Best Decorative Ziplock Bags Large

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1. Large Smell Proof Resealable Bags

Large Smell Proof Resealable Bags

Their black mylar bag has a usable space of 4.8 x 6.7 inches and an exterior dimensions of 6.3 x 8.3 inches. The base size of 2.8 inches makes it easier to store. The Mylar bag has a seal strip feature which keeps dust out. Space Seal Technology protects your contents from UV rays and odors. The smell proof mylar bag and the black mylar bag are double sided and can be used for storing food and items. The 100 PCS resealable smell proof bags are ideal for use in a variety of ways and can hold up to 4 ounces. Their mylar bags are vacuum sealed and are best to store your cookies, candy, sugar, tea, coffee and other items.

Brand: Space Seal

👤The bags are easy to personalize. The black looks nice. They're perfect for my online business. I needed slightly bigger bags and the seal took up a lot of the height. I knew what I was getting. Bigger sizes would be appreciated. The product was amazing.

👤The bags don't have internal ridges so the top seals up as soon as you put it in the vacuum seal. The locking strip gets sealed because the area above it isn't large enough. There is no need for vacuum packing.

👤I had high hopes that the bags would be good for storing food. The bags are not air tight. I saw bubbles leaking from the side where the bag is pleats.

👤The bags are sturdy but they don't do anything for smell. You can still smell it even though I tried to store it in them.

👤I would give 0 stars if I could. The bags are not sealed. I put a bag of beans and a cup of rice in my emergency kit. I threw a bunch of garbage in the trash that wouldn't zip up, even though I tried hard.

👤It took 3 bags to put 5 lbs of flower in them. I was surprised that they weren't that big. You can pour stuff into them if the bottom opens into an oval. They seem sturdy, but x will tell. I'm happy for now. I plan on using them to go camping.

👤The smell seems to be smell proof. They look good. There is a lot of room inside. All around great quality. If you need to store smelly stuff in a convenient and safe way, it's definitely recommended.

👤The Space Seal was ordered in large. They were in good shape when they arrived. There is a The bags were not large enough to hold a beer. I use these for long term storage of food. I also bought a silver sharpie to label, desiccant to reduce oxidation, and a bag seal, which is a must for total and complete seal of bag. I will keep ordering from this brand. Thank you for a great product!

2. Ounce Unzipped Glass Zipper Large

Ounce Unzipped Glass Zipper Large

All of the glass vases they sell are new. Dust and box fuzz can be attracted to their warehouse when it is humid. They want their customers to wash and wipe their vases when they receive them. When cleaning, please wear protection. Refer to the description section for first use instruction. Your candy presentation should be upgraded. A way to display food. The bowl is made to look like a plastic bag and features realistic crinkling for a stylish touch. A crystal-clear view of treats is provided. This round bowl is made with food-safe glass that is transparent to give your guests a clear view of popcorn, candy, and more. Keep snacks and sweets intact. The base of the glass bowl is flat and sturdy to provide better stability on all kinds of surfaces. The glass construction of this clear bowl makes it easy to clean up after use. It is easy to maintain its appearance. The glassware bowl can hold up to 22 ounces. The bowl is 4.5 inches tall and is 3.8 inches wide. One clear glass bowl is brought with each order.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤When I first saw it, I immediately ordered several for Christmas gifts. It was not well received. I thought it was fun and weird. If you get kicked out of this funny little baggy, buy it for yourself but not for others, that's the moral to my story.

👤It was the perfect size for my crystals. I can tell people to eat a bag of it.

👤This is a good place to put my M&Ms. I like it. I was surprised that it was so small, but it fit one bag perfectly. It is a little shy of 3 1/2” at the highest in the back and a little shy of 2 1/2” at the lowest.

👤8oz is really 8oz. If you purchase it with the larger bag, it is smaller than expected. I love how unique it is. It's always a conversation starter.

👤The glass is very thin and the candy dish is cute. It is not much thicker than a wine glass. I purchased the largest size, but it's smaller than I anticipated. It's still very cute. If you have cats or little ones, be careful where you put this.

👤It was too small. It looks better in the picture. It is not heavy. Returning.

👤I saw one in a friend's office. I loved it. The glass is very thin. I don't think it will be very durable because I can see it shattering if it falls and something like a coat or a jacket hitting it.

👤It's very cute. But be careful, it's thin. I've seen others that are much heavier, but you get what you pay for. Don't let the kids handle it, it's still cute.

👤I bought this for my brother-in-law after seeing a similar product listed for three times the price. It was packed well and came quickly. We filled it with Christmas M&Ms and put it in a container for Christmas morning. He loved it!

👤Great for a lot of things. Happy with it.

3. Ziploc Clothes Organization Protects Moisture

Ziploc Clothes Organization Protects Moisture

Pack contains 90 bags to keep your family stocked up for vacations, school and work. The Double Zipper Seal on the bottom of the bags ensures stability and security. Flexible shape and heavy-duty plastic. Convenient built-in handles. It protects against pests and dust. It works in places where storage boxes can't.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I didn't know how this looked in person. I took pictures to help the next person. Hope the pictures helped. I'm small. Bag is great for clothes from dust. I use a bag for boots. I brought something for storage for food. If that is the case, it would be great for people who want to store parts in the freezer. Two or three stacks of 2 rows pk meat from the grocery store.

👤I use these to proof dough. I don't have a place to store proof pastry. I use these guys. They're large enough to fit a full tray of pastries. I put my pastries in the bag and put a cup of boiling water in it to seal it. I wash my dough out and reuse it. I don't know how many people are looking for them. If you're thinking about trying them out for baked goods, they work well. I think you will like this option.

👤These are not clear. They are all blue with writing on them. I wanted clear bags in the box.

👤I was excited to find these bags on Amazon since I can't find them in my area anymore. If you've never used these bags, you'll be pleasantly surprised. These are not just bags. If you aren't hard on them, they are much thicker and can be re-used. If you don't puncture them or rip them, they are waterproof and you can zip them almost all the way. I use them to store things in my basement and on my boat. We keep one in the car to hold muddy shoes or wet clothes that result from hiking and kayaking. If you load the bag up and it's heavy, the handle can hurt your hand. It would be an opportunity for improvement if the trade-off for the plusses were not so fair. There is a note on the packaging. I'm not sure if this bag would hold all of the equipment that the lady on the box label is carrying, and I definitely wouldn't count on it to hold up to a super sharp skate blade, but other than that.

👤We live in a area that is prone to hurricanes so I like to protect electronics before putting them on a high shelf. I use them to protect anything that might be damaged by water. In every bag I keep a note with my name, address, and cell # in case someone finds my stuff a few blocks away. If you live in an area that has been affected by a tornado, hurricanes or floods, you should have these in your home.

👤I always pack one of these in my suitcase to keep my clothing clean. These bags saved the day when I was in a smoky bar or casino, or sitting by an outdoor firepit, and I wanted to throw those clothes in the trash. It's great for containing damp swimwear and towels when there's no time to dry them completely before packing up a suitcase. The bags don't seem to be completely airtight, no matter how careful I am in flattening them and zipping the closure, they slowly seem to reinflate a little. I ripped a seam when opening them aggressively, so take care.

4. 100 Count Reclosable Resealable Industrial

100 Count Reclosable Resealable Industrial

It isdurable: The bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight. 100 count is 13” wide and 15” long. Zip bags with a 2.0 mil clear seal are Clear Virgin LDPE Plastic. Waterproof and airtight: these are the things. Quality you can see and feel - their poly bags are 100% airtight. The 13 X 15 inch zip bags are perfect for packaging tshirts, shirts and other clothes. Their reclosable plastic bags are easy to self seal, speeding up shipping and mailing operations without the need for impulse seals or tape. It's great for packaging. Organization and storage are topics. These bags make it easy to organize and store your clothing and other items. They are great for industrial, food service and medical industry applications. Food grade safe is a 100% food grade and freezer safe. Their 13X15 clear zip bags are great for storing and packing food.

Brand: Spartan Industrial

👤I needed to store sweaters in the large zip bags. I'm happy using the bags for this. I was able to squeeze a lot of the air out of the bag when I put the sweater in it and this gives me more room in my drawer. I used the plastic bags the dry cleaners used which had a fold-over flap and a button before buying these bags. This is not air tight and could allow pests in. My sweaters are protected from damage by the zip lock top of these bags. The dry cleaner bags had logos on them that blocked the view of the contents. The bags are clear and you can see what's inside. I've thought of another use for the bags. I plan to take some of these bags with me when I travel. When I return from an outdoor activity, I can take off my clothes and put them in one of these bags, zip it closed, and not worry about any ticks remaining on my clothes until I get them home and take care of them. I will think of a few more uses for these bags.

👤I bought the bags to protect the magazines and books that were larger than 8.5 X 11. My books were large. The bags slip over the books to protect them from the elements. They are perfect for anyone selling magazines or comic books. They are a good buy at just over 10 cents per bag.

👤The package was open and had 46 bags. Some were dirty and wrinkled. It's ridiculous! Will order elsewhere.

👤From time to time, I have a lot of warranties and instruction sheets that come in handy. I was using bags that were too small for a hanging file folder, but they were the right size for storing these items. I'm sure I'll find other uses for these bags, they're perfect for my needs. Maybe there are lots of printed recipes. These could be put in a drawer, a basket or a box under the bed.

👤I need a bag that is large enough to hold large items that need to be kept dry. If you need that function in a suitcase, there are other name-brand bags that have an extendable "gusset" that are absolutely fine. The bags are not the gummy "envelope" type that many competitors feature, which I don't want. I want something that can be opened and resealed, not a sealed envelope that I send to an accountant. It's a single "Ziploc" press-and-seal closure mechanism, though not the double strips one you see on your freezer bags, but that's good! This is not for the veggies I'm storing in the freezer, but for sentimental items that I want to protect from the weather. I like the bags. Don't expect a lot of freezer bags, but more of a single-seal quart bag that's an absolute necessity in my home. Thank you for making this product!

👤I got exactly 61 bags in my order, 3 of which were damaged and useless. I counted the bags I got at the local supply store because the package felt a little light. I paid a lot but I'm missing almost half of it. The bags are large. They are not very tall at all. I was hoping to package the book in a way that it would rip the ziplock when you put it in the bag. I bought them for something. I'm not sure if I can trust the seams because they tear very easily. I'm upset that they put a sticker in the package that said it was inspected by Amazon prime. Really? You ripped me off but also gave me less than I paid for because you advertised the wrong size. I like Amazon a lot. They are trying to take advantage of people.

5. Adhesive Resealable Cellophane Individual Stickers

Adhesive Resealable Cellophane Individual Stickers

It's great for gift giving. The perfect gift for your sister, brother, wife, husband, coworker, boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend... Everyone. UNZIPPED is packed in a sturdy box. High quality. Their cookie bags are made of OPP plastic, which is odor-free and non-toxic, and can be used for your daily or commercial use. White dot bags are more festive than plain bags and are ideal for Christmas goodies, birthdays or wedding favors. 100pcs set of white dot treat bags comes with 100 thank you stickers to make it easier to seal. Show your friends and family that you put a lot of thought into arranging the cookie bags. There is aIOUS application. These cookie bags are ideal for cookies, brownies, small slices of pie, candies, and other baked goods. When you order from them. You will receive 100 cookie bags and 100 thank you stickers.

Brand: Flytt

👤The cookie bag is sturdy and nice. I was able to open it and seal it. I was able to put 2 cookies in the bag.

👤I was not sure about the size. I used the little bags to make favor boxes. I hesitated before purchasing the 3.9x3.9. There is a smaller size that could have worked as well. I got this size because the reviews mentioned another person trying to fit an Oreo but it was a tight fit. The size was perfect and I was happy to do it. Extra stickers were included as well. The bags added a nice touch to the favor boxes.

👤These bags are great. The bags are a little matt so they don't have a lot of shine. They have a solid seal. Once you open them, you can reseal them. Two reeses peanut butter cups were added. The thank you stickers are of the highest quality. They do not rip off easily. I would recommend it.

👤There was a strange smell to the packaging. The smell of the cookie bags doesn't seem to be in the packaging. I didn't notice that the ribbons weren't going to be included.

👤I love this item. They were used for a bake sale. They looked great on our table and were sturdy. Our product didn't get wet even after we were caught in a storm.

👤I had to remove the paint pen from the sides of the bags because they didn't stain.

👤The size was small for what I needed. I thought they were a little bigger, but they were fine. I will use the bigger bags on smaller treats.

👤When you don't want everyone touching all of the cookies, I used these for cookies. The kids loved them because they were cute and good quality. Would use them again.

6. Ziploc Collection Accessory Essential Skinny

Ziploc Collection Accessory Essential Skinny

Their mylar bags are vacuum sealed and are best to store your cookies, candy, sugar, tea, coffee and other items. Ziploc brand skinny stuff accessory bags are used to organize and pack accessories. These bags can be used for a variety of purposes. It is easy to find what is essential to you. The bags measure 5.125 inches. The length is 8.125 inches, the depth is 13 cm, and the expandable bottom allows for more room to fit bulkier items. The bags measure 3.25 inches. They are ideal for keeping smaller items because of their 8.125 inch length. The durable material makes it easy to clean the organizing bags and they are easy to use again and again. The durable material makes it easy to clean the organizing bags and they are easy to use again and again.

Brand: Ziploc

👤The set for the Boho collection is not correct. I was hoping the second time would work out but no. I am getting a mixture of old and new. How and why are very disappointing.

👤They're fine. For the price, a standard Ziploc would suffice; they're a little heavier, more durable plastic. I received the wrong design and it's a ridiculous thing to think about.

👤I had a replacement sent out as well as another customer and the same thing showed both times. It's a really bad thing to do to people.

👤I received these and they are sturdy and will be great for organizing inside bags. The smaller sizes are useful and hold a lot of little things. I received the wrong design. I don't want the hassle of returning so I'm keeping them. If you buy these, you may not get the design you ordered.

👤The style shown was not included in the designs given. I wanted to have tropical.

👤They are ok. The main problem I have is that the zip ties don't allow them to open up as much as they could. They are ok. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤The color pattern is bright and vivid. The colorful ones are hard to come by and I finally got my hands on the black and white one. They are good for traveling and can be used to make snacks. All purpose use holds a bit. I still use my previous purchases.

👤The newer ones are pictured several times in the product photos. I was let down. I really wanted those tropical designs in the older version of the design that I received.


👤I received a design that I don't like, but I ordered the floral pattern. I don't know why they would switch patterns like that. There is a The bags are smaller than I thought. There is a So disappointing.

👤I wanted them for the plane to carry liquids. The Tucan is a great idea.

👤I was shorted one bag, but I was happy with the bags. The print is beautiful.

👤Los diseos tienen femeninos, pero no tienen propias para traer.

7. Fred UNZIPPED Hand Blown Glass Bowl

Fred UNZIPPED Hand Blown Glass Bowl

The collapsible closed bags have two side handles to make it easier to carry from one place to another. The added strength is achieved through the use of reinforced seams. There is fun and function. The bowl is shaped like a disposable plastic bag and hasrinkled edges. It's great as a snack bowl, candy dish, desk caddy, and more. The design is unique. Fred's UNZIPPED is a temporary work. It is designed to celebrate the everyday item they take for granted: the zip-up bag. A flat base is designed to provide stability. Quality materials. The bowls are made from hand-blown borosilicate glass. The dishwasher is on top rack. TheZIPPED measures approximately 5 x 5 x 6 inches and holds 25oz. It's great for gift giving. The perfect gift for your sister, brother, wife, husband, coworker, boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend... Everyone. UNZIPPED is packed in a sturdy box.

Brand: Genuine Fred

👤This is something that I love. I put it on my desk. Picked up some candy. It looks like a cute display.

👤This is a nice glass holder. It should keep my candy close by. I have attached 2 pictures for reference. The glass can hold 2.5 cups of water and is the same size as your standard measuring cup. The glass measuring cup is half the thickness of the glass. It's about the same thickness as a dinner drinking glass but thinner. I'm just trying to give you an idea, as the bigger negative I'm seeing is the glass thickness. It should be kept away from small children.

👤This is very thin, like M&M's would break it. I tried to return it, but it wasn't possible. I don't live close to a store. The return process won't work here. I was not going to pay for the item to be returned. Don't. BUY IT! I am stuck with it and it is useless. That is a bad fail. I am very disappointed.

👤A fun candy dish. Don't pay attention to reviews that say the glass is too thin. The product appears to be durable and well-made, and it is the exact thickness it should be. It's perfect for peanut M&M's. Highly recommended!

👤Love it! Very cute. The size is about two cups. I am sure visitors will have a lot of sweets. The glass is thinner than expected. I ordered two. The first one was scratched and had a chip on it. There were no sharp edges. The package was undamaged. The second one is in great shape and the bottom is not completely flattened. I love it!

👤I ended up with a mini baggie instead of the larger one. I will return it quickly. I paid 1/3 more for the larger size but when I opened the box it was the mini, which I didn't want, and that's what I paid. Quality check is important, but I'm sure Amazon gets millions of returns. 25 oz is different than 8 oz. 6 inches is different than 3 inches. It was a total bummer.

👤This is really cute. The glass is thick enough for adults to drink from, but it would be dangerous for a child to drink from it. It's a decent size. The box said 25oz, but not sure how it is calculated. I put a 16oz bag of Dove chocolates in it. There is a It would be a nice gift. The cheaper version of the Fred one is what I bought.

👤Great piece of furniture. It's been in our house for 2 years and we've had to move it multiple times, but it's still in great shape. When you hear "thin glass", you would expect it to be thinner. It's not thick or delicate. We've used this to hold a lot of different things. I'm not sure if it's recommended, but we put it in the dishwasher. It has dog treats, candy, bags of tea, pens/pencils, peanuts, coins, and more. The glass hasn't been damaged by the change.

8. Ziploc Big Bags Large Count

Ziploc Big Bags Large Count

There is a sealed bottom and a Double Zipper Seal. Heavy-duty plastic is flexible. Convenient built-in handles. Protection from pests and dust. A bag is flexible and natural.

Brand: Ziploc

👤The bags were what I was looking for. I brine large pieces of meat before smoking them. There were multiple holes in 3 of the bags. I would have thought that the product was better than this. It was very disappointing and as a result, 1 star. Will not buy again.

👤I thought the bags would be good but they have several small holes in them so they are not air or water tight. As an experiment, I filled one with water and it was leaking out.

👤I bought them for yarn storage. They are nearly perfect, except for the fact that they are tinted blue, which was not apparent in any of their advertising photos. It's difficult to tell the yarn's color when it's in the bag. There is a I like them. There is a best hangable transparent yarn storage option. They are sturdy, easy to use, and have carrying handles. I hang them on hooks on the wall in my closet. I have not had any issues with holes in them so far and I would probably trust them for large food storage options. I plan to use them for camping and bedding storage. In one of my photos, I show a large bag and an extra large bag. The difference is large. The jumbo size was also bought by me. I returned them after seeing how big the others are. It's good for seasonal clothing storage. I'm happy with them because there's no other similar products that will work for me, and they're clear as they're advertised. I bought these on my own, without a discount.

👤I have been buying all sizes of the extra large Ziploc's for years. I like to have them on hand as they can be very useful. I ordered 2 boxes of the large bags several months ago. I didn't open and inspect them when I received them. I went to use one and opened the box and found all the bags were not good. All 5 bags in the other box I ordered are not good. I attached pictures showing how the bags were straight from the box, and the zipper on them is not attached to the bags. They are useless. I have been using the company for decades and I was very disappointed to receive a shoddy product. It appears that everything you purchase must be immediately inspected, as you can never know when a company will decide to completely compromise their manufacturing, and abandon all. I will have to see if S. C. Johnson, Inc will offer any help. There is a If this is not just a one-off, and S.C. Johnson has abandoned quality, buyer beware, open each box and inspect each bag you receive as soon as you receive it. I am not a happy customer. I hope the company will replace the faulty merchandise.

👤Dollar Tree sells a better quality, 3 pack box of the same size bags. The Dollar Tree bags are strong. The blue tint to the bags makes them stiff and flimsy.

9. Ziploc 64262 Sandwich Bags

Ziploc 64262 Sandwich Bags

These plastic sandwich bags are easy to use because of the Grip ‘n Seal technology. It is a great way to enjoy life wherever you go. It was made to be recycled and reuseable. These bags are made of durable plastic and are perfect for storing food and non-food items. Each pack has 280 bags to keep your family stocked up for school, work, picnics and vacations.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These bags turned my sandwich into a fan boy. They act like they are on MTV every morning. I put them in a plastic case. I feel bad because they all seem happy with how their life is now. They have gained so much false confidence from this purchase that they are starting to think about joining a modeling agency or selling make-up to their friends on Facebook. They have left faux anti-vax proof articles around the house.

👤Also genuine... I like that I get what I ordered. How much do you think about plastic bags? I'm going to try to write the longest review in the history of Amazon, but I don't know. They are both plastic and Ziploc. They lock and zip. The concept made sense. Wow! I am happy that someone invented this. I'm very happy. I answered even though you didn't ask. I bought the big pack because I saw on the show that you shouldn't reuse them. I don't have a place to put the big box. Suggestions? I bought a gallon bag and thought I could put a bunch in it and put it in my cabinet. Or not. Maybe I should open a sandwich shop. I'm going to use them to store food I bring into work, instead of the plastic containers I never get back. They are ingrates... I'm not bitter. I want my containers back. It's funny. Roast beef and roasted chicken with sausage stuffing is all they are getting now. I think I could put the gravy in a bag. Hmm... There is a Did I win?

👤The quality of Zip Loc sandwich bags is outstanding. This batches doesn't stay closed. Nothing stays clean or fresh because they open at the lightest touch or movement. I assume that Amazon is getting cheap counterfeit bags from their supplier.

👤My baggies were in a baggie. There is a This will not be as easy to use as when they are in a box, a box that is small enough to fit into a drawer and a box that properly stores them.

👤The manufacturer skimped on the zip. The zip is not as strong. It makes it more difficult to close. I have old bags that I compare to. I wouldn't have bought them if I knew they were going to be different. It takes more time to get it closed. I wanted to buy a bag with a slightly wider zip, but they seem like the same one.

👤It's easy to open the tab. It's great for when you have sweaty hands and don't want to fiddle with the original design. It works well for toddlers who have not fully developed their motor skills. No more asking a grown-up to help open the bag. The bag is pretty standard, it keeps out external liquids, and keeps non sharp objects in place. The plastic is more flexible than the original. If you plan to put in heavy objects like nuts and bolts, I'd go for the original brand or another brand that has thicker plastic.

10. Plastic Reclosable Zipper Ziplock Cookies

Plastic Reclosable Zipper Ziplock Cookies

Store food items or use these to cover/contain pots, pans, cooking supplies, collectables or other items that you want to store and keep clean. The bag is 2 millimeters clear. The plastic is very good and the strip has a good snap. The contents are visible and the fastening works perfectly. These are thick enough to not have any offensive smell and don't tear through. The part that is easy to close is the fastening portion. It's available for jewerly, snacks, business card, vitamins, candy, cookies, beads, and decorative with protection from dust. It's easy to open, seal, and reseal with ease, no problems with lining up the part and it doesn't split.

Brand: Koberrli

👤The perfect size for my event is these. I used to have a few people in my home so that I could help everyone feel more safe, I put gloves on, plastic utensils, and a napkin in each one, and they worked great for my needs. If you get the smaller plastic ware it will be able to fit in the room that is left. It's hard to find this size because I needed tall and slender ones. I would buy them again if necessary. The seller sent them out in a timely manner.

👤Good quality, great item. These bags make my products look professional. I will look and see if you offer different sizes. I'll be a customer.

👤The bags worked perfectly for what I needed them for. They are the same as the expensive bags. I will be ordering these bags again. I was so happy to find these. I would recommend to everyone.

👤It's easy to get in and out of jewelry bags.

👤This is the perfect size for a chip bag, if you are looking for one.

👤Good for a lot of uses. Not flimsy.

👤I use these to put my jewelry in my customers' cars. These are reasonably priced and I love them. Very happy with the purchase.

👤These bags are very nice. I use them all the time. There is a They are not very thick. They are not really close. There is a You can't put a lot in these bags because they rip.

11. Insulated Reusable Zippered Accessories Insullated

Insulated Reusable Zippered Accessories Insullated

Ensures this 100 ct bag set will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase; many people are stocking up with several hundred for their business or home. They have a big supply in stock so hurry and buy now. This is a great wrapper for friends, family, and co-workers who need a high quality and premium bag. Cold or frozen food can be purchased with insulated grocery bags. The best shopping tote is made of cloth. It's Fordable. The shopping bags are easy to open and close, they can be used for groceries. Food warm. The bags are great for food delivery. The tote bag kept their food nice and cool. Food warm. The bags are great for food delivery. The tote bag kept their food nice and cool. Excellent product for hot food delivery. Food is kept cold during warmer weather. They're great to use when traveling to family gatherings with food. Large bags for carrying food. It isdurable: The bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight.

Brand: Bodaon

👤If you are using instacart, buy two sets because they are short of regulation. The 4 bags are cheaper than 2 bags, but they aren't as sturdy.

👤We bought theses for our business. Depending on what you put in them and how you place your items in the bags, they are very large. There are two large straps on each side. There is enough room in the bag for a 10 oz box between the jugs. We are very pleased with our order. Hope this helps someone make a decision.

👤I only got one of the two and they seem like they would be nice. I need it bigger so I can eat more. I'm sending it back for a refund and I'm hoping the photo that says 16x9x12 isn't true.

👤I wanted to use these before I wrote a review. They are strong. The handles are thick and lightweight. I am ordering more just for groceries. They are quick to pack and unload and are shocked at how much they hold. See the picture. The bag was not full. They are quicker to use than my bags that hold a few things. They stay open while you pack your groceries so it moves quicker. I hope you have the same experience.

👤I used these bags for the first time today and one of the seams split open. These bags are not durable enough for heavy items. Very disappointed!

👤These bags along with some cardboard are perfect for most drinks and orders.

👤I ordered this brand for my mother because I liked it so much. The bags are great. Will be ordering more.

👤I use them for my instacart shopping. I recommend these if you are just starting or getting a new cooler. These work great if you are looking for a cooler that is a grocery bag type. The handles are long so they can be slung on your shoulder. They take up zero space when folded flat. IC/shipt/dash is included. Shoppers. The size on these is perfect for warm/cold holding temperatures, but also great for separators and getting your order to their door. I carry larger alcohol orders even when there aren't any hot items or cold items. Home users. These are great for keeping things cold while you shop, but also keeping things warm while you shop, and can be used as a grocery bag. They are well made and mine are not showing any signs of wear.

👤When you have a meal delivery service, the insulated bags are great. The handles are sturdy. The bags are light.

👤They are light and thin, they are ok for the price. I haven't tried them with heavy weight because they seem fragile and useful to keep frozen groceries for a while.

👤This item is reasonably priced, and it is exactly as pictured. We're happy with the purchase and delivery was earlier than expected.

👤The bag was packed half full and the handle was ripped. I had to pay 14 Canadian dollars to get my refund because the cost was $22 Canadian. A lot of energy wasted. Stay away.


What is the best product for decorative ziplock bags large?

Decorative ziplock bags large products from Space Seal. In this article about decorative ziplock bags large you can see why people choose the product. Restaurantware and Ziploc are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ziplock bags large.

What are the best brands for decorative ziplock bags large?

Space Seal, Restaurantware and Ziploc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ziplock bags large. Find the detail in this article. Spartan Industrial, Flytt and Genuine Fred are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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