Best Quote Pillows Decorative Throw Pillows

Pillow 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Mugod Decorative Footprint Standard Cushion

Mugod Decorative Footprint Standard Cushion

A perfect gift for men, women, girls, boys, kids, children, lover, parent, friend. It's perfect for decorating for RV accessories, camping, indoor and outdoor use, and more. The Cotton Linen Burlap Material is used in this Pillowcase. It was comfortable, gorgeous and stylish. The size is 45x45 CM. There is a package that contains 1 pc pillow cover. There are two sides to the print. Pillow Cases are perfect for home decor. The design is hidden. It's a reminder that machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only, no bleach, and low temperature if necessary. There is a guarantee. If you don't like their pillowcase, you can get a replacement.

Brand: Mugod

👤I bought two of them for my sofa, but they have to go back. The printing on the two is very different. The print is great and pulls my room together. I am wondering if I should order a few more in the hopes of getting a matching pair, or if I should return the others. The cheap fabric feels like paper and I would be overlooking it. If you look closely at the crease, you will see that they are not what you would expect. I don't think it's a cotton-linen blend, it doesn't feel sturdy enough I guess you get what you pay for.

👤These cloth are a real stretch. They are made of the same material as the cheap grocery bags. It almost feels like paper. I was afraid to put them in the wash. They held on. I didn't go to the dryer for obvious reasons. My husband thinks I should have returned them after he mistook them for grocery bags. The colors and design were perfect and the fit was perfect. They will be replaced sooner or later as you really don't touch them. I hope so.

👤It makes you feel like you're painting it yourself. Not really soft. I am not using it for apillow. Don't see the chair but enjoy the view, it works well with the other colors in that area.

👤I bought these because I thought they were pillows. They are pillows. They are cute. It seems to be good quality. The pillows I threw on my couch looked amazing.

👤The pillow cover matches my beach theme of aquas and chocolate brown colors. It is more of a blue color. I used a pillow to make the cover more plush. It is a thick cotton linen.

👤There is nothing to dislike. It's easy to fill a store pillow with just the right amount because I have many. It's adorable on my sheets and pillows.

👤The quality of the pillow covering was disappointing. The material is mesh and not the picture. Its going back.

👤It is a beautiful pillow. It is worth the money.

👤The image in Amazon is better than what I got. The pillow case looks good and the price is reasonable.

2. All Smiles Decorative Farmhouse Inspirational

All Smiles Decorative Farmhouse Inspirational

Home sweet home pillows, daisy floral throw pillow covers,cojines para sillas de comedor, outdoor throw pillow covers,spring family tan pillow covers are all designed. Qty: 2 PCs, only a pillow case and inside filler not included. The material is a blend of Polyester and nylon. Measures about 18 inches. There may be a 1-2 cm deviation. There are differences between the computer monitors that may make color appear different in real life.

Brand: All Smiles

👤These patio pillow covers are very good. I have run into issues with patio pillows and pillow covers that stain and rot easily. They don't like the weather very much. These don't have any of those issues. The pillows that they are covering up were looking worn out because they were so prone to mold even though they were on a covered patio and they also sat on a sunny side, so they dry quickly. They have been resistant to the diseases and have not been prone to fading. They were placed in the rain by a contractor and they went from wet to dry in a matter of hours. Not to mention the fact that they are beautiful. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I love pillows. I'm glad I bought them because the wording caught my attention immediately. The recommended 18x18 pillow inserts work perfectly. I'm going to buy another set for my sofa. Quality material is used to make the cases. I'm excited to buy more.

👤I looked at the photos from the customer reviews and they weren't the same. This isn't an ivory background, it's a sickly mustardy-greenish-beige color, and it's definitely not cotton or linen like the description says. It is cheap and almost has a plastic feel to it. The design is adorable, but if only it was what the photos and description said it was. Immediately returned.

👤When I opened them, I ordered them back in the package. The picture makes them look like linen. That's not what happened. They were the color of a bail of hay. They looked like pillow cases that had been in a house. The design was great, but the case was bad and I couldn't make it work.

👤Most of my linens come from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn. These match the colors of my existing pieces. Can I tell the difference? Yes. Is they going to last as long? No. Is the addition to my living room going to be great? Absolutely! Did they cost $5 each? Yes, resounding! I was wondering if these people forgot where they were shopping. I would have paid more for them. I don't know what the complaints are about.

👤The pillows I received were not the same as what I saw in the reviews photos. A dirty pillowcase is almost what the covers look like. It's not quite a burlap style color, but close to it. It feels like a material that is not cotton. I wouldn't return but I wouldn't feel worth the energy for $12 covers. I was disappointed to say that least.

👤I ordered them because they looked like the picture I was thinking of, which looked off white possibly cream and white, wrong. They are almost the same color as black. Cheap Woven synthetic, not cotton/linen as stated. If the color was lighter, they would be more in line with the trends.

👤I like the pillow covers. They are made with high quality zippers. I use them to cover my pillows and they fit perfectly. The pillow covers save me a lot of money and I can't comment on them. I haven't paid $29 for a pillow. This pillow cover idea is amazing.

3. Easternproject Cushion Exclamation Decorative Pillowcase

Easternproject Cushion Exclamation Decorative Pillowcase

The cotton blend linen fabric is durable. Only one throw pillow cover is included. No pillow is included. The design of the Super Hero funnyclamation pattern is vivid. The Pillow Covers are Exquisite. The dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm. The pattern is only on the front side. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, which can be used on furniture, car, bed, etc. It is a great gift for your family and friends on Father's Day.

Brand: Easternproject

👤The superhero accent pillow is perfect. My son's room has a Spiderman and Batman theme.

👤The pillow cover was exactly like the pictures on it. I would buy it again.

👤It was matches perfectly. There is a bright color.

👤A reminder that this is a smooth material. The colors are true, and it's good for the price.

👤These make a wonderful addition to my comic book room.

👤The print quality is good. The fabric is not up to the standards of the colors. It's a rough material that doesn't feel good. It's just for aesthetic reasons... I bought it because of that.

👤The colors are perfect.

4. Emvency Decorative Monogram Rectangle Pillowcase

Emvency Decorative Monogram Rectangle Pillowcase

20 x 30 inches. Print on both sides. The material is made of high-quality Polyester and is soft and comfortable. Quality is checked by a lab. Special techniques are used to prevent and ensure durability. The design has a hidden zip for better fit. Each pillowcase is made from high-quality materials. There are different rooms in the house: living room, bedroom, home office, dining room and so on. Showing your unique taste.

Brand: Emvency

👤I ordered the pillow cases at the same time and received two different ones. One was soft and the other was rough. It's very difficult to put a pillow in without ripping the pillow cases which I did only after washing them once. The first didn't match, so they were more for decoration. I didn't want the hassle of returning and trying to get some. I will be looking for other pillow cases soon.

👤I gave this item a 3 because I love the pillow itself. I don't like how they are advertising it as one size and it is not the size shown in the picture. It's bigger than I expected or needed it to be. I couldn't use it right now. I will in the future.

👤The cover is nice. The gray color is soft and perfect. This is a rectangular cover. The square is 18 by 18. According to the description, I thought I was buying a 20 x 30 cover. You may receive a square cover. 4 stars because I really like it. It looks great on my bed. It was just an inaccurate description.

👤I bought this pillow cover because I took a chance. It fits over my pillow. The sitting area has tan furniture that looks great. Great purchase!

👤I like this pillow. It is a full size. I should have paid more attention to the dimensions. I like it a lot.

👤Don't bother. This is a cheap pillowcase. It is not pretty. It doesn't look like the photo.

👤I love this pillow case. It's soft and I love it.

👤No dislikes. I was very happy with my purchase.

5. Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Polyester Standard

Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Polyester Standard

Pack more cushion for your sofa or bed. The most resilient decorative throw pillow inserts yet. After filling, the pillow will decrease in size, so order two inches up! The pillows are made in the USA and can be used in the home or in an outdoor cover. If your cover is 18 x 18 they recommend 20 x 20 inserts to provide a plump and full pillow from corner to corner.

Brand: Foamily

👤Most people don't want to spend a lot of money on inserts, but they are a waste of money. I thought the inserts were the same. One of them fell apart when I unwrapped them. I bought another 4pk of inserts from Acanva for a few dollars more and they are much more durable. I recommend that you pass on these.

👤I was able to use one of the 4. Put them to wash and look at the picture for the result.

👤This is the worst that Amazon has to offer. There are two pillow fillers, not four. They were stuffed into a box. They should be 18 square. The fabric is cut to the dimensions that are claimed but a 1 inch seam is sewn all the way around, preventing the stuffing from filling out to the total size. This saves on stuffing. Amazon is at its worst, because of the dishonest approach to selling an 18 inch pillow filling, with a flat and non-expandable filling, and the quantity being half of what is advertised. Amazon will penalize customers who return too much, but undersized clothing, lights that don't work, and dishonest representation of home goods, leaving us with no alternative but to return the products to the sellers.

👤I had custom pillow cases made for my family for Christmas but needed the inserts. If you like a fully stuffed pillow, you need to order a bigger size than your cases. I ordered the 18x18 pillows because I had 16x16 cases. It was the best and most perfect way to ship the pillow inserts and they arrived vacuum sealed so the box was much smaller than I had 888-276-5932s were 888-276-5932s 888-276-5932 I warned you not to rip off the white tag on the pillow inserts, as I ripped off the tag on the first one, and the pillow seam also ripped open, so just a warning to either cut it off or leave it. If you're looking for a soft pillow, skip it but for what you need it worked out great. I checked at Michael's for similar pillow inserts and they were all around 12 to 18 per pillow, so it was a steal.

👤I broke the vacuum seal and these arrived quickly, but didn't smell funny or fluff up. I would purchase again. I bought 20x20 for my cases and they fit perfectly.

👤I wouldn't sleep on them but they are not what they are for. It's nice for pillows.

👤These are very cheap and have a lot of fill with lump. The corners on pillows are not filled. I tried to fix it. It made the pillow more irregular. The cheap coverings shredded when they were put on air dry without heat in the dryer. I have $25 dollars of fluff clumps. I'm very disappointed. It's complete waste of money.

👤When the product arrived, I was worried. How could there be four pillows in a box that was only four inches high? I thought the product was pillow covers, not actual pillows. They were vacuum packed to save space. I cut away the plastic packaging. The pillows expanded in size. The price was great at about $6 per pillow. One of these pillows was $24. The value is great. Great product.

6. Anickal Decorative Compass Feather Farmhouse

Anickal Decorative Compass Feather Farmhouse

A set of 4 feather arrow compass live love laugh quote couch pillow covers is a great gift for your family and friends. 18x18 inches and 20x20 inches are the pillow cover sizes. You and your family are protected from harmful rays. The insert is not included because of the hidden zipper closure. The package includes a set of 4 pillow covers.

Brand: Anickal

👤I think you get what you pay for. These are very soft. If you are laying down on a couch, you would want to avoid something like a recycled bag. I guess they are for that. I am afraid that a few of the zippers were already showing signs of wear. I am not sure if washing is a good idea. I am torn if I want to stay or go. There is an update. I washed them inside out on the "hand wash" mode. They were a bit damaged. I trimmed off what I could so that they wouldn't get worse in the dryer. I dried quickly. They came out really nice. I am considering buying more of them.

👤I am in love with these covers. It is important to note that they do not have pillows in them, although there is a suggestion of pillows that are the perfect size. The cases were cheap, flimsy and broke before I purchased them. I don't agree with the reviews. There is a There should be no ripping if the pillows are gentle. A picture is worth a thousand words. There is a My point is that these pilllows are so good that they rule the school and set a nice vibe for my living room. Tone would be a better description. I am avoiding homework.

👤I love them. I was skeptical of the quality. These are great quality and fit the pillow perfectly. They look cute and have the look of more expensive pillows. I was worried that they would be stained for good after my granddaughter spilled chocolate milk on them. The stain came out after I used oxy clean. I have had many nice things to say about them. I like the soft texture of them. At first, it was a little stiff. They are very soft right up with handling. I plan on buying more as they have so many different options. This is a great way to change things up without breaking the bank. I didn't have to buy new pillows every time I wanted to change my color accents in the room. I had a couple pillows that I was going to toss out because of the color changes in the house, and some pillows that the stuffing had started to come out. I sewed them back up and they are as good as new.

👤Very happy with the purchase. I was thrilled to find these throw pillows, I wanted to replace them. It was cheaper to put new covers on the old ones than to replace the whole pillow. It is difficult to get the zip up but it is not impossible. The material was stiff but it has been several months and they have gotten worn in and softened up. I will soon be ordering a few of the other sets. Changing looks for the different seasons without it being expensive and taking up a lot of storage space is something I love. For the price, you can't go wrong.

7. Softxpp Decorative Farmhouse Pillowcase Decorations

Softxpp Decorative Farmhouse Pillowcase Decorations

PILLOW COVER only has no inserts orfillers. A cotton blend linen is made. It is easy to stuff pillows into this pillow covers because of the color-coordinated hidden zipper closure. The size is 45 cm x 45 cm. It's suitable for square outdoor and indoor pillows in the summer and winter. Put this on your sofa, bed, couch in your office, bedroom, living room or balcony to get a brand new day. It's best to machine wash. Do not use bleach. Don't iron.

Brand: Softxpp

👤The pillow case was nice. It didn't work for my decor as I needed white and not a Badge. If it was white, I would buy it again.

👤The saying is great and the price is great. It was well made.

👤Cute! Our rustic throw pillows have some character added to them. They were well.

👤The pillow cover is very nice. I ordered both of them for my formal living. Its looks great. A happy buyer.

👤The pillow covers are cute. I would buy them again because they are not quite as heavy duty as I had hoped. The price is great. They are cute on my dark brown leather sofa.

👤You can change out your pillows by slipping this cover on. Love the saying. Excellent quality.

8. Aremazing Cushion Decorative Inspirational Lettering

Aremazing Cushion Decorative Inspirational Lettering

Cotton Linen is made of durable and environmental friendly materials. The size of the pillow cover is 18 x 18 Inches. The design of the hidden Zipper allows easy insertion and removal of pillow inserts. There is a pattern on the front and a color without printing on the back. It's perfect for indoors and outdoors and can be used on furniture. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, and so on are some of the holidays where a super gift for your family and friends is a possibility.

Brand: Aremazing

👤A friend of mine graduated from high school in 2020 and is getting the garage in her family home renovated for her room. Her dad is a master carpenter. She got this and a pillow for her grad gift and she is going with a grey and white color scheme. I was the closest I could find for a young adult. "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" is a cheerful quote. She is a good person, obedient, respectful, smart as a whip, self-motivated, hope she stays like that.

👤The picture is poor in every way. The material is very rough and scratched on my skin. The print on the case was more yellow than white. It looked very old.

👤I bought a grey pillow case. The material is not cotton or linen. It is a cheap bag for grocery shopping. I don't like the feeling of the material. It made my skin itch. When I bought it, I was excited.

👤I'm ok with that pillow cover being soft. I wanted it to be a decoration. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I love this pillow cover. I was able to free up a little space in the linen closet by recovering an old pillow I had in storage, because it is better than any of the pillows I was finding in the stores.

👤The fabric is great, but the color is misleading. It seems to be blue with a tint of green, but next to it is very green. I was not happy.

👤It feels more like a piece of cloth. I don't like the way it feels. Nice look.

👤A gift for a girl. Simple and pretty. She liked it as a decorative addition to her bedroom.

9. Ramirar Colorful Stronger Inspirational Decorative

Ramirar Colorful Stronger Inspirational Decorative

100% cotton and linen. There may be an error of 1-2 cm. Please contact them if you need another size. It's made of cotton linen. If you want velvet material, please email them immediately. The pillow insert is not included but it is available in their store. Please wash it with cold water. Standard shipping is what it is. Their goods are usually delivered in a couple of weeks.

Brand: Ramirar

👤I have given this to my childhood friend since I was two. We are now sixty-nine years old. I told her that I loved her and that I had a peck on my face. "And a hug around the neck," she said. I was surprised she remembered the line from the song. My mother used to sing and say it.

👤Not a pillow... A cover for a pillow. The material is not soft. The choice of colors for the lettering is pretty. I bought an additional pillow from Amazon. It was a gift for my sister and she loved it.

👤This pillow is very good. A good pillow for cuddles. The saying brings back memories for me. Something my mom used to say.

👤One of our nighttime traditions is to sing this song with each other and I bought this for my daughter. I bought a pillow from Amazon. The only thing I don't like is the courseness. It makes a good decorative pillow.

👤I bought a pillow form and it was great, but I didn't know it was the cover.

👤The cover of the pillow looks great. I bought it for my sister because my grandma used to sing it to us. She cried when she saw us. I gave it four stars because I think it could have been softer.

👤This is what my grandsons are like. I say something to them. I am happy that I found this pillow. They gave me a necklace with this phrase on it and I am very excited to give them a pillow. The colors are great. Just love it!

👤This was a perfect gift for my grandmother as she would sing this song to me when I was young to make me sleepy.

👤It's a Christmas present to boost a friend, and it's in her living room, so she can be reminded she is important.

👤The item is made of good quality material. The pillow looks great on my couch. Would definitely recommend.

👤It was perfect. The pillow was made out of Burlap and not meant to be soft. The price was amazing.

10. Asamour Inspirational Outdoor Colorful Decorative

Asamour Inspirational Outdoor Colorful Decorative

Asamour cartoon graffiti Motivational sign Throw Pillow covers 18x18 Inches Square Pillow cases Colored Inspiriting smile often The cotton blend linen fabric is Breathable and Durable. 4 Pack Throw Pillow Covers for One Pack is a package. No pillow is included. The dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm. The pattern is only on the front side. Pillow covers with Exquisite designs and colorful quotes decorate your and family life. A perfect gift for men, women, girls, boys, kids, children, lover, parent, friend. It's perfect for decorating for RV accessories, camping, indoor and outdoor use, and more.

Brand: Asamour

👤The pillow covers were very nice. The material is durable and they are beautiful. I bought them to put in our camper. I knew they would have to not fall apart in a couple of weeks. The hair brush was included in the picture. This is a large object.

👤The pillowcases are nice and I like the colors on them. They are similar to the picture. The material is the only part of these that I am not crazy about, but I would still order more. It's not a dealbreaker, I just wish they were a bit softer.

👤I gave these pillow cases a rating of 4 out of 5 stars because I don't know how well they will hold up in the wash, but I really like them. Don't order the suggested inserts. I only got one of the four. The rest never came.

👤The fabric on the pillow shams is 'linen'. They appear well made, but when you put a pillow into them, the open end of the zipper can rip and need repair. I'll use them for a long time.

👤I brought these for my couch. I put them away every night when I expect rain and have no complaints.

👤I didn't send any pics back. I thought I was buying cushions, not just covers. The fabric feels like paper. It's a very stiff material and it's bad on the skin. I'm pretty sure one wash would destroy them.

👤The material for the throw pillows is cheap. I contacted the seller and was told they couldn't do anything about it because it was a Prime purchase. There are better pillow cover sets and sellers out there.

👤I bought these as a present and they were a hit. I liked the quality. My sister loved them and they are now in her camper. Definitely recommended.

👤The pillowcases fit over the pillows.

11. Ussap Country Farmhouse Decorative Housewarming

Ussap Country Farmhouse Decorative Housewarming

Their throw pillow covers are made of cotton and linen fabric, they aredurable and comfortable, no odor, no fading, no harm to the skin, can be machine washed or hand washed. The pillowcases are designed with different themes and styles. The pillowcases are suitable for spring, summer, fall, autumn and winter. This throw pillow cover with a quote that country roads take me home to the place I belong can be used as party decoration supplies and holiday decorations. Their pillowcase only has one 1818 inch one and does not include the pillow inserts. The deviation of 0.5-1 cm is due to manual cutting and sewing. The design of the invisible zipper is easy to refill. The pattern has one side. Their pillowcases are suitable for inside and outside, and can be used in indoor and outdoor places. They are the best choice for lounger and sofa bench. Warm gifts include different styles of cotton linen square pillow covers. Birthday gifts can be given to family, parents, children, friends, or as gifts for Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, and Children's Day. You can buy friedns for Christmas. It is very meaningful. They can be gifts for neighbors.

Brand: Ussap

👤This is the epitome of John Denver's country roads for any person in the state of West Virginia. It looks better in person. Make sure you have your own pillow insert. I think I used a 16x16” insert. I will eventually move it to my couch so more people can see it. It's a perfect gift for someone as well.

👤I didn't read it carefully. Didn't know it was a case and not a pillow. Thank you gifts, send it to 2 people. They found a way to fill it.

👤The gift was purchased as a Christmas gift. I haven't presented it to the person. I loved it so much that I bought one for myself. Words represent my home state.

👤Looks great. I thought it was a pillow. It was just a cover. I didn't read it right. I had pillows to use with it. Love it.

👤A small pillow. It was well made. Great transaction. Thank you.

👤I really like this pillow. It's perfect for the farmhouse look. There are two notes for buyers, one is that the pillow is slightly smaller than standard-size couch pillows, and the other is that the pillow does not come filled. I can't blame the seller for not knowing these two points. This is a great pillow.

👤This isn't a joke. I assumed it was a pillow not a cover because of the photos and the price.


What is the best product for quote pillows decorative throw pillows?

Quote pillows decorative throw pillows products from Mugod. In this article about quote pillows decorative throw pillows you can see why people choose the product. All Smiles and Easternproject are also good brands to look for when you are finding quote pillows decorative throw pillows.

What are the best brands for quote pillows decorative throw pillows?

Mugod, All Smiles and Easternproject are some of the best brands that chosen by people for quote pillows decorative throw pillows. Find the detail in this article. Emvency, Foamily and Anickal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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