then remove the insulation sheet from the top roof to power on. 2. The outdoor walkway lights work automatically at night and in the day. 3. It is best to put the backyard lights 6 to 8 feet apart to make sure the road is well lit. It's an option for a vivid effect. The tips are used. Remove the dust protective film from the top roof before using, then remove the insulation sheet from the top roof to power on. 2. The outdoor walkway lights work automatically at night and in the day. 3. It is best to put the backyard lights 6 to 8 feet apart to make sure the road is well lit. It's an option for a vivid effect.

Brand: Minetom

👤The way the lights look like a flower on top is too cute. The light is easy to set up and use. It is a set of 6.

👤The solar lights were easy to install. They are bright and create a beautiful design at night.

👤These are nice lights. It is easy to install. I was surprised how bright they are.

👤Will check out the solar charge in the next week.

👤These lights create a star burst light pattern. The solar panel lasts all night. Good size, bright, lightweight and well put together. They have been in the ground for a week and have not budged. A beautiful addition to a garden.

9. Forlivese Powered Sunflower Outdoor Decorative

Forlivese Powered Sunflower Outdoor Decorative

Heymate outdoor solar garden lights, user manual, and long-term friendly customer service are what you get. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products. They will give you the most satisfactory solution at the fastest speed if you contact them with any issues. The Solar Sunflower light petals are made of upgraded silk material for a more realistic looking flower. The efficiency of absorbing solar light has been increased by 20%. The solar sunflowers lights will turn on automatically at night if the switch is in "ON" position. The daytime charge is 3-6 hours and the night charge is 8-12 hours. It is the perfect solar decoration for the outdoors without worrying about the bad weather. Extra wire and external electricity are not required for a safe and easy install. Push the sunflowers into the ground to install it. Wide Application: Sunflower solar lights can be used on a variety of places, such as the garden, pathway, patio, flowerbed, fence, walkway decorations, create a romantic atmosphere. Your garden should be unique.

Brand: Forlivese

👤I am addicted to these solar lights. They are so unusual and awesome. I get a lot of praise for them. You can bend them into any shape you want.

👤I had a pop of color in my back yard with these sunflowers. It's easy to assemble and maintain. It was installed in seconds. The design is solar powered. They have a good charge. The lights still shone bright at night when we had cloudy days. It has been a couple months. They are holding up well. I have gotten many comments on them. Excellent value!

👤The flowers seem to be of good quality. They were crammed into a box so tightly that the petals were all smashed. I'm trying to make them sound better before giving them to my mom.

👤The flowers would be in the shape of a flower. The lights are in the middle of the flower. The only thing you see is lights and not a flower.

👤I was surprised by how bright they are. I bought more of them.

👤If you push down on the lower piece of the solar charging accessory, it will slide up and potentially cut the wires. I put 2 of these and one was fine. The other cut the wires to stop the flower from working. I had to figure out why it wasn't working, but there was no protection against the metal tube severing the wires if they were pushed up.

👤Both are located in the same area and get the same amount of sunlight. One of the two stays lit for hours, while the other only stays illuminated for a short time. Only one light, and not for long, and certainly not bright, will be on November 4th, 2021. The other is dead.

10. Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Cheap solar garden lights are not as durable as Nupostai's solar lights outdoor waterproof use. Premium solar panel and build-in 800mAh higher capcity battery which means their solar outdoor lights can illuminate continuously for up to nine hours under sunlight, which greatly meets your needs for brightness effect and lighting duration. Nupostai's outdoor walkway lights are solar powered and use high-power lamp beads and high transmittance to make them brighter than ordinary solar. Nupostai's maintenance-free solar powered outdoor lights are easy to install, just turn on the external switch and insert the stakes into the ground. Excellent lighting design greatly meets your lighting and decoration needs, such as halloween and christmas, and is designed well with a convenient external switch. Solar yard lights with the black exquisite appearance and crystal transparent cover looks more advanced and textured, lovely and charming patterns projected raise your yard and house grade and allow you to enjoy the light shows every night. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family.

Brand: Nupostai

👤The lights are made of plastic with a solar powered battery on top, it has a switch to turn on and off, and it has the option of changing the color of the light. I thought I had to wait until the next day to charge the battery, but the lights came on as soon as it got dark, I thought I had to wait until the next day. I am satisfied with the function of this solar powered garden light, I usually get up early in the morning, so I have observed that the light goes until morning if it is still a little bit dark. My husband told me to buy more for our pathways because I was delighted to see my garden at night with the beautiful color changing lights.

👤I have included a picture of the lights from the Ring camera at night so you can see that they cast a large amount of light on the pathway. You can change the color of these from cool white to warm white. We have ours set for warm. They are lovely. There is a There is a lack of light at the front of the building, which is why they offer a beautiful pattern below. It's easy to put together, just put on the flange and add the posts. They will only be able to charge them with a few hours of sunlight. At night, ours are still bright. No complaints from the neighbors.

👤These lights are solar powered and have a AA battery. They have an automatic day/night timer. They have a mode for lighting effects. I may need to pick up a second pack because they are an excellent addition to our walkway. They are easy to assemble and have 6 lights. Hope that helps!

👤I like having solar lighting. It's hard to not love them because of the free maintenance. The 6pk is very nice. The lights are made of plastic. They are light so they are a great feature. They can be either colorful or white. Another cool feature is that. Depending on the yard decor you choose, it's like 2 sets of lights in one. It can be changed at any time. The pattern they give off is pretty. The set is a nice one. You get a good value for what you have.

👤Our patio is modern and we wanted it to be that way. I was so happy to find these. I wanted to put solar lights on my walkway. I loved how the light ring effect lights provided a significant effect when I saw them. It is lovely that they are waterproof. They make my walkway look great. The light is bright and not too dim. They are in planters on the patio, and they provide a nice warm highlight.

👤It is easy to assemble. You can change the colors if you want. I was happy to find these online. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤The illuminated colorful light has brought a lot of joy to our family, front yard and backyard. It took less than a minute to assemble and they were already charged so it was fun to see what they looked like. We are definitely getting many more.

11. MAGGIFT Stainless Waterproof Landscape Driveway

MAGGIFT Stainless Waterproof Landscape Driveway

Solar powered pathway lights are the perfect decorative outdoor lighting and don't require electricity. They are charged in full and direct sunlight for 8 hours, the lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn. The measures are 15.8 inches wide. The light brightness is 10 times brighter than general solar garden lights. Warm white high brightness SMD led and lamp allow light to flood the space, whilst creating beautiful shadow patterns on the ground. You can add a decorative glow to your pathway, garden, porch or yard. The outdoor solar lights are made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL, glass and thick plastic, no need to worry about rust. The light can work under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP 44 and it's not a problem if there's rain, snow, frost, or sleet. Easy to install and assemble: no wires. The solar garden lights can be done in a few minutes. You can stake into the ground where the sun shines. The 450mAh battery is for your convenience. Please remove the tab on the light cover before you charge. Please remove the tab on the light cover before you charge.

Brand: Maggift

👤I liked the product. While welcoming the day, it was very bright at night. They didn't give me a stake for one of the lights. I didn't have to confirm that there was a problem when I reached out to the company to have one replaced because they wanted pictures of a stake. I explained that the stake was not there. They apologized and acknowledged the problem, but they didn't have a stake. The factory worker forgot to put it in the box and they can't send it to me because the lights are sold in sets. When I received the package, they were just parts in a box, nothing fancy or even to make it seem organized. If they forgot to send it, wouldn't that mean they have a surplus of one stake? If they are sold in sets, they have an extra that isn't in a set. They told me to just place the plastic tube in the ground. I told them I was not going to do that. There is a They finally said they would like to give me a $3 refund after waiting another day. I told them to return the $8.34 I paid for the light as a whole. Terrible service, Fantastic lights, and they accepted.

👤I bought 2 packs of these. One of the batteries in the box didn't work out, so I contacted them to get a replacement battery. Daisy asked for pictures of the steps and what not. Who has time for that? I will never shop from you again if you think your customers are trying to trick you into buying a 2-dollar battery. I bought a pack of batteries from Amazon. You lost a customer.

👤One of the lights went out a week after installation. The batteries were swapped but still nothing. Not happy at all.

👤My parents gave us two sets of these lights and I loved them so much that we bought another set. The design on the ground is neat. They are bright enough to light the walkway and add a soft glow to the house at night. I wanted a white light.

👤The rubber mallet broke when it was put in place. Everything seems to be decent, except for the one part that needed to be stuck into the ground. Disappointing. The lights are pretty decent, but I wish there was an upgrade to the stake.

👤I love the outdoors. It is very dark outside my house at night. I needed bright lights for my walkway. The quality is bright and the glow at night is gorgeous. I was skeptical to spend the money but they are worth it.

👤I bought 2 boxes. Each box has one light that won't turn on. 6 lights work if you combine the two together. Send the other one back and ask for a replacement. It's not much different in price point.

👤I pulled 3 out of the box and all of them were broken. These are made from the cheapest plastic I have ever seen. The design on them doesn't allow the light to lighten the walkway. The reviews are good. These are cheap.


What is the best product for decorative yard lights outdoor?

Decorative yard lights outdoor products from Gigalumi. In this article about decorative yard lights outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Otdair and Maggift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative yard lights outdoor.

What are the best brands for decorative yard lights outdoor?

Gigalumi, Otdair and Maggift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative yard lights outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Go2garden, Kooper and Eprosmin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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