Best Queen Size Pillow Shams Set Of 2 Decorative Clearance

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1. MOVE OVER Pillow Pillowcases Microfiber

MOVE OVER Pillow Pillowcases Microfiber

If you want to find matching duvet covers, please search in their store. 2 king size pom poms pillowcases (20"x40"). illows are not included. Deep Pocket Pillowcases A deep pocket is created to hide the pillow. It's easy on and off, but won't slip off from the pillow. Soft Washed Microfiber Pillow Cases are lightweight and fade-resistant. The pillowcases are really soft. It has cute pom poms. Please wash the balls separately before use, otherwise they may fall. Do not wash pillowcases with items that have zippers. There is aTERN: Give the color a dull room needs, their beautifully and well-designed pom poms design pattern soft pillow cover add brightness and style to your home.

Brand: Move Over

👤I want to love them. I love the look and the fabric. I think I was too optimistic about the pom poms ability to last and maybe that is my fault. I ordered these in January. The pompoms are not the same. They get smoosy and filled with lint and the strings holding the poms are stretched out. After the next wash, I will probably cut off the pompoms.

👤I passed on rating this product on it's "sheerness" because I am not sure what that means. It's a great price for two pillow cases. They seem to be holding up well. I have been using them to sleep for a couple of weeks after washing them. It was a great color and matched my decor perfectly.

👤I was looking for two shams to match the comforter. The pillow shams look great. The silver/blue color is not a bright navy. I used two king-size pillows in each sham to make it look full, and you can see the pom-poms. Such a nice detail! The material has a nice feel. These pillow shams are gorgeous.

👤These pillow cases were not real taupe. They have a pink color. It didn't complement my bedding. They were going to be used as pillow shams.

👤I bought a seafoam green quilt and wanted something with a "boho" feel to it, but it didn't come with pillowcases. I ordered two and got four. I probably didn't read the details right. I thought they were bad, but they were better than I thought. It's really soft and cute. They match my quilt perfectly.

👤I recently purchased a target. Casaluna wanted some cute pillow cases to complement the blanket that did not clash. I turned to Amazon because Target was out of stock. I was hesitant to purchase because I usually rely on the review pictures to get a good feel for what the product will look like. I am very impressed and in love. The color was perfect for what I needed. I recommend!

👤These are wonderful. It was very soft and well made. They arrived the next day with a note from the small business who made them hidden inside. There is an update. Even on low, they shrink a lot. I would get the king-size pillows next time, since they are also small.

👤I was impressed when I first saw it. The photo color is greyish navy, which is more accurate than blue. I have noticed with my slobbery dog that the slobber shows up very easily on this soft cotton fabric and dark color, that's the only downside I've noticed so far, besides one time I woke up with a pom pom shoved in my ear.

2. Vaulia Lightweight Microfiber Pillow Design

Vaulia Lightweight Microfiber Pillow Design

The fabric is lightweight for ultimate comfort. It is easy to wash and care for. The pattern is easy to coordinate with your existing bedding decor. The set includes pillow shams. Matching pattern is also available.

Brand: Vaulia

👤These are more like a pillow case and not a structured sham, but they are a great buy for only 14 bucks. The ruching is done nicely and the seams are sewn down. It has a fold over or envelope closure but not a zip. The fabric is very thin. I ordered both colors. Both looked nice and were washed up well. If you don't have a white pillow protector on your pillow, you will see through it. These cases are a great buy if you want to dress up your bed. I like them.

👤There is more of a pillowcase. The fabric is the same thickness as a pillowcase. There is a I have to close the gaping hole in the pillow case so the pillow doesn't fall out. This product was not what I was expecting, but I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I am very disappointed. I ordered shams because we have pillows that are old and dingy, so I wanted to make sure they didn't show up. Shams have an opening in the back. The pillowcases are open. They have a flap that is supposed to cover the end of the pillow, but it gapes open and looks terrible. There is a The pattern is cheap up close. I don't feel like I can return them since I took them out of the packaging.

👤These are the best pillow shams I have ever seen. They are silky and don't need to be pressed. You could use them right out of the package if you're not a perfect person. I don't know how they hold up, but they look better than any other offering I've found at this price point, and I'm not sure how they hold up. I am overwhelmed by these. These are tailored and polished-looking, and they are where others just look loose and sloppy. They are best used for decor, but they are not good for sleeping. I bought a silver pair in the standard pillow size for our guest room bed and they look great. I would like to see them in more colors, like ivory/cream and taupe.

👤These pillow shams are gorgeous. They are a good fit for my pillow. It's a perfect addition to my bed.

👤I am very disappointed with these. I was going to put these on my bed with the new bedspread. The set was the same as the bedspread I bought. They weren't. The color was off. Then... I opened the package and thought... They only sent one. I pulled it out of the package. There were two. There's one that's just so thin. So for thickness... I rate it '1'. I don't think these lasted very long. I wouldn't send them back but I have to do it right now. It's frustrating that finding matching is shams or pillowcases, because you can't trust what they say. I hope you have better luck.

👤I love the look of these. Great price!

👤These are good shams for the money. The corner of one of them had a small dark line mark on it. If your pillow is dirty or has lines on it, you will see them, because the shams are see through. I like them for the price and they look good on my bed.

3. Pillow Pleated Egyptian Gorgeous Decorative

Pillow Pleated Egyptian Gorgeous Decorative

The package includes a set of two queen pillow shams. Their Super Soft Cotton Pillow is made of high quality fabric. Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton is soft to the touch and Hypoallergenic. A perfect combination of comfort and softness is brought about by good sewing Stitch and Exquisite Workmanship. It gets softer and more comfortable after each wash. Soft and Smooth Pinch Pleated Pillow Shams are finished with high strength stitching to match the cloth. The Simple and Ultra Soft Pinch Pillow Shams are good bed products to decorate any room in your house in all seasons. Their pillow shams are very comfortable. A great gift for friends, parents, children and other relatives. Machine wash in cold water with similar colors, Teflon dry low, and iron needed when equivalent to 600 Thread Count Queen Pillow Shams / Pillow cover brand new and factory sealed.

Brand: Beddingstar

👤I have had these for a couple of weeks and they still look great. We don't sleep on them as they are just a sham. The covers are soft and rich.

👤The photo we saw and what came out of the box differed. We don't blame the seller, it's just that what we held in our hands didn't appeal to us as much as the photo did. We would give 5 stars to the customer experience and service, because we were impressed with the timing of shipping and the ease of return and refunds.

👤Something extra was added by the beautiful fabric and the tuck. These add charm to my bed ensemble.

👤I like these shams. I ordered the queen size. When I got them, they were wrinkled and had a horrible smell. I washed them on a delicate cycle and dried them in the dryer before hanging them to dry. The smell was gone and most of the wrinkling was gone as well. They look nice. I have king size pillows, but I ordered the Queen shams and they fit perfectly. These are really nice shams. The color is perfect.

👤The product is nice. The fabric is not soft but it is decorative so you wouldn't sleep on it. I took one star off because the size was not indicated. These queen shams required a lot of pillows. I didn't return them over this. The other star was larger than the other star. I don't understand why this is a feature, the fabric is not thick, but after a pillow is placed in there, they are thick in that way. The color is not burgundy. I kept them and they look nice on the bed.

👤The fabric is not a quality Egyptian cotton as advertised but rather some low grade left-over stock that does not wash well at all. I dried these shams on low heat after washing them in cold water. They have a dull, worn out look that indicates they have been used for a long time. I have washed them only once since they are on the bed. Really bad choice.

👤It was soft. It was super wrinkly. If you want a pressed look, you have to iron them. The pinched pleats make it difficult. I consider myself to be skilled at ironing, but it was annoying, unless you like a wrinkled look. I will have to press them when they are washed. They are cute.

👤The color is true. These are thin wrinkly fabrics that look cheap. Do not recommend. The tucks are present, but the sham is wrinkled so that it doesn't look like a tucks at all. I was expecting a heavier fabric. Very disappointed. Don't spend your money on these.

👤Good value for money. The material is soft and the pattern is nice. It's not as thick as I would expect from other brands. It works well over my queen size pillows from Canadian Down & Feather Company, with a pillow protectors on. There is a The pillow case will be snug after washing.

4. MarCielo Embroidered Queen Decorative Beige

MarCielo Embroidered Queen Decorative Beige

100% Microfiber is a quality fabric. No skin irritation. Active printing. Their pillow shams are made from pure natural mineral or vegetable dyes and feature high color fastness and fine pattern. The pillow will be tightly wrapped, solid and full, no foreign body feeling, which can help you sleep better at night. Workmanship is an expatriate work. The car line technology has a smooth and neat seal, which prevents unraveling to prolong the use of time. The shams fit a standard sized pillow. The measure is 20 x 26.

Brand: Marcielo

👤These are very pretty and well made. I took a picture with a pillow that was green blue so you could see the difference. They are not sure how they will do with a wash. I will treat them with care.

👤Wow! It was a relatively small price. These are the best shams I've ever had. The embroidered design is wonderful. I had a spring bedspread that did not come with matching shams. I was worried that the quality of the fabric might be low. I wonder if I just got lucky. I don't know. I know that these are very good quality pillowcases, and I couldn't be more happy. Buy with confidence. They are just as nice as the picture shows.

👤This is a pretty nifty hack for a large couch. I had a bunch of cheap pillows from Walmart and they were four dollars. I put the shams on top of my large couch after covering them with pillow protectors. Unless you are going to lay back, my couch is very deep. I bought eight of these and I am surprised at how beautiful they are, so I am going to buy two more packs for my bed. These. You will not be disappointed.

👤The burgundy color sham was what I was looking for. It is similar to a quilt that I bought several months ago. The shams are large enough to hold a queen pillow. They look good on the bed.

👤It was a perfect match for my existing comforter. The cotton is very soft. I hate grey ones for my daughter's room.

👤I was looking for something like this pillow sham. It is thick and soft. The tag on the outside of the plastic bag said that I ordered the standard size. The shams looked big when I took them out of the bag. The tag on the shams said queen size. I put my standard size pillow inside the sham and it fit perfectly and it looked great. Some of the other quilted pillow shams are really expensive, but these shams are fairly priced. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤These shams are beige. A gold comforter is well suited for this creamy beige. They hold queen size pillows easily. The stitching on the front is very nice. They came out like out of the package after I washed and dried them.

👤This is the second pair of shams I have purchased. The first time I looked for pillow shams for my bed, they fit the bill. The material is sturdy, not cheap, and the decorative stitching is pretty and holds up well in the wash. I bought a reclining love seat and realized I needed head protectors. I realized that these pillow shams, without a pillow, would be perfect fabric protectors for my love seats after considering matching throws, towels, and making something myself. They were purchased to compliment the furniture, washed and put on. They look great and are what I was looking for. I found a winner and am very happy with the quality of the fabric and the detail in the stitching/quilting. They look great on the bed and on my love seat.

5. Pinzon 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Pinzon 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen

The pillow sham is included. Two-ply weave for strength. 2 colored bands of stitching are offsetting a 2-inch flange. It can be machine washed and dry. The measures are 20 x 26 inches.

Brand: Pinzon

👤After about 3 months of use, the best pillowcase I have ever found is looking old because of pilling. They are made nice but not as expensive as they used to be. There is a Hope the bed review can help the seller and buyer.

👤I have traveled a lot and stayed at Marriott's. My wife bought the Marriott Frameworks Bedding/linen set for our bed many years ago so I would feel at home when I was on the road. Marriott's new Platinum Stitch bedding/linen set doesn't have matching pillow case covers for the Euro Style pillows, so it was time to replace it. The Pinzon European Sham in Silver Grey was a perfect choice to compliment the Platinum Stitch bedding and I loved the fact that they were sold individually so I could buy just the three I needed. The Silver Grey European Shams were accidentally washed with the rest of the white sheets. Do not use bleach. It turned our silver grey trim to a gold/blood orange color which is really disappointing for white pillow cases to be so affected on the trim color by using bleach.

👤Cheap quality. There is a This isn't a standard size. There is a There is a king size pillow in there. There is a You can see the boarder on the edges, but it falls down to where you can't see it. The design was sloppy. There is a I can tell that the threads will break as soon as I wash them. There is a It is way overpriced. There is a Walmart and Target have better quality. I will be returning.

👤I bought these because of price and color. The color isn't what was described, but I am very pleased with the softness. Silvery Gray is read in the description. I was expecting a light gray material and dark gray piping. This is white material and dark gray piping. The white material is so thin that I can see the orange stripes on the pillow inside. I have to purchase new pillows or add another layer of white to them for these shams to work. If you have a white pillow, you will be fine. The material shows the white/peach strip that I have in them. I will have to spend the money I saved on a white plain cover. It should have been spent on a thicker material.

👤These shams are very nice. The material is luxurious and they are of very high quality. I bought sheets from Macys and I wish I had known about this company. I will use this company again.

👤It's not a soft pillow case. It reminds me of a decorative pillow. The sheets and pillow cases of Amazon were soft. They are not the same material.

👤Really like these shams. However... I got one in the package. I didn't know that they came separately. I was surprised that the pillow cases were in a set. There was no second one in stock when I went to buy it. Not happy about that.

6. ALL YOU 2 Piece Embroidered Shams Standard

ALL YOU 2 Piece Embroidered Shams Standard

The microfiber face has 100% cotton filling. Machine washed in cold. Standard pillow shams are included. The back has an Envelope to avoid broken zippers.

Brand: All For You

👤The Light Blue?/Aqua color is not light blue. The color in the first photo is probably not the same as the one in the second photo. It works for me. After washing, the photos were taken. I think washing made them feel better. I looked at the different colors to see if I could tell what the quilted pattern was. They all looked different to me. I think I got a traditional pattern. They all looked different to me because one is centered the other is not. I'm happy for the price.

👤These shams are very nice. They are the perfect addition to my washed linen duvet. I was worried when I opened the box and saw only one package, but I found the packaging contained 2 shams. I didn't have to iron them because they were folded perfectly. A big plus in my book.

👤I was hoping for more and these quilted pillow shams are it! I was taking a chance on the blue color not being what I needed. I thought I would take a chance on these because I have been looking for quilted pillow shams to go with my quilt. These are better looking than I expected. You can get two pillow shams for this price, if you only buy one sham. The back of the pillow has a nice and easy way to remove it. The cotton feels like microfiber. I would be happy if they were a bit darker. I know there is no comparison for price and quality. The package was received on time and in good condition. I would recommend buying from this seller.

👤I like these. They look great on my bed. I made a mistake by ironing the front of them. The back melted to the inside of the front before I realized it. You can steam them or fluff them in the dryer.

👤All for you 2-Piece Embroidered Quilted Pillow Shams-Standard Size (Off White) are exactly as described on the product page and exactly as I hoped they would be. They are easy to care for. I washed them cold and put them in to dry. They were ready to put the pillows on. The front has a nice design. The material on the back is very thin. The stitching is well done. There is a The decorative edges of the shams are thick enough to stand up instead of flopping down onto the pillow. It is important to stand them up against a wall. All for you 2. The quilted pillow shams are a good buy. I like the look of it.

👤I ordered the shams from another site, who said they had the matching ones. I received an email a week later saying it was backordered for six weeks. I looked on Amazon and found a brown sham which matches the bedspread, but I should have looked first on Amazon. They arrived quickly and are nice. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I love these! I was hoping that they were more of an eggshell. It's a king pillow, not a standard one. The bedspread I had was soft and blended well with the pattern.

7. Bedsure Brushed Microfiber Pillow Shams

Bedsure Brushed Microfiber Pillow Shams

There is a factory sales service. 90 days return and replacement service is offered by them because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Life time free customer service is also provided by them. If you find that their products have quality problems, you can contact them and they will solve them for you. Solid colored shams are adorned with a 2 inch flange and coordinate beautifully with any bedding ensemble. The pillow sham is made of 100% brushed microfiber. There will be no slippage when you sleep because the envelope closure protects your pillow from being dirty. You can choose from King, Standard, European sizes and various colors. Only 2 pieces of shams. It is easy to care for and dries quickly. The machine wash is cold.

Brand: Bedsure

👤These pillow shams are not very high quality. They look like something I could buy at a dollar store. There are threads that were not cut. You can see the lettering on the pillow through them. They are not white. I ordered two sets, but I am doubling them up on two pillows and ordering something else for the other two pillows. I have already taken them out of the package so they are not worth trying to repackage and send back. The little border that is microfiber will flop down if you go with something that is higher quality. If you buy two cheap tea towels, they would be better quality than these.

👤I use these as pillows in my bed. They work hard for that. They don't need ironing, but they dowrinkle a bit. If you can't have solid white inserts, I think they would show through.

👤I turned my shams inside out to make them look more streamlined. Either way, right side or inside out, they look great and I love knowing I can choose either look.

👤I was expecting it to have a shiny look. I noticed that there were strings around the pillowcase. I bought 3 pairs. There are 2 standard pairs and 1 king-size pair. All of them had pillowcases with loose string around them. The fabric was very thin. I wouldn't buy them again. Not happy at all. I bought pillowcases at the dollar store that were better. I wanted to have shams.

👤I love these pillow cases. I bought them to replace shams that were ruined by the medication and had no intention of sleeping on them. I like the fabric. Since I am sleeping on the cases, I am thinking of buying more so I can keep them.

👤Imagine my horror when I opened the pillow case and saw what looked like small black bugs. I didn't think they were bugs, I thought they were fuzzies. I found 3 dead small bugs in the 2 cases when I flipped the inside out. I would give zero stars to stains that looked like make up, that is absolutely not acceptable and disgusting.

👤The quality was really good. Especially for the price. They are thin, not a problem with white pillows.

👤The navy color is a dark teal. See a photo with shams next to a navy blouse. Returning.

8. JAUXIO Decorative Pillowcase Cushion Closure

JAUXIO Decorative Pillowcase Cushion Closure

The pillow covers have no insert. The queen size is 20x 26. There is a plush on the front. The smooth velvet fabric texture on the back side has a hidden zip to make it easy to insert and remove pillow inserts. pilling after frequent wash is difficult. Product function: The pillowcases are warm and solid and can be used to decorate your room. They can be put on your chairs, sofas, room beds, and even on your friends' TVs. Support your back while driving. Great gifts for everyone. It's a great way to light up your bedroom. Easy care. The machine wash has a cold water cycle and is gentle on the skin. It is advisable to avoid hang dry. Do not use bleach or iron. Refer to the care label. Cleaning before the first use reduces the product's cutting debris and is more skin friendly. Life-time free customer service and a 30-day return and replacement service are included in the 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE. They will provide the best solution within 24 hours if you contact them freely.

Brand: Jauxio

👤This is what I have left after one wash. I wanted to wash it first before using it, but it turned out to be a rougher texture. This was set at the gentlest settings, so it would be best to hand wash. It's cheap, so you get what you pay for.

👤I found these faux fur pillow covers at HomeGoods and they were a perfect complement to my white Christmas bedding, Christmas wall decor, and new Christmas pillow. The price was great for the purpose. Kitty likes to cuddle up next to the pillowcases. I don't plan to wash them because they are only for decorative purposes.

👤I was looking for a similar pillow cover to match the comforter my mom bought me from Mexico for my birthday, and I was so happy when they arrived that I wanted to tell you how happy I was. They were the same color and material. I know that the square pillow cases will match my bedding, so I'm going to buy them.

👤My toddlers like the feel of this material. The rug I bought was similar to the pillow cases. I'm going to have to buy more. I got the queen size which fit a standard pillow and a king size pillow.

👤These are so amazing as a guy who has always had standard pillow cases. I have never slept on anything so soft. They come out just as soft and fluffy after we washed them. Some of the fuzzies go up my nose when I sleep on the fuzzy side. Maybe I shouldn't be sleeping on them. I think that's correct.

👤This was the second time I ordered this product. The first set was soft and smooth. This set was disappointing. It's rough and not pleasant to touch because of the matted patches. I'm stuck with the rubbish because I can't do returns where I'm currently located.

👤The fabrics are soft and cozy, they matched the pictures. These pillow cases are very cute. They came out of the washer and dryer the same way. They fit the pillows exactly as they should be.

👤One of the pillow cases is shorter than the other. I bought some purple cases. One is a regular size and the other is shaped more square. It is definitely not what is advertised. I might return. I don't use a square shape pillow case.

👤They fit my pillows well. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I am sorprendi, es una calidad me gustar mucho. Estoy pensando en pedir de otros color.

👤Se ve amigos.

9. NTBAY Thread Cotton Breathable Standard

NTBAY Thread Cotton Breathable Standard

It is easy to care for, you can wash it in cold water with a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at low heat. 2 x Pillow shams (20 x 26 + 2 Inches) are not included in the package. Product features include: Premium quality cotton is used to make their pillow shams. The combination of comfort and softness is brought by good sewing stitch and exquisite workmanship. After each wash, it gets softer and more comfortable. Product function: Their cotton pillow sham is made of solid color cotton, which makes it easy to sleep peacefully. Every living space has a variety of color options that match the bedroom decor. Easy care. If needed, tumble dry at low temperature and cool iron. Do not use bleach. There was no wring. There is a factory sales service. 90 days return and replacement service is offered by them because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Life time free customer service is also provided by them. If you find that their products have quality problems, you can contact them and they will solve them for you.

Brand: Ntbay

👤I don't think there is a shred of cotton in these shams. They are made from POLYESTER.

👤I bought these because I needed two navy shams and the price was not a big deal. The cost seemed too good to be true. Silky cotton is expensive. These feel like they are made of 100% polyester to me. They were washed and dried. Foreign manufacturers are not above mislabeling. Tempted to burn the material to see how it burns. They are worth what I paid. If you want good cotton, I would look elsewhere.

👤The pillow cases are nice. I got red. It was the color I wanted. The fabric is more silky than cotton. There is a They are very nice and well made.

👤These are what I wanted. I ordered light grey. The color was perfect. Some grey's are too green or brown. The grey is perfect. They have a sheen to them, but not much. They are softer than I thought they would be. I bought two white euro shams from a local store and they were double the amount of money. These were half the price.

👤The white pillow shams are better than I expected. The fabric is soft. Since they are shams and won't need to be washed often, they don't need to be ironing after washing. I am very pleased with the quality and look of them.

👤White pillow shams are nice and soft. Exactly what I was looking for. I have had them for a couple of months now and they are good. I am buying a new room.

👤I bought pillows for sleep. These pillow cases were given to them. They fit perfectly, but there are differences between the colors I got. The Dark Grey cases are not as soft as the White ones. The White ones are more resistant to wrinkling than the Dark Grey ones. The White cases are better than the good ones. I don't know if color dyes make materials rougher.

👤These were just what I needed, soft and fit my pillows very well, I was very happy with them.

👤This is for people who are looking for soft and thin fabric. I like thick fabric and a pillow inside.

👤The pillowcases are very soft. Good value.

👤The pillowslips are soft and silky and have washed well. Would recommend.

👤The inside flap was deep enough to hold the pillow in.

10. YINFUNG Macrame Pillowcase Crochet Romantic

YINFUNG Macrame Pillowcase Crochet Romantic

There are 2 pillow shams in a queen size set. There are Taoist Pillow Swords. A range of decors from a country cottage to a bohemian bedroom can be found with the macrame and lace trims. The natural cotton pillow sandals are made of natural cotton and are ideal for kids and girls. There is a Boho pillowcase. Put the pillow in easily with the split flap in the middle of the shams. Since they are 100% cotton, they will be pretty again after ironing if needed. Unique workmanship and original design are included. Girls and boys can refuse romantic pillowcases.

Brand: Yinfung

👤I wanted something different to mix in with the other pillows on my bed and this was perfect. It's not yellowy, it's a true ivory/white. The trim is light beige and adds a unique touch. It will complement any decor. I used a standard bed pillow to get a more relaxed look. That was perfect. Out of 7 pillows on my bed, this is the one my cat chooses to sleep on. The material is thick and sturdy, even though they dowrinkle a bit. I will wash them when I do, but I haven't done it yet.

👤It is a very nicely made sham, however it is actually a pillowcase, open at the end. I think it would be a great addition to any bed, but I haven't laundered it yet to see how it performs under normal use. It is being used as a decorative accent to the bed ensemble.

👤These pillowcases are good. I don't like how they look wrinkled. The picture above shows how the pillow looks after two days of use. If you are going for a bohemian theme, the fringe decoration adds a lot.

👤I washed them first. The instructions to wash inside out make sense because of the fringe. The fringe was a hot mess. I tied a knot at the end of every pillow case I have looked at so far, after combing out the fringe. Single. Ring to avoid that problem again. They looked terrible. They are just as wrinkled as a piece of notebook paper when you try to flatten them back out. Not being very soft. I don't feel a pain in my ass.

👤The pillow cases are stylish. The pillows feel good to sleep on and there is plenty of room for them. I was going to return them because I thought I couldn't afford them, but I have changed my mind. These are people.

👤I bought a comforter from Target that didn't have the matching shams I needed. I am very happy with what I received. The material is cotton and cool and the price was fair. I washed my shams before putting them on my pillow so the tassels look a little messy from the wash cycle. The color matched is a plus. I was happy that what I received matched the picture description.

👤The pillowcase is sheer. My pillows had something on them. I had to get new pillows. The macrame is a nice touch.

👤These pillow slips are not a heavier woven fabric like a pillow sham or throw pillow cover, they are ultra thin cotton pillow slips with trims sewed on the one edge. Any print on the pillows will show through the sheer fabric.

👤If you sleep on, it will be wrinkled and easy to Wrinkle. Not bad if used as a display pillow. They are pretty but not as expensive as expected. I wouldn't order again. Continue Shipping.

11. Wake Cloud Microfiber Pillowcases Standard

Wake Cloud Microfiber Pillowcases Standard

The pillow cases are 20x26 inches. There are no guillotines included. A floral and tree leaves pattern print is on navy blue. 100% microfiber is soft, durable, lightweight, fade-resistant, and machine washable. It is easy to care for, you can wash it in cold water with a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at low heat.

Brand: Wake In Cloud

👤I used the set of 2 pillowcases in my meditation room for extra floor seating and used standard/queen size firm and thick pillows, nothing expensive. They have held up well after two months of regular use. They are machine wash and tumble dry, which makes it easy to use. The weekly washings have not affected the cases in a negative way. The seams are still tight and there are no pilling or worn spots. The colors are somewhat subdued, which is what I was looking for. I was happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤These cases fit king pillows. The colors are clear and soft. I used them on my couch which has a new pet cover from Amazon. The cases are double sided, one side is different from the other, so you can see two sets of the same material, or one look consisting of one of each. I have the two different sides on the couch. I washed them after the picture was taken. The colors did not run and look the same as when the picture was taken. These cases are recommended by me.

👤I like "WAKE IN CLOUD". I was forced to wake up in the cloud when I ordered the crackers. I ordered another for a friend because I was amazed by the beauty and comfort. I ordered the pamphlets recently. Awesome! I believe that a set of sheets is not offered or made. Please make sheets. Thanks.

👤I used the regular throw pillows for my couch and love seat. They are not comfortable. I always take the extra bed pillow from my bed and use it on the couch. I had a great idea. There must be pillowcases that fit bed pillows. That's how I came across them. The colors are bright. I like the fact that I can just toss pillowcases in the wash. I took the old throw pillows and survived.

👤These pillow cases are very nice. They don't get wrinkly in the wash, and the fold over closure is long enough to tuck back in. I can live with the fact that the design is slightly small. Overall, I am very happy with these.

👤These are nice. I haven't had them long. Just a few weeks. The navy design is very similar to my other accents in the bedroom. They are larger than a king pillow, so they will fit. They haven't been laundered yet because I use them as headboard dress up. The real test will be if they hold up. It was nice for the price.

👤When I received the comforter set, I didn't check it, but I bought the pillow covers, which is why I didn't check the comforter.

👤I like my sheets crisp and cool. I don't like soft sheets. I ordered these because I needed a couple to compliment the grey color scheme and they were at 2 for $17.98 and I am happy with my purchase. They have a foldover at the end to protect the pillow.


What is the best product for queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance?

Queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance products from Move Over. In this article about queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance you can see why people choose the product. Vaulia and Beddingstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance.

What are the best brands for queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance?

Move Over, Vaulia and Beddingstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for queen size pillow shams set of 2 decorative clearance. Find the detail in this article. Marcielo, Pinzon and All For You are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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