Best Queen Comforter Set with Decorative Pillows

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1. Madison Park Laurel Queen Comforter

Madison Park Laurel Queen Comforter

The bed in the collection features a bonus decorative pillow and matching shams. It has a gorgeous, bold solid color with a thick border design for a sophisticated "deluxe hotel" look. Polyoni fabric has a natural sheen finish and is also resistant to wrinkling. The set includes 1 comforter, 1 bed skirt, 2 standard shams, and 3 decorative pillows. Machine wash cold. Remove quickly.

Brand: Madison Park

👤I've been looking for a new bedding set for months. We have a cal king bed. It's hard to find many options. I decided to purchase this set after narrowing my choices down. It looked nice and had good reviews. I read the lowest ratings posted, but took them with a grain of salt. I think there are some "bad eggs" that are purchased every once in a while, but they are usually not a good representation of the product. I wish I'd taken the one star ratings more seriously. The material didn't feel great when I opened it. ... I still thought it was pretty enough, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. When I washed it, it was its downfall. I saw cotton fluff all over the place when I took it out of the washer. I remembered a few reviews where they mentioned this. It's definitely not a bad egg scenario. The comforter will most likely shred after the first wash. The rest of the items were clean, but the comforter looked terrible. I would return it after being washed. I have to deal with my terrible decision to purchase this set.

👤I liked how this looked online. It is a bit pinker in person, but it is the same as the photos. The comforter top and pillow tops are very soft. The comforter and pillows are a bit softer. The bedding is made of 100% polyester, so it can make you sweaty and itchy very quickly. I don't know if it's still alive as I haven't washed it. It looks like it will hold up for a while, but I think the sewn parts will break at some point. This will work if you are looking for something pretty and not interested in function. You can catch it on sale. I would look for something with a cotton mix if you are looking for something comfortable.

👤The comforter and pillows are beautiful. I have returned many others that barely drape over the side of the bed, but the comforter fits my king bed perfectly. The underside is soft and comforting. The blanket is very nice, but I wish it was a bit more plush like the picture shows. The wrinkled material makes the bed look sloppy. I understand that this happens with shipping, but it doesn't seem to remove the wrinkling. The color is boring and so I added more pillows to make it more interesting. Amazon had the best price for this comforter, even though it was offered through many different retailers.

👤I received the set in the mail today. I hear the stitching rip when I adjust the blanket. I thought it would be similar. It's rough. I tried to cancel my order the same day I ordered it. They said it was already being shipped. It was Saturday.

👤The comforter set looks the same as the product picture. I was a little worried that it wouldn't look purple, but it matches the other items in my room perfectly. The package was delivered within the time frame. The bed skirt is a little too big for me. I put the extra material on the side of the bed that is near the wall. I ordered matching curtains and they transformed my room. The comforter is very soft on the side facing down. The top side has a shiny gloss that is not bold but adds class. The comforter is very warm and you don't need a blanket under it. I have had to turn on my ceiling fan when I kicked off the comforter. I am normally cold all the time. My only warning is to be careful when making your bed because the comforter can pop the stitching. I have to make sure the comforter doesn't pop. The pillows and shams were fine. I love it and don't regret buying it.

2. Comfort Spaces Set Modern Alternative Decorative

Comfort Spaces Set Modern Alternative Decorative

Give your room a fresh globally inspired look with the Comfort SpacesMona 6 Piece Comforter Set. The bright colors on the comforter and pillows add to the fun in your room. This set is lightweight enough to keep you warm in the winter but also cozy in the warm months. The set includes 1 comforter, 2 standard shams, and a bedskirt. Instructions for care are machine wash and gentle cycle. Clean decorative pillows.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤Where do I start? I was excited to get this comforter to put on my new bed and when it arrived, I saw the package wrapped in a bow. I was very excited. I opened the bag and was disappointed. 1) The color is not the same as the listing photos. I understand that lighting makes a difference, but even after changing the lighting in the room from cool white, to natural, to warm lighting, the color of this comforter looks nothing like the beautiful Gray in the photos. There are two more It is completely covered in wrinkling. I've never opened a comforter and seen so much in my life. It makes sense that the fabric is very thin. I did not try washing or drying it to get them out because I will be returning in a few days and it will be impossible to get them out without dry cleaning. There are 3 more There were a lot of stray threads on top of the mattress, coming from the seams and pillowcases. This shows that it is very low quality. There are four The comforter is very thin. I am pretty sure that some bed sheets are thicker. I know it is supposed to be a light weight comforter. The comforter shown in the pictures is not the same as the one in the picture. The pillow is very flat and pathetic looking because the comforter comes in an air vacuumed sack. There is a This was a disappointing experience and the price was decent. I have purchased comforter sets from Walmart that are much, much better quality than this one, and it looks like it would not sell at Walmart. I rolled the comforter back up and tried to stuff it back in the box so I could get one that was worth $70.

👤The bedding is gorgeous. It was packaged well. Light weight comforter This bedding was exactly what I wanted.

👤The set is simple, but it is hard to get out of thewrinkle. I have followed the washing/drying directions after having this set for about five months. It looks like a wrinkled mess. I have tried everything to get thewrinkle out. I would have returned immediately. The picture was taken after 5 months.

👤I was expecting a better quality, but it is ok.

👤This furniture set is gorgeous. The picture is just like the one, with Aqua, Grey, Blue, and a little touch of greenery. It feels very warm. It is well made and is trimmed around the edges. You will not be disappointed.

👤It was exactly what we were looking for. It is cheap and continues to get holes. I am very sad and disappointed that I don't have enough money to buy a new comforter.

👤For $60, I expected better quality. This was a waste of money and I didn't see anything for two weeks. I don't know how the rip got there, it could have come ripped and I didn't notice, but you can see that the fabric is cheap.

3. Comfort Spaces Comforter Printed Decorative

Comfort Spaces Comforter Printed Decorative

The measurement is 90 (W) x90 (L) inches, 2 Shams, 20 (W) x26 (L) inches each, Decorative Pillow, 12 (W) x16 (L) inches, Bed Skirt, 60 (W) x80 (L) plus 15 There are purple and white floral printed patterns on a gray background in the comforter set. Space saving and gift ready can be achieved by vacuum sealed.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤I just received my comforter. I love it, it fits my room decor. I washed it and dried it. I found a dead bug while cleaning out the dryer vent. I discovered it was a bedbug. After my first freakout, I thought it was a mistake. I wash stuff before I do anything else with it.

👤The comforter was vacuum sealed and probably why it came out wrinkly. It makes sense to conserve space because the directions state that ironing is not an option and the only other way to get out thewrinkle is to tumble dry low for 15-20 minutes with a damp rag. The filling inside was stiffened after it was pulled out so it wouldn't fall down. It was so strange. When it went into the dryer, it came out more wrinkled. I read all the 1 star reviews before I bought this and I knew it was a risk. I thought I would give it a try because my husband and I agreed on the design and thought it would look great in our room, even though I have purchased other items that had 1 star reviews and did not experience the same issues. It's pretty disappointing. I knew it was a risk, so I will look for something else. The picture is sideways. Hopefully you can see what it looked like when it came out of the dryer. I would give 5 stars to Amazon Customer Service. The man I spoke with was pleasant. He sent me a label to return the item, and I will get my money back today. There is no hassle.

👤Really like the comforter. The colors pop. I didn't have a problem with the color fading after first wash, so I was hesitant to buy. I washed the comforter with cold water and used Woolite instead of a harsher detergent and then hung up on my door to finish drying. There is no fading or color bleeding in these pictures after the first wash. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The set is wrinkled even after washing per instructions, the dust ruffle is fine to dry on the recommended low setting. The pillow reads "spot clean only". I will follow those instructions as well. Don't expect a comforter that looks like the photo. Most product photos are pinned and plumped up. If the shams were simple pillow cases, be nice. The edges are floppy and make the bed look sloppy. I like the asymmetrical print and open composition. Negative space can be found at the top of the bed or over one side if the comforter is square. It would make me happy to have a solution to the wrinkling.

👤I washed and dried it and it became stiff. I thought maybe it was concentrated detergent that washed it again. It feels like the cotton inside has stuck together, I am confused as to why only part of it became stiff. It won't look like it's fresh out of the dryer.

4. Comfort Spaces Hypoallergenic Microfiber Comforter

Comfort Spaces Hypoallergenic Microfiber Comforter

This welcoming bedding set from Comfort Spaces will make your bedroom feel luxurious. The Cavoy comforter set features a diamond tufting design on the center. Natural Sheen is a soft fabric that is resistant to stains. The set includes a comforter of 90"W x 90"L, 2 standard shams of 20"W x 26"L, and a bedskirt of 60"W x 80"L. Care instructions for machines.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤It was a ripoff. It looks like a different picture. If you had a school uniform, you would have to wear cheap khakis. The comforter looks nice and fluffy in the picture. It's a thin excuse in real life. The comforter is not big enough for a queen, and the bed skirt is not the same color as the comforter. Immediately returning. Don't waste your time.

👤I liked this comforter set very much. There is a I had a rip in the seam while I was making my bed. I didn't play tug of war or make a fort. I made my bed. There is a manufacturing problem.

👤This was a waste of money. The material has no sheen and is drab. It looks like a military uniform. They say not to iron it, but it was wrinkled after being washed. It is short on the sides of my bed. Garbage. This seller should be dropped by Amazon.

👤The product doesn't look like it was in the picture. It was two days late. I expected the comforter to be heavier than the one I purchased. I don't like going through the hassle because of how thin it is. I had to fold my pillows to fit the pillow cases. I am worried that if you wash it, it will not be good anymore.

👤The grey is a nice shade. After taking out the packaging, it was wrinkled but smoothed out. The picture was in the box. Very cute and soft. It was worth the price. I love this.

👤It was soft. The taupe is more of a khaki than the photos depict, but it's still nice. The small pillow had a pin-tuck that came out when I opened it, but everything else is the same. A hair dryer gave them all out in half an hour. It was amazing to see the wrinkled skin melt away. After the vacuum packing, it looked extra fluffy. A lot of customer photos looked flat, but mine looks close to the product photo.

👤The color is bright and beautiful. There are a few things wrong with this comforter, so I wouldn't recommend it. The material is cheap. This comforter is not a soft one. The ruffle strip in the middle is not centered evenly. The comforter looks dirty even with washing and dry cleaning, it is so strange. My dog scratched the comforter and the scratch marks won't wash off. Trust me, just save your money.

👤The comforter set is beautiful. The fabric is cheap. It looks very classy.

👤No suelo escribir reseas pero esto en un fraude y ms. por el precio. Amazon revisar a tipo de productos. No son, lo ofrecen.

👤No estoy satisfecha, lo presenta en la publicacin. There is a The ocaciones de pedir. Productos en Amazon. There is a No vuelvo a pedir.

👤The colour is soft and beautiful. The fabric is easy towrinkle. It's great if you toss it in on steam function. There is a The feel of the fabric is soft and comfortable. The price point is perfect, I've paid 20-300 for other ones that I've returned and they didn't even come close to how nice this one is. This is my favorite comforter set ever and I would buy it again. It was soft. Highly recommend.

5. Chic Home Patchwork Complete Comforter

Chic Home Patchwork Complete Comforter

It can be made in the USA or imported. The microfiber comforter of the Chic Home Duke is made with a cotton feel fabric that makes it soft and comfortable. A peaceful sleep with a soft comforter cover. The Duke Queen size pieced comforter is stuffed with 100% synthetic filling, which is perfect for anyone with allergies looking to breathe and sleep easy, especially children and the elderly. The Duke peach skin microfiber comforter Queen by Chic Home is stuffed with synthetic down to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Chic Home Duke Queen comforter set is made with strict quality control standards and comes with everything you need for a bedding makeover. This set includes a queen size comforter, sheet set, decorative pillows and shams, all you need to transform your décor. Turn your bedroom into a chic home by adding one to cart today.

Brand: Chic Home

👤It's very soft. I like to crawl into bed. It's very comfortable. The color is dark.

👤A friend of mine set me a link to this set when I walked out of Target with just sheets. I was annoyed because I hated everything Target had, and even though I went there to find a bed in a bag, I decided to just get sheets for a ridiculous price. I immediately placed an order after I looked at the link he sent me. The simplicity of the design and the color combo made me love it. I got out of my car and returned the sheets I just bought. They didn't make it out of the parking lot. It's a good thing. This was the first time I bought bedding online. The price was almost too good to be true, so I was very nervous about the quality. Thank you God. I decided to see if I could do it. I am so happy I did. Everything you need is included in this set, and it is soft, cozy and high quality. It came out of the wash even softer. There is a The pillows are a nice touch. I already had pillows that were perfect for the pillowcases. I don't like comforters but the one included is so cozy that I don't mind. This was a huge bonus for me. If you are in the market, I highly recommend the bed in a bag set. 100% satisfied with the purchase! It made my bed look great.

👤The colors are as advertised and the King set is beautiful. The set was full of loose threads. It looks like it make come undone, because it is so afraid to wash and dry. I can not take it. Definitely made in China. There is a single threaded waste of money. It looks good on site, but not in person. Will be back soon! Waiting to hear what the seller has to say? Unless you have a sewing machine on hand, you will be sewing this every night. The sheets were made poorly and quickly. Shipping was long. I think it's due to carbon dioxide.

👤We have an orange accent wall and this comforter is great in it. It is very comfortable and feels great. The pillow cases are for king pillows and it's easy to fix them. I was worried that the patch of white would get dirty but it hasn't. The sheets are great.

👤I always read reviews before buying something. This one had some good and some bad. I decided to try for myself. It was a big mistake. I took it out but it was missing pillowcases and a fitted sheet. It turned out to be nothing but fabric when I washed it. It looked like the padding inside the comforter was made of foam. I had to get someone to help me stretch it out across the bed because it bunched up so bad. No, the bed wouldn't be covered after that. I was very disappointed. It was easy to return, but it was still difficult to return a bed set.

6. Madison Park Comforter Microsuede Decorative

Madison Park Comforter Microsuede Decorative

Product features The pieced microsuede is used for the comforter to give it a soft feel while the pieces add texture and color. The pillows have a mix of leaf print. The bed in a bag comforter set is made of superior quality fabric that is more durable and breathable. The package includes a comforter of 90x90", 3 pillows, and a bedskirt of 60x80 and 15. The bed in a bag is transitional and classic. It is easy to wash the machine. It was tumble dry.

Brand: Madison Park

👤Most things arrive and are described, so I don't often write reviews. This comforter set is better than I expected, and it's even better for the price. It's light for summer and very soft. It fits my California King bed. I can't tell you how many comforter sets I've bought that claim to fit a CalKing. In the past, I've had to pull a comforter to one side so that the side you see when you walk in the room is not as bad as the side you don't see. This comforter is perfect.

👤This is the second set I have purchased. It's wonderful! I don't know what the magic is, but this comforter keeps you cool when it's cold and warm when it's warm. The set is well-made and looks good. What you get for the price is unbeatable. I need a third bed to buy another set.

👤It took a long time for it to arrive. The comforter ripped at the seams after I followed the washing instructions. It says you can wash the comforter.

👤This set is wonderful! It was soft. The pillows were cute and not broken in the package. The product is very well made and you won't be disappointed.

👤I was fourth on the comforter set. I will let you know. I bought the same set for my mom a few years ago. This set is a lot heavier. I got for myself. Living in Texas. This is not a problem. Negative reviews held me back. Maybe I was fortunate. But. It is perfect. There were no rips. There were no odors. The package was not wrinkled. I own a king size bed. I ordered the California king. I have 12 inches on each side.

👤I wanted to rate this higher but I was expecting a better price. The box was damaged when it was received. The sellers are likely to blame the shippers. It is soft and the colors are nice. The stitching is terrible. The burgundy section has random stitching done with white thread. They are not straight. The tan portion used tan stitching. I think they ran out of burgundy thread. They aren't at least stitched straight. It makes the look look cheap. The pillows were nice. It's a good weight. The item is overpriced for the quality, but it looks nice on a bed.

👤I had to give it a rating in order to post it. There is a This is the worst craftsmanship I have seen. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am. Wrinkles are permanent because of the crooked seams throughout the comforter and pillows. This is not nice to look at. I regret buying this item.

👤It was better than expected. Light and warm. This was a hit because I had a million to pick from. Normally when guys pick something like this, it would be better if it was Prime. You have to keep the box. In this case, it went on the bed and it looks great. Not sure if it will last, but not much under the dog, but for the price. There is a It is warm but light and breathes. I bought a king for a queen bed.

7. Chic Home Comforter Complete Decorative

Chic Home Comforter Complete Decorative

It can be made in the USA or imported. The microfiber comforter from the Chic Home is made with a cotton feel fabric that makes it soft and comfortable. A peaceful sleep with a soft comforter cover. The queen size patchwork comforter is made of 100% synthetic filling, which is perfect for anyone with allergies looking to breathe and sleep easy, especially children and the elderly. The queen comforter by Chic Home is stuffed with synthetic down and will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A bed set built to last is what the Chic Home Zarah patterned queen comforter set is built to last. This set is all you need to transform your décor and elevate your style. Turn your bedroom into a chic home by adding one to cart today.

Brand: Chic Home

👤The ladies really like having sheets and a comforter.

👤I bought this comforter set for my new queen bed, but it is a bit small for a queen, and the blanket barely covers the mattress, so I would recommend buying this comforter instead.

👤I bought this for my 16 year old because her previous set was getting old and she was very concerned after reading reviews. Quality looks good and it is soft. She is a teenager and they don't tend to keep things in the best condition. Her room is perfect.

👤The set was not long enough to make the bed. The material is soft, but it's more a reflection of how thin it is than the quality. Where do we start? There were loose threads and a plastic smell, which can be solved by washing the entire set. The sheets and pillow cases are only supposed to be cleaned once a year. The tag is from a pillowcase. Imagine having a set of sheets and pillow cases that are not washed. There is a It was easy to see why they shouldn't be washed, the seams were already coming apart. The portion of the bedspread that wasn't stitched to the correct place left it bumpy and even. The pillow shams prefer drycleaning. I want to dry clean a 90 dollar set of sheets. The size of the sheets and comforter fit nicely. The comforter is lightweight, but it has very little fill, and it is poor quality. The bag for the set was large and well made so it will be easy to return it. Stay far away, do yourself a favor!

👤I like the whole package. The presentation was included. I felt like I ordered a fancy set. The quality and feel have been amazing. There is a I will be buying another one soon because it's beautiful on my bed. I like changing my room appearance a lot. The fit is what I expected. There is a The quality of sleep is what I get. I fall asleep in my bed. I will recommend this to anyone who asks, and I am getting a lot of inquiries about it. The price is not what I want for the satisfaction I get out of it. Way under priced! I would pay more for it. I can't beat how I feel when I wake up. There is a I thank the product development team 1000 times. Thank you!

👤I opened the product today and it passed the deadline of return. This is not what I intended on ordering, it's not gray at all. It is green. It doesn't match anything in the bedroom I bought it for. I spent $80 on something that I don't use anymore because it is not the colors I was told it would be.

👤I have bought several comforter/duvet sets. I like to change my favorites often. I sent this one to a friend who sent it back to me and I hope it stays in that home. There is nothing to indicate any quality flaws. The reverse pattern seems better. It's too much to include four main colors in a room which already has three main colors.

8. Madison Park Odette Jacquard Comforter

Madison Park Odette Jacquard Comforter

Add a touch of class to your bedroom with the comforter set. The luxurious comforter and shams have a gorgeous design with striations on the ground that add to the lavish look. There is a measure of 1 comforter. 2 Standard Shams - 20(W) inches x 26(L) inches plus 2 inch flange each, 1 Bedskirt - 60(W) inches x 80(L) inches plus 15 inch drop, and 2 Decorative Pillows - 12(W) inches. The Euro Shams are 26 inches x 26 inches and have 2 inch flanges. There are microfiber reverse, 8oz/sq yard polyester filling, embroidered pillow with decorative cording, and comforter and shams made of tHe same material. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, tumble dry on low heat, do not bleach, Spot Clean Pillow.

Brand: Madison Park

👤The set is beautiful. The comforter is of good quality. The decorative pillows are pretty and the king size shams are nice. Good neutral color.

👤I am happy I bought this comforter. I haven't been able to buy comforters or duvets online. I love this one. It is heavy enough to stay put all night. The quality is great.

👤I am picky when it comes to my bedding. It took me a long time to commit to buying something. I took a chance because the return policy seemed straightforward. I am very happy. Everything I could have hoped for. Exactly as described. Nice pattern. Not just a print. It was easy to add pillows, curtains, and lamps. I think it came together nicely. One of the pillows on my chair is an accent, since I purchased additional decorative pillows. I didn't use the euro pillows. It made my bed too cluttered. I added more pillows. I would have used euro shams. They were beautiful as well.

👤Very nice! It seems to be well made. I put 4 stars instead of 5. I think it is slightly overpriced, but maybe I am just cheap? I will not be returning it. They had 2. I took it out of the packaging because it had a weird smell but I did a few coats of febreeze and it seems to be fine now. Our walls and carpets are grey and I will likely purchase a few extra throw pillows for a pop of color. It is a lot of GREY going on.

👤I have never seen it in person, so I ordered it on Amazon. I liked the neutral colors of this bed set and wanted something classy for our guest bedroom. I was surprised when I took it out of the box. It looks more expensive than it costs, which is always a nice surprise with bedding. It's puffy like it looks in the photos. Every time I look at my bed, the detail on the comforter makes me smile.

👤Absolutely amazing for the price. I was not sure if I would like it, but I am glad I took a chance on it. The pillow cases are bland. I bought my own pillows to add to my decor. The comforter is soft and fluffy, and has a nice weight to it. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I received a used comforter set with no pillows and a big brown spot near the head of the comforter. It was gross! There is a A new set was received. And it is gorgeous! If you are one of those people who are always cold in the summer, you will feel high quality.

👤Oh my! I am very happy that I bought this set. I just love it. It looks very high end. The comforter has a beautiful pattern. I was looking for a set that had a silver touch to it and this one is a winner. This is more beautiful than I thought. Very happy with the purchase!

9. Madison Park Amherst Comforter Queen

Madison Park Amherst Comforter Queen

The clean aesthetic design of the bed set makes it easy to match your current décor. The whole bed is tied together by the piping of the fabric on the comforter and pillows. Natural Sheen is a soft fabric that is resistant to stains. The set includes 1 comforter, 3 pillows, and a bed skirt. Instructions for care are machine wash and gentle cycle. It was tumble dry. Clean decorative pillows.

Brand: Madison Park

👤There was an update on 5/1/18. The bedding looked great at first. The comforter is very silky, and the sheets are very nice. I bought the elastic kind that you wrap around, and it matches perfectly, because I'm not crazy about bed skirts. I have had a comforter for 5 months. It was washed and the filling bunched up and the outside had little pilings. It is not possible to make it look better. It was beautiful, but now it isn't. I have to buy a different one. It was expensive to replace after 5 months.

👤I love this comforter set. I was looking for a King set for months. I kept an eye on this one for a while and I'm very happy with it. I'm not going to wash it because of the perfect pleats. When the time comes to refresh, I'm going to have it dry- cleaned. Keeping the bed clean is not a problem for us because our children are grown and we don't allow our dog on the bed. This might not be the best choice if you have small children or dogs.

👤This is definitely not microfiber, I read it in the title. Red is not as dark as the picture would suggest. The areas that were dried out looked oily as well. Nothing to write home about. Would not recommend it. There are pieces of glue and patches where the material is hard and dark. This garbage should not be sold by Amazon.

👤Many of the other sets advertised had negative reviews of poor quality and pics that didn't match the description, so I was so leery of buying something like this online. This set is spot on. The pillows are beautiful and the fabric is beautiful. I got a queen set for a full size bed and mattress and it is large. I got a set of silver sheets to match and they are perfect. I haven't had a nice bed set in a long time, and I wanted a really nice one. The colors are great for a guy. The quality of my room is outstanding, and it has completely changed the look of my room. We will have to see how it holds up over time and a few washing's, but I am very happy with my new bedding.

👤This is a great set. The fabric is the same as the pictures on the website. The fabric has a sheen to it. I have it. I had ordered the wrong size. I was very disappointed. I kept my bed because it needed an update. It looks great on the bed. The pillows make the whole set complete. The shams fit a standard pillow. I didn't have to get a big pillow to fill the shams. The comforter has a soft complimentary fabric on the back. The bed skirt completes the look. The quality of the set is very good. They didn't have a lot of strings. I didn't have to trim the whole set before putting it on the bed. The blocks of color made this space cooler. I would recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a beautiful set to add the feel of the ocean to their room. It has a nautical feel that you can really enjoy decorating. The picture of the comforter is in place.

10. 510 Design Shawnee Piece Comforter

510 Design Shawnee Piece Comforter

The reverse of the comforter is brown, and the shams are the same color as the comforter. The blue Euro shams have brown flanges that add a charming touch. The set includes a comforter and standard shams. The bedskirt is 60"W x 80"L and has 15 Decorative Pillows and 2 Euro Shams. Material Details: Soft microfiber face and reverse comforter, microfiber bed skirt, pillows and euro shams. There are care instructions for machine wash pillows.

Brand: 510 Design

👤I bought this hoping the quilt like stitching would help prevent the inner batting material inside the comforter from shifting and bunching during a laundry cycle. The reason it made my list was that we have a dog and a toddler that both spend time in bed with us, and this set says it is machine washed. Initially, I loved this set. It is beautiful in person. It was soft, comfortable, and the colors were true to the pictures, which was something I was excited about. We washed the comforter for the first time after a few weeks because of my toddler tornado. It was a big mistake. The care directions were followed. It was only put in the dryer for a short period of time in order to preserve its condition, and additional precautions were taken by only putting it in the dryer for a short period of time. It came out of the laundry cycle with a loss of color in large areas towards the bottom of the comforter, which used to be the gorgeous paisly section. After a 10 minute run in the dryer, it came out wrinkled, and I believe the batting may have started to melt. I tried to pull it back apart and even it out, but it was much worse before I grabbed my phone to document it. It wasn't in the dryer for long in order to be completely destroyed. The loss of color is very upsetting. This was not the most expensive set, but I have had more cost effective sets that have held up better than this. I really liked the look of it.

👤This set is gorgeous. There is a The design of the color is soft and gentle. The pattern is crisp and clear. It's a gentle aqua color, not a teal or turquoise color. A "greige" color is what the design is called. Not quite grey, but not beige either. I might call it a warm grey but it will blend nicely with some beiges. It's definitely not a cool grey. There is a The white area is clean. Not off white. I found everything to be true. It's even better in real life. There is a The word "Embroidery" is more of a straight stitch feature but it does look nice. See the photo in its entirety. I was not disappointed but I was expecting something a little different. It adds texture to the fabric. I thought this was a great buy, it included several throw pillows and shams for two Euro bolster pillows. There is a straight kick pleat dust cover. I'm very happy with it for my guest room.

👤The comforter included in this set is not very nice. There are some strange stitches that open up with 2 or 3 days. I could have gone to Kmart and gotten better quality for less. Very disappointed. I recommend you not to do this.

👤Waited over a week for this to arrive. The item is not what is advertised. I did not take it out of the box. The comforter is ivory and tan. The comforter has no color at all. There are two different shades of tan. There is a light tan and a dark tan. Sending it back will lead to more searching.

11. Bedsure Pieces Alternative Comforter Pillowcases

Bedsure Pieces Alternative Comforter Pillowcases

Throw Pillow Cases Vintage Quote Music Lettering Around Music Instruments Guitar Quote Words Rustic Red Buffalo Plaid Check Snowflake Christmas The back is Nature Linen without printing. The comforter set is made from brushed microfiber fabric and is ultra- soft against the skin. A fluffy comforter is created by a cloud-like down filling. Multiple pinch pleats comforter set create exquisite geometric patterns and look more stunning. The bed skirt of the queen bed in a bag gives the bed a stylish look without exposing any space underneath the bed and makes your room look more elegant, also great for kids. 14” deep pocket fitted sheets cover your mattress firmly. The pillowcases are easy to put on. The decorative lace of the pillow sham matches the space you have. It's easy to care for. The Bedsure bed set can be washed separately on a gentle cycle. Since the bag comes in a sealed container, it's highly recommended to gently tap the bedding set to make it fluffier before putting it on your bed. The Bedsure bed set includes 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Brand: Bedsure

👤In this case, I write reviews. I will. I knew if I wanted this or not because I was looking through every review before buying. I'm usually never satisfied after buying cheap bed sets. Hope this helps! There is a It's medium weight and very soft. As long as you know the size of your matress. A lot of people complain about the tears after getting this, but mine had no tears. It's probably a 50% thing. There is a I ordered grey and it was purple lavender. I wanted grey, but this will do it for me. It's not meant for heavy use. Standing on. If you have a child that likes to jump on the bed. You should not get this. It would be great for a guest room. After putting the blanket/sheets in the dryer, it will come wrinkled as can be, but right after that, it will be dewrinkled. They came out right away. This came in a small box, but do not give it to someone. It's all there, and it's vacuum packed in plastic, which makes the shipment package look small. I'm not sure if I'll wash this yet, but I'm pretty sure you'll need to wash the blanket and the sheets separately. The water was cold and gentle. I think it will shrink after wet and then dry. There is a Hope this helps!

👤I was hesitant about purchasing this color due to my 7 year old son, but I am glad I made the decision. It is perfect, comfortable and as described. I washed it once and it was in perfect condition.

👤I love this set. I need to buy two more pillows for the decorative pillow cases. Before you use any sheets, I recommend you to wash them. The sheets that come in this set are very soft. There is a Before purchasing, I read reviews of people who were told not to wash the comforter because of the pinch pleats. I am completely disgusted. Before you use it, wash it. There is a The material had a warehouse smell when it was out of the package. It's a must to wash. I put the sheets, comforter and other items in the dryer. I put the comforter on the lowest heat and it came out so bad that I had to take it off. There is a It was relatively flat out of the package, but now is like a cloud. It was so much fluff. There is a heart-eye symbol here. Please wash the furniture. You won't stop it! The dryer should be put on the lowest dry settings.

👤I absolutely adore this comforter set. Very soft! It's worth the money. I wasn't sure if I would buy one offline. I don't regret this purchase!

👤I don't give a 5 star because I don't think there is a warning that things can melt together, this was my first set of queen sheets with comforter for my first queen sized bed. I didn't know that there were different washing instructions and that a warning would be nice in the future.


What is the best product for queen comforter set with decorative pillows?

Queen comforter set with decorative pillows products from Madison Park. In this article about queen comforter set with decorative pillows you can see why people choose the product. Comfort Spaces and Chic Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding queen comforter set with decorative pillows.

What are the best brands for queen comforter set with decorative pillows?

Madison Park, Comfort Spaces and Chic Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for queen comforter set with decorative pillows. Find the detail in this article.

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