Best Small Outdoor Flags Decorative 12 X 18

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1. ALAZA Welcome Butterfly Hummingbirds Decorative

ALAZA Welcome Butterfly Hummingbirds Decorative

The double sided flag has an image on one side and text on the other side. Artofy standard line of flag poles, flag pole brackets, stands, arbors, and hangers make it easy to switch out their seasonal flag designs. The material is made of 100% polyester. The fabric is durable, anti-wrinkle and fade resistant. Double-sided printing is a fancy printing. Only one garden flag is included in the package.

Brand: Alaza

👤The flag is colorful. There is a But it is very thin. There is a I don't like how you can see it in the light. It's double sided so you can see the Welcome friend's and the birds.

👤I had to slide it off with the wind. But cute.

👤The flag is sturdy and colorful. My mom and aunt like the way it looks in their yard.

👤I love the flag. It is beautiful.

👤We like the fact that the banner is made well and stands out in vivid color.

2. ORTIGIA Magnolia Vertical Farmhouse Buffalo

ORTIGIA Magnolia Vertical Farmhouse Buffalo

The design is double sided with the image visible from both sides and the text reads correctly from both sides. It is easy to change out their seasonal flag designs using the standard line of flag poles, flag pole brackets, stands, arbors, and hangers. The size of the flag. The Magnolia House Garden Flag is a small garden. There is a pattern available in both sides. The Home Sweet Home Magnolia garden flags can be hung inside or out. Materials: The garden flag makes your yard brighter and better looking. Garden flags are made of burlap, which is weather and fade resistant to keep them flying for many seasons. Only the garden flag and flag stand are included. There is an assessment of the situation. Magnolia garden flags are perfect for any deck, patio, porch or veranda and make charming decorative statements.

Brand: Ortigia

👤The flag was received the same day after I closed my house. I hung it on Monday, August 30th, 2021. The fabric that holds the flag to the pole has already broken. I don't have a flag on my house. It was very upsetting.

👤The material is cute and good for the price. The double layer of burlap material came with a rubber flag pole holder clip and a rubber flag pole saver. I was excited to see them, but I was not expecting that. I would buy this for a friend or family member.

👤It is definitely not a piece of furniture. It is similar to the upgraded paper-reusable grocery bags. The flag's printing doesn't look good.

👤This is not a flimsy cloth. It is sturdy and beautiful. It's been out in the sun all summer and it still looks new. It hasn't faded. I like it.

👤The stitching on the loop which you connect to the pole came unstitched almost immediately. I should have sent it back, but I love the pattern so much. I don't think I would recommend this flag for purchase.

👤I looked for a flag on the porch. I love the look and material. The same image is on both sides. We only had it a few days, but it feels like it will last through the storms we get in the south. Definitely worth it!

👤A flag that adds a welcoming touch when walking to the front door. The colors are well made and haven't faded in the heat. We enjoy it.

👤The material is strong and pretty. Hopefully it can hold up in Texas winds.

3. LAYOER Decoration Flowers Butterfly Welcome

LAYOER Decoration Flowers Butterfly Welcome

This yard flag is perfect for your front yard, garden, by the mailbox, or near your porch. The garden flag stand is not included. Premium fabric is made of thick cloth and double stitching. The fabric is smooth and silky. There are two rows of lock-stitching on the fly hem. The double sided printed flag is a single thickness with design on both sides, so you won't get a backwards rear image. Their flags are resistant to any amount of rain, snow, pollen, or harsh sunlight. The sleeve at the top of the flag pole can be used for standard stands or flags. This flag is an excellent gift for friends, parents or to display in your garden.

Brand: Layoer

👤It is difficult to see what is on this flag. I have a nice material in my courtyard, but I'm going to change it because it's too boring. The picture on Amazon is very vivid.

👤During the bloom season. Like it very much. Has already been 800-273-3217

👤Beautiful! The flag and post are of great quality and add to my garden. It is sturdy and has lasted during storms and color has not faded even when out of the sun. I am happy with the purchase and will be buying more.

👤I was happy with my purchase. I decided to go with a print other than Americana. I purchase a jar filled with flowers. I have a flower bed. There is a summer look about it other than red, white and blue.

👤The flag is wonderful. Very happy with it. The flag withstood the rain very well. Excellent quality! It's a good recommendation. I ordered a Santa flag from the same company and I love it. It is perfect. Very happy!

👤The flag is beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you for the wonderful product.

👤I love my flag. Will order more of the different seasons.

👤The flag on the entrance to my home is needed to welcome visitors. It is a nice welcome for visitors.

4. Deloky Summer Time Outdoor Garden

Deloky Summer Time Outdoor Garden

Installation. The flags can be set up on a regular flag stand. You can use clips to keep the flags stable and prevent them from flipping over. They are made of 100% machine-hygiene polyester and are UV, fade, anddurable to keep them flying for years. This flag is great for summer day or summer vacation, which will create a Lively atmosphere for your summer party or summer vacation. It's easy to install, just slide the banner onto a garden flag holder or yard flag stand and put the horizontal sleeve across. This yard flag is perfect for your front yard, garden, by the mailbox, or near your porch. The garden flag stand is not included.

Brand: Deloky

👤The flag colors, material and design are great, but the holder is flimsy. I live in a place where a double stake would be a better choice. The stake leans quite a bit.

👤I am new to garden flags but my neighbor has encouraged me. This is the third year that I have done this. I love the colors and image. It's perfect for summer. Excellent quality too. It can be used next year despite the strong sunlight and rain.

👤This is not a flag banner, but a picture. It's easy to hang on the wall if you press on the command strips.

👤The colors are bright. It's very similar to burlap, but different. Will be interesting to see how well it holds up in Texas.

👤I like the design of the flag but I don't like the material. It seems to be holding up well in the summer. I will be able to use the stitching again next year. I don't think I'll buy another flag like that.

👤This flag is sturdy. Not one of those flimsy flags. The colors are very vibrant. Highly recommended.

👤The flag is very good quality and I get a lot of praise from everyone.

👤Beautiful! The material is very strong and thick.

5. ShineSnow Watercolor Abstract Seasonal Polyester

ShineSnow Watercolor Abstract Seasonal Polyester

The design is one side with the image printed and visible from both sides while the text is on the other side. It's easy to change out their seasonal flag designs from a sewn-in sleeve. The material is 100% polyester. The flag is not included in the size. There is a double sided pattern print. Good decor for home garden in patio, porch, veranda, lawn, garden and backyard.

Brand: Shinesnow

👤I bought two flags. There are two 12x18 and two 28x40 I put the larger one in the flower bed next to the house. The larger one is bright and beautiful. The smaller arrived May 11th. I have to remove it because it is embarrassing. I can't believe the difference, it is shaded more than the flag.

👤Wow! I have never had a flag like that before. I love my new flag. It's perfect for spring and summer. Adding a pop of color to a boring tan house is a good idea.

👤Really vivid colors! I will be interested to see what it looks like at the end of the summer. Right now. I am loving it but do not know how long it will last? We will see, it is very soft. For the price, a great buy!

👤I picked this flag to replace my winter flag because it looked so nice in the picture. It's more beautiful in person. The colors are bright. The fabric and pole attachment tabs seem to be very strong. I am very pleased, but it will only be a matter of time before it holds up to the elements.

👤This looked better than I anticipated. It's a nice sturdy material, printed on both sides, and the image is just as pretty as the picture, if not better. I'm very happy to see this in my garden, as it's early spring and the flowers aren't blooming yet, but this lawn flag adds a perfect pop of color.

👤I purchased a flag from ShineShow before and was happy with it, so I hoped for the same with this one. It met all my expectations. The flag is perfect to hang during the summer months. The design is the same. The material is soft and durable. The colors are bright. The design is on both sides. It is a great addition to my yard. I think it's worth what I paid. My picture shows the beauty hanging. I recommend!

👤The printed image is thick and smooth. This was supposed to be my garden flag. At the end of summer, it faded so much that it ended up in the trash. It only lasted a few months in Germany.

👤The flag was pretty and I ordered it with a mailbox cover. I had to return the mailbox cover because it was not good quality. I did not keep the flag because I prefer matching sets, but I would recommend the house and garden flags from this seller as they are reasonably priced and are of good quality.

6. Mogarden 15 Pack Seasonal Outdoor Decorative

Mogarden 15 Pack Seasonal Outdoor Decorative

There is a risk-free guarantee. AOKDEER garden flag is a work of art. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours. The 90-day back guarantee is provided by them. There are 15 double sided unique seasonal garden flags for all seasons in the garden flag set. Happy Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Hello Summer, 4th of July, American, Autumn, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Merry Christmas yard flags are all included in the design. High quality holiday garden flags are imported and are 3ply, imported, 100% polyester, and can be used outside. A great decorative garden flag set for yard, lawn, farmhouse, patio, door, balcony, mailbox, deck, veranda, window, wall and graveyard. It's a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and anniversaries. Installation and warranty: 2-inch installation pocket fits all standard garden flag stands. Mogarden provides a 1-year free warranty extension upon registration. All of their garden flags can be found if you type "Mogarden" in the search box.

Brand: Mogarden

👤I moved into a new house. There are flags for the front yard. These were a great find. The flags are exactly what I wanted. A perfect starter pack for all the seasons.

👤I ordered this flag set because it had extras. They are made well and colorful.

👤I like the selection of flags and they look good. Time will tell if they are at my parents grave sites.

👤I have a flag for all the holidays. The price and quality seem good. There were some heavy winds. It didn't rip.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of print and colors. The flags have to be outdoors in Southern Colorado. It's not an easy life for any color or print. When your product fades to the point of replacement... We will come back to you for that replacement. Similar flags can be found in the store for 8 dollars to 15 dollars. I need to say more.

👤The material is thick. It isn't flimsy because it won't blow across the yard. I like the little attachment that keeps it on the flag pole. My yard has a lot of flags to keep it festive. It's nice to have an order from Amazon.

👤I enjoy the vibrant colors. Happy Birthday on the 3rd of July and Happy Fourth of July! My neighbors liked them.

👤They were displayed in my yard.

7. Outdoor Double Seasonal Outside Decorative Seasons

Outdoor Double Seasonal Outside Decorative Seasons

It is easy to install and machine wash. All flags have a sleeve at top that can be used with any flag pole or stand, and you can slip the flags through the holes on either side of the stand to hang them. The garden flag with stand is included to decorate your garden with outside flags. The flag stand is made of rust-proof black metal, not easy to bend. The mini garden flags are made from double thickness Burlap. The double-sided garden flags are decorative and have cuffs for the outdoor garden flag holder. The application scenario shows that the garden flags assortment sets can be used in any backyard, lawn, garden, deck, patio, porch or balcony. Enjoy shopping. You can apply for a full refund within 90 days if you are not happy with the product. You can join the shopping cart to celebrate.

Brand: Flagmax

👤I was excited for this item, but when I put the flag on the stand, it was longer than the stand. When I looked at the directions, I found I was missing metal. When my replacement came today, it was only a day after the first item was delivered. I was happy it arrived a day earlier than I anticipated. The flag stand was missing when I opened the package. The instructions, metal posts, and wind stops are all missing this time. It was a disappointment. I have two items to return and I have to return them to two different locations which makes no sense. I wish it had worked out. The flags seem to be well made. I've seen them in a set. It wasn't meant to be.

👤The flags are high quality, but have a huge crease from shopping across them. You can still see it even after ironing it. This is the first time I have used the stand, it is cheap and already bent.

👤I ordered my daughter in law a set for her birthday because I loved mine so much. The gift was delivered to her home the next day. You will not be disappointed. I know how important reviews are to refer to, so I always read them before buying. You can trust this review.

👤The flag set is great. The stand is sturdy and easy to assemble because of the vivid colors of the images. Well worth the money. I think this is a great idea. Get it before they leave.

👤I love them. These flags are beautiful. The quality is excellent. It is not like the normal garden flag material. These are made of cloth. I think they will last a long time. I am looking forward to using all of them. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The kit with multiple flags was definitely worth the money. The savings over buying individual flags were substantial. Most of the flags are very attractive.

👤Excellent value and quality. The designs are cute.

👤I love the flags. Very detailed. The flag pole is not very strong or flimsy.

👤The quality and seasonal themes are what the spouse likes.

👤The flag stand is not very good.

8. Seasonal Garden Anti Wind Decorative Flags

Seasonal Garden Anti Wind Decorative Flags

Improve your space and impress your friends. You and your guests will love the flowers, twine, beads, and stickers in these decorative books, which add a touch of class and beautiful presence to any space and take your decor to the next level. Their classic set of 10 designs with garden flag wind clip and stopper are hand painted. The small yard flag is 12 x 18 inches and comes in an assortment of seasons. Local artist Bruce Michael paints with flag trends in mind. The holiday garden flags are protected from fading in sunny areas. The designs are hand painted in the USA.

Brand: Country Charm Garden Flags

👤Excellent quality. The price is great. The July flag does not say celebrate. There is a letter T. CelebTrate.

👤The flags are not very well sewn together. No matter what you put on the flag, you can read it. There is a pocket in the middle. I live in the hot South Carolina sun and I have bought other flags that just disintegrate and get a weird white powder on them. Not these! They have held up well so far. It 800-273-3217 Absolutely worth it.

👤The flags are made of high quality materials and bright colors, and are a great addition to my garden. The picture on both sides is strong. I got what I ordered. They arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend them. I only gave them four stars because I would have liked them to be larger, up to 14" across the top, to be more visible. It was difficult to get them on the holder because of the loop on the holder and the size of the seam. Absolutely doable! I would buy them again.

👤The flags are very nice and sturdy, and the artwork is gorgeous, but I was really looking forward to the flower shaped stopped that was supposed to be included, as I've had to use zip ties. I'll just buy them separately, but that was a bonus I was looking forward to. The material is sturdy and the artwork is beautiful. I love my new flags.

👤You get what you pay for. The colors are dull and not bright.

👤After putting on steel siding, they suggested I didn't put any holes in the flag to keep it from getting wet. I was not able to fly the flag. I bought a small flag holder that I can put in a flower bed or flower pot. I knew I could have a colorful front of my house when I saw these flags. They are colorful flags. I want to put them on my porch in the winter and in a flower bed in the summer. I'm not quite ready for pumpkins on the first day of fall, so I wish there was one for this time of the year.

👤I couldn't pass up this deal. Colorful and cute flags are made of sturdy material. I enjoy the variety. I received an email from the seller asking if my package arrived in good condition. They had previously complained about shipping and handling. I think this is a company that cares about its customers. I will definitely buy again.

👤If you don't mind a little miss match of the fold over to one side, flags are fairly well made. It's barely noticeable. They are made for years of wear and are sturdy. There is a The colors are almost dull. They are not as bright as the photo shows. I assume the flags were placed on a bright light box for photos. There is a Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

9. Lovely Flag Seasonal Resistant Decorative

Lovely Flag Seasonal Resistant Decorative

Good decor for home garden in patio, porch, veranda, lawn, garden and backyard. Their seasonal flags are fun and lively. The flags are reinforced with black fabric in the middle to prevent transparency. The set includes 12 uniquely designed decorative flags that represent a festive occasion. Every month, wow your neighbors and visitors with a stunning flag. Premium, triple-layer, double-stitched polyester material is used in their banners. They have a dual-sided print for maximum visibility. Installation. The flags can be set up on a regular flag stand. You can use clips to keep the flags stable and prevent them from flipping over.

Brand: Lovely Flag

👤I chose the flags because they are noticeable outside. There is a lot of white background on other brands. The designs are nice, nylon material is double stitched on both sides, and the flag is large enough to fit on a small flag holder. The price for twelve flags is reasonable and I like that Mother's and Father's Day are included. The order came in a nice zip-lock bag for easy storage.

👤I like the flags. The selection is great. The only thing I can do is take one star away because they are not as vibrant as they seem in the photos. They seem to be built to last. I look forward to changing them out.

👤I was very happy with this set. This was a good price and I wanted more seasonal garden flag options. The flags are sturdy. I don't blame the product because we've had awful heat waves this year and one started to fade a little bit in the sun. I liked the variety of choices. I was hoping for a welcome spring or winter flag but was very pleased with the product.

👤I am having fun celebrating the different days of the year. I have both expensive and lesser expensive flags, and they are perfect for special days. People notice my flags and they compliment the decor on my porch. The value is great because they are a thinner quality than my flags, but your guests won't notice. I highly recommend decorating for those who love to decorate.

👤I usually pay 7 to 10 dollars for a great quality. I got 10 for a great price. The colors are bright.

👤I got these at the end of September. I did the switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas. There is a I thought I should write a review because I love these. I've wanted a garden flag for a long time. But never got one. I was going to get a costume. I was turned away by the price. It was a lot for just one. There is a I looked at a lot of designs on Amazon and these were the ones I liked the most. The price was great. 12 of them? I hit the pot. They are still cute even though they have changed since I bought them. Anyway. I have no regrets. The material is good. The designs are great. I love em!

👤I bought these flags just after Christmas and I'm loving them. The Welcome and Happy Valentine's Day flags seem to be holding up well in the wet and windy conditions. I love that you get so many seasons within this pack, and they add the perfect touch to my front yard. Would recommend anyone looking for a nice set.

👤I have only used 2 of these flags. I like the designs. I have been looking. For a while it was similar but all of the others were expensive. I wish the flag stand was a bit stronger. It serves its purpose and I am very pleased with my purchase.

10. Selmad Decorative Christmas Cardinal Decorations

Selmad Decorative Christmas Cardinal Decorations

This flag is an excellent gift for friends, parents or to display in your garden. The art flags and banners that are used at the Selmad Home Garden are weatherproof and non-fray, and are made of machine-washable polyester. The mini Garden size is 12 x 18 and is the smallest of the garden flags. The flags are printed in premium colorfast permanent dye to create colorful, vibrant, bright designs from creative, original artwork, which is suitable for poster and so on. Home Dcor has been producing premium, quality flags that make great gifts for any deck, patio, porch or veranda and make charming decorative statements for any backyard, lawn or garden since 1999. The memory garden flag can be used as a memorial gift for the loss of a loved one. The design is double sided with the image visible from both sides and the text reads correctly from both sides. It is easy to change out their seasonal flag designs using the standard line of flag poles, flag pole brackets, stands, arbors, and hangers.

Brand: Selmad

👤We all have garden flags on our mailboxes. I like to have one that is pretty but also printed so as to be visible to those driving or walking by. I was not happy with this one as it had a dark gray background. The features did not show up well. I ordered one that said Merry Christmas, but the one I received had "Welcome" printed on it. The reason for the two stars is that it appeared to be well made. It was returned. There is a When I ordered the flag photo, it showed " Merry Christmas", but I saw a "welcome" flag.

👤This welcome banner looks great at the entrance to our driveway. I plan to order more banners from the same vendor. The material has held up well in adverse weather conditions this winter. The only thing I would add to this product is some weights sewn in the bottom of the material to help it not get flipped around on a windy day. I'm satisfied with this product and it would look good staked out at the entrance to any home.

👤The flag is well-made, but the image is not as good as the picture you see in the description. The flag has a dull image. The Welcome lettering is black and the stitching is white.

👤I bought this because I like birds. I bought it to put out in my front yard as a Christmas flag, but I was happy to find one that I could use during the winter. I am happy that I bought it.

👤I ordered the flag to say Merry Christmas, but I got "Welcome". There is a Disappointed. The flag is nice. But not what I ordered. I initially thought I ordered the wrong flag, but put it outdoors anyway. I noticed that my order should have said Merry Christmas.

👤The birds are colorful, but the flag is not as smooth as it could be. It was difficult to put it on the rod because of the shallow pocket.

👤Not only pretty, but practical as well. I think the fabric of the flag will last longer in the winter than it has in the past. It is one of the first things visitors see when they pull into our driveway. The flag was delivered in less than 24 hours. After ordering. Thank you Amazon!

👤The flag is very pretty. I'm glad I got it. It will look great in the winter. It looks like it is of very good quality. Very pleased with the purchase!

11. Toland Home Garden 119993 Arrangement

Toland Home Garden 119993 Arrangement

Special gifts are included. Matching wind clips and rubber stoppers have been added to make the installation of the season yard flags even easier. Toland Home Garden's art flags and banners are made of 100% polyester and can be machine washed. The size of the garden flag. The mini garden size of the 'Adirondack Arrangement Flag' is 12 x 18. The flags are printed in the USA and created from original artwork. Home Dcor. Since 1976, Toland has been producing premium, quality flags that make great gifts for any deck, patio, porch or veranda and make charming decorative statements for any backyard, lawn or garden. The design is one side with the image printed and visible from both sides while the text is on the other side. It's easy to change out their seasonal flag designs from a sewn-in sleeve.

Brand: Toland Home Garden

👤I was not happy with the flag. The picture was pretty. I thought the chair was missing when I opened it. It was just a light blue color and not the vibrant blue in the picture. I don't know if I got a rejection or not. This flag is very disappointing to me. I don't think I will hang it. The flag is washed out. I will try to post a picture. I have had other flags. I hung the flag. I moved it to a 3. The chair is not as bright as pictured, but it is a pretty flag.

👤I have purchased flags from this company before and never noticed the flimsy quality of the material, until this Spring flag. The quality of the flag I ordered from another company was very different. It was so much thicker. The binding was better. Maybe it was only this flag.

👤I was hesitant when I bought my first banner, worried that it would fade before I felt I had gotten my money's worth. The Toland banners seem to be fade resistant, so I had nothing to worry about. The piece is a good weight and has bright colors on both sides. I would buy another one of this brand. Excellent quality and looks great in the garden.

👤The multiple colors in this one do not look like the picture, but I love the brightness of the 5 flags I got. It's difficult to distinguish the flowers from the vase as they're all red. The flowers in front are red, not orange, the pink flowers are more reddish, and the rust vase is red on my flag. The blue chair is not as blue as it could be, so all the red takes over, and the chair does not stand out.

👤The colors on the flag are bright and the picture on the flag is pretty. It makes my front porch look better. It has held up well in the Florida sun, but I'll keep an eye on it. There is no writing on the flag, so there is no need to worry about one side being reversed. I would like it to say "Welcome", but it's the way it is.

👤I am decorating my yard with flags. I am using my staple gun to staple them to the wooden fence, it looks like a playful art gallery. No one accused me of being a crazy yard art lady because I'm getting great compliment on this idea. It's easy to add color to your yard.

👤I have found a way to keep the flags from fading. It is important to not hang this flag for more than a week. I have 10 flags and this works out great!

👤The pro's first. Beautiful colors and graphics. Unless you live in a place with no breeze, get something heavier. Whenever I go outside, I have to pull it out of the pole.


What is the best product for small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18?

Small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18 products from Alaza. In this article about small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18 you can see why people choose the product. Ortigia and Layoer are also good brands to look for when you are finding small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18.

What are the best brands for small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18?

Alaza, Ortigia and Layoer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small outdoor flags decorative 12 x 18. Find the detail in this article. Deloky, Shinesnow and Mogarden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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